Monday, August 17, 2015

The Last of Connie's Living Room (for now)

In Connie and Chris's living room.....
We had installed the major pieces in the room including the artwork.
Now we just had to add the last coffee table to go with what was already in place.
I didn't want to match the one we already had bought as I wanted each sitting area to have a slightly different feel.

On top of everything else, 
Connie had never been happy with the way the sofas looked.
They were skimpier than she had anticipated, and the slip covers didn't fit the way she wanted.
I am a wrinkly slip cover kind of a gal.
She ain't.
End of story.
not really the end, as I have a lot more to say!!!!!
Luckily, we were able to use one of  the living room sofas in her home office.
The other one was greatly appreciated by a lucky friend.
I ordered a pair with similar lines from O Henry House Furniture to replace what was not appreciated.
When you are decorating,
and you are unhappy with something in a room.
(and foremost) 
live with it for a while.
If you still don't like it, and can find another good place for it,
 whether in your home or someone else's,
 and can afford to replace what makes you unhappy.....
This is your home.
It's important to love where you live.
It affects your overall feelings.
This may seem silly, but decorating actually can have a big impact on one's life if one is affected by the trappings of one's home.
My dad only cares if it's comfortable.
For him it wouldn't be important.
But for me, it would drive me bonkers.
(further than I already am.)
The sofas got changed and the room looked much better.
This is the old sofa.
This is the new sofa.
 They are very very very very very similar.
Very Very Very Very Very much the same.
The differences are.....
The top picture has slipcovered sofas.
The bottom picture has upholstered sofas.
And it has T cushions.
And bigger arms.
And a less contemporary look.
The bottom line is that there is a difference in price, and more expensive upholstery just looks and feels better.

Now, to the new coffee table that I found to work with all the other stuff going on in this room.
I had found this one for the seating group by the front window.
I wanted something different for over by the fireplace.
Connie doesn't like low coffee tables.
Probably because she is very very very old (snort.....ha)
and she doesn't like to have to lean over too far to pick up her coffee.
This is only for coffee tables.
When she's having a cocktail.....
she doesn't like to have to lean too far over to pick up her drink from her cocktail table.
I found a beautiful piece that has a gilded iron base with a white marble top.
(the shot below is pre-hanging the artwork over the bench.)
There's that darn primitive wood planter again.
We really have to work on what to put on the coffee tables when I go back down to Flerida in the fall.
Now I've brought you up to where we've gotten in this room.
Next post we will go into the dining area in the kitchen.
How exciting is this #$%???

On that note
Latah, Gatah



Anonymous said...

The new sofas do help but it still doesn't seem to have that 'Betsy' coziness that I love.

Jeannine520 said...

Much, much better.

cotedetexas said...

love this room. BUT - I am curious - why would they want white upholstery. just sitting on a sofa gets so dirty - from your pants, etc. when i wash my slipcover - i'm astounded how dirty it has gotten even in chairs that no one hardly sits on. I'm curious how are they going to keep the upholstery clean? i'm always curious about this which is why I usually use slips. still - this might be my favorite room I;ve ever seen of yours, i absolutely love it. it's gorgeous. can't wait to see more of this house!!!

Betsy Speert said...

This room will get cozier.
When I do a room, I do it in many layers. We still have a couple to go.
Joni, as for the white in this room, Connie and Chris are the absolute cleanist people I've ever met.
They can get away with stuff that we mere mortals could never have or do.

bmayer said...

While I like the concept of slipcovers, I am with Connie on the wrinkly look (ick). If you look at the back of the slip-covered sofa sofa on the left hand side of the first picture, all that pulling at the seam is a sign of poor workmanship, in my book. It's not just a wrinkled linen look, which I can live's pulling, and puckering, like the tension was off. No good! But then again, I am really picky about that stuff. I do love the sereneness of the color scheme, but I like stuff a little less formal looking. Vive la difference!

Anonymous said...

The "small" changes in this room really do move the look up the classy scale quite a bit. I agree with bmayer about the slip-covered sofa. Betsy, this is very exciting because it helps me to know how to make my own home better looking and where to put my money when I make changes.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Beautiful, serene, perfect. New coffee table is gorgeous, and that primitive planter needs to mysteriously disappear!

cotedetexas said...

Thanks! I was worried about your clients. haha. nah, I'm just nosey. I still love this room. It's beautiful.

AndeM1 said...

gorgeous...... I loved watching the transformation of this room!

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