Saturday, March 10, 2012

Vintage Kitchen Accessories


I really had fun finding stuff for my Florida kitchen.
Don't you love these plates??????
I found them for a really good price at a second hand shop in Massachusetts.
I was going to use them for my everyday plates.
I did for a while.
Putting them in my dishwasher.
Now I just use them for company, and wash them by hand.
For my everyday dishes, I use green glass ones I bought at Walmart.
The glass is getting all cloudy and scratched. 
Everything I touch turns to #$%!!!

These are some of my very valuable tshatshkes on my countertop.
Like the pelican????
It's my soap holder.
The green vase is a McCoy piece. 
The hammered aluminum tray was made by the
 Admiration Product Co. of New York.
What a good idea, to name your company with an accolade for a title.
I should change the name of my blog to 
The Fabulousity Blog.

This is my garlic holder!!!!
It was made by Zanesville Pottery, another one of the pottery companies that started out making toilets.
(I could make a cheap joke about the pottery holding something stinky, but I wouldn't go for such an easy mark...)

Don't you love my lemonade set???!!!

These bowls I got from my grandparents farm.
They were made in Portugal.
They bring back sooooo many memories of summer family dinners.

I got these glasses in a local junk store. 
Except that they're green.
And made out of glass.
And they're PRETTY!!!!

More stuff I don't know anything about.
I use the big glasses on the right for ice tea,
and when I do have the occasional mixed cocktail....
Half the point of drinking booze, is the pretty glass used to hold the inebriant!

These are REAL ice tea glasses.
I don't use them very often.
They are so narrow, it is hard to wash them.
I mean, I can't get my hand down inside them to scrub them out.
They are probably from the 50's. 
I'm from the 50's, and I'm hard to clean too.
(just sayin')

This is my refrigerator!!!!!
It's white!!!!!
Because the builder left me a space for the frig that is
34.5" wide
I can't fit in a 36" wide fridge.
(See how smart I am????)
All the nice looking counter deep fridges (the ones with a 24" deep body)
are at least 36"w.
This one sticks way out and really BOTHERS me.
I would have loved for it to be white with stainless steel handles. 
But NO they don't make them 34"w.
To dress it up, I added some stainless steel to match my stove..

I added stainless steel embellishments to the fridge!!!!!

These are my kitchen timers. They are sticking to the fridge by magnets.
See how two aren't registering any numbers?
I replaced three of their batteries. One has already died.
One, I couldn't get the back off to get to the battery compartment,
Please pretend that all three have numbers showing.
I use these when I time my gourmet meals.
I have to know when to start my microwave.
I think they add a nice little stainless steel touch, and 
(at least the ones that work)

I found this cool wire wall pocket that is mounted with magnets, the perfect place to hold my potholders.
Another touch of stainless styling.

The last stainless accessory: A bread box.
What can I say about this.....
It's stainless....
It's a breadbox....
I don't use it, I keep my bread in the fridge.

And finally....
This isn't stainless, but I love it and keep it around for the inspiration.
The dogs are some friends that visit on a regular basis. This was from their   Christmas card.

So these have been some pictures of some of my kitchen stuff.
Hope you enjoyed the tour.

Later Gator


deb said...

Have you got hard water? That may be the problem with the dishes in the dishwasher??...


I thoroughly enjoy your post!

Victoria said...

Hi Betsy thanks for the laughs really need them
today fractured my elbowed yesterday. Honestly who knew you could fracture an elbow? I dropped
in to say your book on color and pattern arrived
this after noon nice timing. OMG so well done
lots of photos of classically designed spaces.
Love it now among your other hats put on a tiara
you are the "get well fairy" I feel better. Thanks.

Carol Ann said...

Your post made me smile:) I enjoyed reading it and seeing your kitchen!

Debra said...

Hi Betsy,
Do you know the pattern or the maker of your vintage dish set? It's so charming.

SheilaG @ Plum Doodles said...

You always make me smile. Did you know that you said bowels instead of bowls? Those must have been some doozies for family dinners. ;)

Anonymous said...

@SheilaG ... that made me laugh out loud - and I thought the same thing about the family dinners.

CK SN said...

You can get stainless steel looking Contact paper that looks pretty nice...if you wanted to try for a cheapy stainless-steel look on your frig. But I think your pretty dishes far outweigh anything that's not "perfect" in your kitchen...

Amy Chalmers said...

Loved the close up tour of whats in your kitchen~I am always smiling when I read what you write....

Betsy Speert said...

The pattern of my vintage plates is:
Forest Flowers, by Woods Burslem, made in England

Betsy Speert said...

Connie, as for the stainless steel contact paper.....
I didn't want a stainless steel frig, just stainless steel handles like my stove!!!!!

Betsy Speert said...

Victoria, my friends June and Larry were visiting me, I read them your lovely comment. Larry thinks the reason you liked this blog post is because you were on pain meds.....
My friends are so kind to me.

Betsy Speert said...

Sheila, thanks for the note about the "bowels", I changed the spelling!!!!

Joy @ Comfort and Joy said...

Betsy, I love how each item you've collected is cherished and has a history. For me, handwashing vintage dishes and polishing antique silver makes special occasions even more enjoyable.

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