Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Simplifying Architectural Details in Connie's Living Room

When Connie and Chris bought their new Florida home, the architectural details in the living room were too ornate for our taste.
The bookcase had fluted Corinthian columns with ornate acanthus leaf capitals.
Here's a better shot that I took,
 the above one Connie took with a lower pixel camera.
This is a Corinthian Column, with acanthus leaf capitals,
 which I actually told you in the previous paragraph, but I am loosing my tiny mind.....
It had a fluted pilaster with an aged wax finish that just looked cheap to me.
I'm more of a Doric Column kind of a girl.....
A Doric Column looks like this
I didn't want a column look at all, so I compromised with the bookshelf and had a local carpenter pull off the columns and add some simpler detailing.
I drew how I wanted them to look with a scaled drawing and cross sections to show how it should be built.
Connie left my drawings on one of the shelves,
 so the builder would have them right in front of his nose, 
 and then the guys from FLORIDUH built it the easiest way,
 ignoring my drawings.
I'm so glad I spent all that time figuring out how to do it.
At least they followed the proportions that I set out.
But instead of making the columns with recessed panels, they just applied some molding.
To spend so much time drawing an architectural detail, just to have the guy do it the easiest way
 is one of my pet peeves.
But the main thing is that Connie is happy.
It's her house, and she is fine with it.
And it still looks A LOT BETTER than it did.
The new way just works better with the style we decorated the room.
(as you will see in coming posts.......)
(do you like how blurry my picture are?????)
Next, we tackled the fireplace.
It's too was over the top with carvings, being too ornate for what we wanted to accomplish.

So, Connie had it ripped off, and a simpler one installed that mimicked the one on the other side of the wall, as this was a see through fireplace.
She didn't want a mantle shelf, as she never knows what to put on them.
I told her that shouldn't be a problem,
But she wasn't convinced, and did what she wanted.....
Boy she's acting like this is her house,
 or somethin'.

Here's another side by side shot.
I'm not a big fan of applied moldings.
They definitely have their place, but I prefer carvings that are into the wood,
 not applied.
I realize that I may be in the minority, but this is my blog, and this is my opinion,
 (which is the most important one in the universe....).
The woodwork in this room has had an interesting series of transformations.
The original owners, had it in a pickled wood finish.
And now we have it just white, and simplified.
I cropped the hell out of the picture below to keep from showing more of the room.
You guys will just have to wait.

On that note....
Latah, Gatah



Heather said...

I love the idea of pulling down just the columns and replacing them with trim. We have DOUBLE Doric columns flanking our fireplace and it's just too much, especially when there are no other columns in the house. It's as if the builder had too many of them and the carpenter just said, "Heck, just use them all on one wall!" I built an overmantel in our previous home, so I figured some day I'd pull down the whole monstrosity in our new home and start over, but now I'm thinking I can fix this problem in just a weekend. Thanks for the idea!

Mary said...

I like Connie's thought about the mantel, as I have the same issue, but I would still have to figure what to hang over the fireplace, but since she has you, that shouldn't be a problem.

Good call on getting rid of the Roman Shrine look. Those things remind me of something you see at a bank.

I can't wait to see the rest of the cropped out pictures.

Unknown said...

Like what you did it all looks wonderful,well what i got to see!! Oh well life is an adventure,or it is with you!! lol Have a great week see you whenever.

Anonymous said...

Love the arrangement and the house design. The house looks amazing with simple yet a classic look.

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