Thursday, March 29, 2012

Short Term Guest Room

Let's continue the tour of my Florida guest room....

I put a king size bed in the room, so the couples that visit me would get a good nights sleep and not be grumpy in the morning.

I would have preferred using a pair of twins, since I think they make a prettier guest room,
Being the gracious hostess that I am.....
I put my guest's comfort before my decorating urges.

King size beds are a pain in the @$$ to make!!!
The sheets are the size of a football field.

As you can see in the photo below.....
I have a few more ceramic birds in this room...

Some go this way...

Some go that way....

And some just hang out in the middle

In the morning I check to see if there are any droppings on the pictures under the shelf.....

So far, so good.

Most of the birds are more than likely made by Royal Copley;
 a company whose motto was:
"Gift shop merchandise at chain store prices"
They sold figurines at 5 &10 cent stores in the 40's and 50's.
The pieces were hand-painted using air brushing. 

According to the Seabring Ohio Historical Society webpage...
“Birds were among the most popular figures, it is estimated that about 500 dozen birds were made each day. They sold at chain stores starting at 25 cents retail, having arrived at the store for around 15 cents each. Currently, the more embellished and large items are selling for $50-150!”

All I can say is that now I own 

To continue the bird them, I found John Gould prints of parrots and macaws. 
I found them on ebay of course!!!
when the smaller parrot prints arrived from the Australian seller...
they were TOO white. 
Looked brand new...
Probably were only a couple of years old....
Didn't work.....
I did what any self respecting DIY decorator would do!!!!!
I made a tea bath and dipped them in it!!!!
Then scrubbed the tea bags around on top of the paper a little more.
It came out uneven, but good enough for me....
After all, I wasn't selling these suckers....
Things don't need to be perfect in my house.

According to Wikipedia:
John Gould (14 September 1804 – 3 February 1881) was an English ornithologist and bird artist. He published a number of monographs on birds, illustrated by plates that he produced with the assistance of his wife, Elizabeth Gould and several other artists including Edward Lear, Henry Constantine Richter, Joseph Wolf and William Matthew Hart. He has been considered the father of bird study in Australia and the Gould League in Australia is named after him. 

Not to let you know how clueless I am, but before I went on ebay looking for parrot prints, I had never heard of him. 
WHO KNEW???!!!

You may recognize this chair form Chloe's visit!!

It's more of my lovely split reed. 
I just LOVE this stuff.

At the time I posted this, I hadn't realized that there was a framed photo of her on the table behind the chair!!!
Think I'm just a little obsessed with this dog???

The vase is a piece of McCoy

the bird is from Italy

and the plate is a piece of my Wannopee pottery collection.
I have these plates on the walls of this room and hung 
in my Massachusetts family room.
so if you buy one, be ready to buy more.
These plates are called lettuce-leaf ware, although a cabbage leaf was used to make the mold. 
They started making them in America in 1901, and were based on Italian majolica.
They come in lots of sizes, so if you decide to collect some to make a wall display, you can create something wonderful by using different sizes.

I found the pair of lamps at a local antique show/flea market.
I love these guys, they are truly funky.
I used shades from Pottery Barn to top them off.
I really lucked out by finding green shades that worked with this room.

The whole lamp is make out of grass or pine needles
 (I don't know what it is
and dried leaves.

I still have to recover this little bamboo style footstool I found.
I'll probably do it in the floral fabric I used throughout the room.

I tried to use fabrics with tropical flowers in their design for this house.
This creamy yellow pattern is full of magnolias.

I used it in the draperies and the three chair cushions.....

It's spring here in Southern Florida, 
and the magnolias are blooming.
Their perfume fills the air and the blossoms are gorgeous.
So, if you are stuck up north.....
but if you come to visit......

Later, Gator
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Syndi White said...

I love collections, they really add personality to a home. Your birds are beautiful!

Victoria said...

I ask myself how can a seriously talented interior
designer be so dang funny? I love bamboo furniture and
I love bird art whether it be prints,ceramic or majolica the fact that it is or appears vintage is all
the better.

Katie @ Wildwood Creek said...

Love your collections and vignettes!

Olive said...

The lamps are seriously funky and a fabulous find. King sized beds are horrid to make as you said. I changed our sheets today and it wore me out. I think we paid more for our guest room mattress than we did for ours. Probably foolish. I am awfully frustrated but Blogger will not allow me to put you or anyone else on my blog roll. But I keep trying.

Amy Chalmers said...

I love reading your posts!! So fun!! I would love to come visit one day...but am way too busy with life up here~but you will be back soon I hope!! The lettuce leaf plate is my favorite thing as is the bamboo stool....what a nice room!!

JoAnn said...

Love...Love...Love both of your houses and the way you decorate. And You...yes YOU are the funniest person. You should seriously consider a second career as a comedian. I would pay serious money to come see you...LOL....NEVER EVER stop blogging, it would crush me. I can't wait to read what you are going to say next. But as funny as you are you are one of the IF NOT THE best decorator I have ever seen. You have awesome talent....

Is your head swelling ????????


Ann said...

I love are too funny! :)

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

You certainly have an incredible collection of the ceramic birds...I remember as a child going to FW Woolworth's with my allowance brother and sister would head to the toys, while I headed for the nik-naks to buy something for my siblings tease me to this day..

Gorgeous guest room..

lilwhitelife said...

its beautiful betsy and you made me laugh more than once thru the tour. dang it i saw one of those plates at the flea mkt recently but thought where would i put it and passed on it.

Tutti Chic said...

beautiful! I love your humor throughtout your gorgeous posts too~:) chris

Larkspur said...

Oooh, love it all. Care to share what the fabric is?

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