Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oy!!! So many cows!!! And they're following me!!!

When I moved from my Watertown home into my new condo, I had to find a place for all my stuff. I thought I would try a slightly different style in my new abode (not realizing that I liked what I liked now and forever more, and trying to update an old horse, would be a loosing, uphill battle.) (how's that for a mixed metaphor?) I thought I would go for a cleaner, more pared down look. (HAH!!!) The first step in addressing a problem, is realizing and accepting that there is one to begin with. So, in order for me to design with less stuff, I would first have to admit that I use TOO MUCH stuff. WELL, I DON'T, SO THERE!!!  If I wasn't supposed to have so much stuff, why would there be junk stores???
Here's a picture of my den in my old Watertown cottage.

This is me when I was MUCH  younger. That's why I'm smiling. (This was in a magazine called Design Times, in 1992).
(OMG, That's 19 years ago!!!). That's a photo of my dad, just behind me.
ANYWAYYYYY..... As you can see, I had a lot of cow paintings on the wall.
Here's more cow paintings!!!!

Now, some of you guys, may think that this look is dated (it was almost 20 years ago), but, as I refuse to change in any way, I STILL LIKE IT.

Let me show you how I used my cows in my new home.

I hung them in my dining room and living room. I will have pictures of my living room sometime in the future. Don't ask me when. I don't know, I'm going to Florida on Saturday, so I don't know if I'll get to it before I leave. So just live with it, I'm only one person, all alone, struggling to get out this blog.
Here's another shot of my dining room!!!!!!!!

I love me lots of cow paintings.

Some more cows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And in conclusion.....MOOOOOOO.........

P.S. Yes the flowers are

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Connie @ Connie Nikiforoff Designs said...

OK now Betsy...since you're a cow lover, the real question is "Can you name all the various breeds depicted in your cow paintings?" Now there's something to study just in case you get tired of decorating...and being a stand up comic as I always think you secretly are :-)

I think your cows are pretty swell...but then again, I grew up on a cattle ranch so...... :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the cows as well - but would have a problem looking at them on the wall in the diningroom while I was eating one???? haha. Love your blog!!

Colleen - Cape Town
South Africa

Karen said...

Your rooms are timeless - they never look dated!! And I live on a creek - so I have a lot of water pictures (and dog pictures:)

Karen said...

Hi Betsy,I love your cow paintings, dining room, and fake flowers. You always make me laugh. It's always great fun reading your post.

Amy Chalmers said...

Oh that was a good post~I loved traveling back in time to see you in your heyday with the cowboy boots smiling ear to ear!! Love it!! You were so ahead of the curve on collecting these paintings...they look great in the dining room now!

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Hi Betsy!
I love cows too and have blogged about mine also!
But, my most favorite breed is the polled you have any of those in your paintings? My sweet grandfather raised only this type of cows and he picked them because he thought they had the most beautiful wide sweetie pie faces.... and they do!

Thanks so much for sharing BOTH of your collections, Betsy!

Sarah said...

Betsy, I'm here from Alison's beautiful blog and Favorites Party. Love seeing your cows! I wouldn't stop living with them either. Happy to discover your blog. I'm now following along. ;-)
~ Sarah

Anonymous said...

I haven't even been able to find even one cow. Where do you find yours? Do you know the name of and artist of any idyllic cows by a stream painting? I may have to settle for a poster. Thanks!


Red Berry said...

Ok... it is now 2016. I am in still love with the 1990's style of the Watertown cottage decor photos. I love a classic look, and will not change it.... ever. Would love to get a hold of some of these paintings!

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