Sunday, November 6, 2016

My Fabric Line is Almost Ready!!!!!!!

Before I get to today's post about my fabric line.....
just a quick comment about some of the most recent comments to my blog.
Some of you guys got annoyed (angry, pissed off, offended, enraged, ......) because I dared to go off topic from decorating and voice an opinion.

WELL LADIES (and the occasional gentleman) 

This is a blog, not a magazine article.
It is my blog.
This is where I get to spout off.
For those of you who have been following my ramblings for some time, you know that once or twice a year I find something that really fries my goat, and I vent.
That's what blogs are for.
They are personal expressions.
If some of you don't like it, 
There will be no test.
It' very simple, just don't read me.
I don't get paid for this.
I still do it because I have been asked to.
I started writing this after my last book deal was canceled due to the collapse of the decorating book publishing industry.
But since I started my fabric line, I am very
BUSY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!
Designing fabric is a full time job.
Plus I now am designing my own website!!!!!!!
This is because Traditional Home Magazine is featuring my fabrics in the February/March issue, and I realized I better have a website.
So now I am obsessed with designing the website.
It's really fun.
So if any of you are trying to make your own website, I am using the Square Space service.
I spent a couple of days watching YouTube tutorials and now I am just like a pro.
(sort of)
(not really)
The site should be up and running within the next month or year.
(see how I did that????)
(The year ends in 2 months!!!!!)

my fabrics!!!!!
We have FINALLY gotten the wings and waterfalls so we can hang them up at the Boston Design Center.
We have had all the samples shipped, so this week I will go into Boston and help attach my labels to all the samples.

After 3 1/2 years this project is going live ladies!!!!!
Here's a shot of my living room as we were figuring how to hang the samples in the showroom.
This room was like this for 6 months.
I used it as a reference as I designed the next collection.
Here's a close up of some of the fabrics.
This pattern is called Small Diamond Batik.
 it is small
diamond shaped
and looks like batik......
I am very imaginative with my names.
It also comes in medium and large!!!!!
Because it is medium and large!!!!!
Don't get excited, but here it is in the medium size.....
I have worked on these fabrics in colorways so that they will work together.
I have been collaborating with a person in his early 40's, so was only allowed one cabbage rose pattern.
I love this bouquet.
It's called Gypsy Bouquet.
I have custom colored it for my living room and am doing it in a scale that is twice as large as the one shown.
My collaborator, who will remain anonymous (Josh) won't let me do it that way in the collection.
He say's it's "Old Lady Fabric".
What I said to him, can't be printed here.

On that note,
Latah, Gatah 


Julie @ followyourheartwoodworking said...

Best of luck with those fabrics. P.S. I like the rose one the best!

Rhonda said...

Hmmmph! I like the old lady fabric and would like to see more it!

Betty said...

Congratulations on your fabric line. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your opening (and your blog)!

Dolores said...

I love your candor and your great 'take-no prisoners' attitude, that's because I like tough women!:-) I've just ben reading the biography of Sister Parish, and I think you might be a kindred sister!
Love your fabric line as well, esp Gypsy Bouquet.Very classy,contemporary, fun and young.

Dolores said...

'been'.I need an editor :-)

Linda said...

I'm so excited for your fabric line. I must say I LOVE YOUR BLOG. Thank you for doing it and sharing with us. All the best.

Marlene Stephenson said...

Congratulations on your fabric line,they all look wonderful,although i am very partial to the beautiful roses,guess i am an old lady! ha!

Unknown said...

Love your new fabric line. I can not even imagine how much work has gone into it! Yes it is your blog and you can say whatever you please and as often as you please Betsy!

Gloria Richards said...

Dreams do come true. <3 Congratulations.
I am sure all will be beautiful and top notch.

Charlotte Des Fleurs said...

Thank you, thank you, thank your Betsy for 3 things:
1. Making all the fabrics in each color way coordinate.
2. Giving them normal names that actually mean something! Can't stand pattern names like Razzamatazz and Jump for Joy.
3. For working SO hard for SO long to make every thing PERFECT!

I know the line will be wonderful and I hope it is a great success! By the way, what is the fiber?

Smiles from Charlotte

GunnyMom said...

I am always intrigued by your posts. Love your work. Congrats on your new Line.

Darlene G said...

Very excited to see a post from you in my inbox. Love reading everything you have to say so please don't stop saying it. Your fabrics look beautiful. Anxious to see more of them. I love your old lady Cabbage Rose. It is the pattern I would be drawn to. Mainly because I am an old lady. There are lots of us out there that would be interested in your lovely pattern!! Keep writing.

Red Berry said...

Love the fabric preview - (and congratulations to you!) but golly gee... isn't it time to bring back the romantic fabrics again?! I mean, everything in interiors seems so modern... so harsh... so grey... so impersonal. You could be the one who revives the glorious cabbage florals... (OK, maybe the next batch of designs...) and tell the 40 yr old know it all what REAL decorating looks like, lol.
Love reading your blog... and how you write it. It gives me a smile. Thank you.

Marie in AZ said...

Oooooh ooooh! I can't wait to see those fabrics in real life! I like Gypsy Bouquet a bunch (heh), and love all your patterns and colorways... however--full disclosure--I am an old lady, too. Your work has been a long-time favorite of mine! Will these fabrics be available retail? Or to the trade only....I am a retired designer, but prefer to shop retail now.

Buckrun Farm said...

Please, please continue to say what you are moved to say - this is America! And, I love that Cabbage Rose pattern - those 40 year olds, what do they know... the cabbabe rose endures, unlike Ikat and chevron - patterns my thirty-something daughters embraced and have replaced already!

Jaybird said...

Okay....they all look interesting, but Josh is SO wrong!!!!! That rose pattern is lovely and will be around for another many years. I make bedding etc., for people and the ( W nameless company)red rose pattern shows up on a very regular basis!!! Tell him to move over Rover and let the flowers come in!!
PS: I will be watching for the web site too...I would love to see all of these pretties!

Lisa said...

Love your blog! I hope you write more often. You have great humor and great things to say. Looking forward to more.

Maureen said...

Love the "Old Lady Fabric". It's a classic that will be around for a long time. Love your blog; you make me laugh out loud. Keep saying what you want to say!

Joy said...

From one old lady to another - YOU GO GIRL!!!

Pat said...

Wonderful fabrics!! LOVE the cabbage rose the best. Tell Josh they will never go out of style! Love your blog too.

Anonymous said...

So this guy hasn't heard that cabbage rose prints are the hottest thing going right now, huh?

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