Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Using Quirky Antiques in a Room

Here's a decorating tip from Betsy!!!!!
think outside the box!!!!!
In Connie's living room we had a long interior wall that was unbroken by any windows or doors.
It was just a long blank wall.
As I had arranged the furniture in the middle of the room, I needed to come up with an idea on how to handle this blank canvas without projecting too far into the space and still have it relate to the furniture seating groups already in place.
As you know,
if you've been reading my blog.....
and if you haven't 
 I had found a beautiful Gustavian piece for this wall, but it only took up a portion and I needed more stuff, as 
I didn't want another storage piece but something to sit on,
 as it would then provide extra seating if for some crazy reason,
 Connie decided to have a party,
 or God forbid.....
Have a family reunion.
I first thought that I would like a pair of small benches to flank the server, moving everything on that wall to the right a foot or so.
I was looking for a pair of Curule benches
like this one blow.....
they are also called X benches.
They would add extra seating, fill up the wall and add a little height with their arms.
Of course I couldn't find a pair that I liked.
I could find one, but not two.
when I look, there are tons of pairs,
but at the time
NO DICE!!!!!
Connie suggested leaving the server centered on the console table and adding a longer bench to the right.
This made a lot of sense, as the bench then related to the seating group by the fireplace.
I wanted something unusual and I DON'T KNOW WHY but I decided that an iron garden bench was what I wanted to find.
I stumbled across a faux bois one that was just beautiful.

Of course, now we had to figure out what was to hang on this wall for artwork.
(and what pillows to make to go on the bench.....but that's for this fall, when I'm back down in Flerida)
I was not allowed to hang any plates on the walls in this house.
A collection of stoneware platters and plates would have just been great over this bench, but
NO DICE!!!!!
Connie and Chris were not feeling it.
I've done a ton of houses for them, and it was never a problem before, but 
What's wrong with folks today?????
They act like they have a mind of their own!!!!!

Next time, I will show you guys the artwork we found for this room.
It's contemporary yet has a somewhat traditional vibe.
And we found a coffee table to replace the old wood one we were using temporarily in front of the sofa.

On that note,
Latah Gatah


Unknown said...

No plates????? Tell them they're crazy! Love the bench!

Unknown said...

I love plates,not even one set on one wall!!! That bench is tooo! lovely.

Susan Freeman said...

Everyone seems to be into the minimalist look right now. As one who channels the decorating styles of Buatta and Faudree, I don't care for the less is more look in my own home. That being said, as designers we must always give the clients what they want. I think we will just have to add the plates "virtually" because I can envision them too!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

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