Saturday, November 19, 2016

My Line is Up!!!!!

after 3.5 years and more hours than my @$$ wants to think about
(if my @$$ could think)
on Friday November 18, 2016 at 10:23 AM my fabric line was finally hung up and ready for sale!!!!!!!!!
This is how the fabrics are displayed at design centers, so decorators can see a full length of fabric.
(and yes, for those of you who asked, this is only available to the trade....sorry)
I have finished the website.
Here is the link: 
it is at:
but was taken.
I tried to reach the woman who owns it, to ask to buy it, but she hasn't returned my email.
I can't understand way someone wouldn't want to have an email conversation with me!!!???!!!
Maybe I'll email her again.
She'll think I'm one of those crazy internet stalkers.
Or you guys could email her!!!!!!!

To recap.......
I worked my butt off to get these fabrics ready for the spring launch 
(we made the fall.......)
That's when I met with Josh to make the final colorway choices and lay out how the wings and waterfalls would hang in the Design Center.
We had a real meeting of grownups!!!!!
There were 4 of us in total.
3 grownups and Josh.
We used the floor of my living room as a large conference table to lay out the fabrics.
Anyway, last Friday, I went into Boston to the design center to work on making up the first batch of samples.
I worked with Jessica in the samples department.
We had to staple 870 labels onto 870 samples.
That is 
870 #$% times using a stapler.
As you can see, Jessica is lovely.
She claims her hands were fine after all that stapling.
and don't get me started on my shoulders.
Here they are tucked all cozy in their boxes.

Before the wings were hung, Josh spread the waterfalls out on a table in the showroom.
These will be pinned to the wings to show all the colors for each pattern.
Before we could get them all installed, someone walked off with one of these. I am hoping that means that they will be placing an order, as I had to sew up a new waterfall and add the labels to the back.
I was not happy.
I had a workroom make all the samples and waterfalls and wings, so luckily I had the skills to quickly redo this.
But this means that folks like my stuff!!!!!
We are already getting low on some of the samples and the fabrics were just put up.
I may have created a monster.
We may have to reorder more samples soon.
Which means more stapling........

When I tell my dad about this, he keeps asking if I've sold anything yet.
Good point.
But it has to be for sale before it can be sold.
Now it is for sale.

Josh thinks in a couple of years I may have to hire some people.
I don't want to.
He will have to handle that.
I am too old for this #$%.
Be careful what you wish for.

Besides all my bitching.
I am thrilled beyond words!!!
maybe not beyond words.
I never seem at a loss for words.
They fall from my lips like pearls.....
or cherries.....
or road apples......

on that note,
Latah, Gatah


Anonymous said...

Do you mean NOVEMBER instead of February? Either way, it is so exciting! Now I have to go look at the website because I cannot see well with my old eyes on your pictures. It will be a sellout!


Betsy Speert said...

Thanks!!!! I changed it to the correct month. I don't even know what planet I'm on.......

AnnW said...

Wow, wow, wow, Not enough cabbagy, British type roses! Love them, I hope you make a gazillion $$$. So what fabric house is selling your line? Price points? Looks like over $50 a yard. Beautiful colors. I still would yearn for something like the guest bedroom of your bidness partner. The wallpaper had small trillium type flowers. Mazeltov!

Martha said...

They are beautiful!! I hope they have them at the San Francisco design center!

Jeannine520 said...

Congratulations Betsy, I hope you sell lots and lots.

Kathleen said...


Anonymous said...

Betsy, Congratulations!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your fabrics and am SOO excited for you. I hope your lines sell like crazy! This is from Vicki--I don't have my website anymore and can't post from any of those other options

Unknown said...

Oh yea so so happy for you Betsy!! The fabrics are wonderful but then you know that!! I hope the line goes like hot potatoes!!

Charlotte Des Fleurs said...

Hi Betsy,

Must echo the kudos from everyone else. The fabrics look wonderful! Will you have your line in the L.A. Design Center? Also, what is the fiber content? Some look printed, others woven. Can you tell us more about the properties of the fabrics?

Hope you will do a post sometime soon to reveal your thought process for the various designs.

Smiles from Charlotte

bmayer said...

Congratulations! I never understood why making a fabric line takes so long..( much shorter for the quilt industry), I mean, you can make a whole new human being in just 9 months!

Red Berry said...

Yes~ Congratulations!!! Love the photos and your comments, as always.
Those full length samples are fantastic.
Your fabric website looks great as well. Bravo to you.

Tender Arts Studio said...

Congratulations! They all look gorgeous just as I would expect!

Dolores said...

I've finally had a chance( I was reading Cote de Texas and your comment reminded me that you line was up) to see your new fabric line, and I think it's fabulous, I esp. love that you have so many co-ordinates available. You are going to make many homes really beautiful.

Linda said...

I absolutely love, love, LOVE your fabric designs. I'm so happy that you have shown them to us. I love your blog and reread it often. Take care. Linda

Mary said...

I am so excited!

The fabric is beautiful, and lovely and gorgeous.

I am so excited for you!

Mary from Virginia

Gloria Richards said...

I have an ancient two piece bamboo set that needs reupholstered. I can see a number of your beautiful patterns adorning them. You do make it hard to choose don't you?
Congratulations on a fantastic line of materials.

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