Thursday, March 22, 2012

More on my cottage bedroom!!!

Let's continue the tour of my Florida bedroom....

I found this little chaise in the same place that I found my dressing table. 
I was in hog heaven that day.
I fell in love with its shape, so I whipped out my floorplan to see if I could squeeze it into this room.

This is how I found it.....

I love its arms, I love its legs, I love its back, I love its seat!!!!!

I actually use it, on occasion. 
Especially, when I have house guests, and I want to sneak away 
to take a nap,
 or just have a little me time.

This is the table that holds all the stuff I use when I'm sleeping. 
I moved them off when I took this shot.
(white sound machine, clock, picture of my mom and dad)

I was able to find two different style tables, for either side of my bed, that still worked together. They are the same height, and both have white marble tops, for a unified look.

This one has legs that are similar in scale to the chaise, chair, and chest of drawers. 
Even though I mix a lot of styles and wood materials, there is a unifying design thread through the whole mish mash.

As you guys have probably figured out by now.....
Accessories are KING (or should I say QUEEN) in my household.

I love this parrot, and live in fear of the day, when, in my clutzy absentminded state, I knock it off the table and break its wings.
My only consolation would be, that,

I LURV him!!!

Here's a close up of the flower!!!
It's soooooo purdy.

The lamps are silver plate, and just one more set of things I need to polish.
They were so beautiful when I bought them, 
and now they are turning grey.....

I had the lamp shades custom made at the Boston Design Center by 
Custom shades are a major luxury and splurge. 
They are like having couture for your lamp. 

Check out this detail.....

We carefully chose the trim, and combined the ribbons to create this effect...

The larger ribbon is laid over the smaller one, that is also added to the top of the shade.....

Only people that love decorating could go on and on and on (etc.)
about a lampshade.

One last note for today....
You probably thought that the drapery fabric was the same as the fabric used on the furniture!!!!!
The fabric on the bed and chair and chaise and bedshirt, is a stripe.
The fabric on the draperies is an all over floral.
Just a subtle difference that makes my heart sing. 
I never tire of looking at my stuff.


OK, that's it for this side of the room.....
On Saturday, we explore the other side!!!!!

Life in the Speert household is full of adventure and excitement!!!!
I'll be up in Massachusetts on 
Saturday for my Mom's birthday,
but do not worry folks!!!!
I'm bringing my laptop with me, so I can be 

Later, Gator


Katie @ Wildwood Creek said...

Love the chaise and tables; and that lampshade is swoon worthy!

Anonymous said...

Love your bedroom Bets have a Great visit with your Mom :)

Cindy said...

I love your chaise too, and your bed, and your chair, and your mirror... what a great room! I'm a cabbage rose fan too. Once had these sheets that were gorgeous pink with big ole cabbage roses, and used them until they completely disintegrated! I keep looking for some like them online, but sheets are all so ugly and boring now.
It's really fun to hear you talk about design and lampshades and stuff, i learn alot!


Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Oh be still my heart, that lamp shade is gorgeous...and so is the bedroom for that beautifully done..So love the fabric...I can totally imagine you sitting in the chaise on a rainy Florida afternoon with a great book!...Birthday wishes to your mom...have a wonderful and safe trip!

Rhonda said...

I just received a copy of your book, Great Color and Pattern Collection. Talk about eye candy! I have spent hours pouring over the lovely rooms! And even though your blog is humorous and entertaining, it is also full of helpful decorating information. I've learned so much from you! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and talent with us!

Victoria said...

Hi Betsy-been busy so I missed the first post.
I am now caught up. I have a couple of questions. Are both the fabrics from Cowtan & Tout? Really beautiful by the way. The entire composition is a work of art. I am defintely a fan of "the collected over time" look. So very
glad you are sharing online it is all yummy!

Sandie said...

Love your bedroom, LOVE your custom lamp shades, thanks for the close up photo showing the awesome trim you used!

Connie said...

The fabrics caught my heart first. They are so wonderful. I get discouraged when looking for fabrics today---not much in the way of pretty florals. I long for the 80's fabrics!

That pink parrot is something special!

Maureen said...

Love the use of Floral patterns. I did have to take the 2nd look to see the strip and overall floral but it is so subtle that you think it is is the same. Love the custom shade so you think if I have to replace my two living room lamp shades I should go custom? Is that really expensive for something that has a limited life span?

Babs said...

The gorgeous custom lampshade speaks to my heart, but the thoughts of the price...well..I want the look, ya gotta pay the price.

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