Friday, July 17, 2015

More on Connie's Florida Living Room

Before I get to showing more of Connie's living room.....
Let me just tell you guys that my first pattern design in 9 colorways and scales is being shipped out to me, today or the beginning of next week!!!!!
Then Josh and I will look them over to decide if we want to tweak anything before I send the next bunch in for printing.
I am so excited and freaked out.
What if after all this time they look like shit whoops, I mean stuff you'd scrape off the bottom of your shoe?????

OK, on to Connie's Flerida home.
FYI.....she and her husband Chris have just sold their Vermont home, so some of the things we loved the most from that house may eventually show up in this one.
In particular; her mercury glass collection for the etagere in her new bedroom and a painted round mirror for over the server in her new living room.... maybe, if it looks good... and she likes it there... and I like it there.....
This is a picture of the round mirror along with some mercury glass in her Vermont home.....
Traditional Home Magazine

It may look good over the server in her living room.
We have to wait till the fall, when I go back down to sunny Floridah. 
(that's what my friend Suzy calls it, FloriDAH.)
 Connie wanted a game table in this room, as she and her hubby, Chris, play Rhummy Cube after dinner every night.
I wanted one that was more of the scale of an end table, so it would look like it was part of the seating group with the sofa facing the windows.
She and I had chosen a pair of chairs to work as the game table seating.
I ordered them in the same white fabric as the rest of the upholstery, and lightened the legs to more of a driftwood finish.
She used her old game table until I was able to find what I wanted.
See how it's size creates a separate space, it doesn't seem to be part of the seating group so much as it's own little area.
Below is a shot that Connie sent me, when she was first moving in.
This is before the room was painted and some architectural changes made.
Then Connie and I found this game table when we were antiquing at Charles Spada's wonderful showroom in the Boston Design Center.
He also shows on 1st Dibs.
It was the perfect size, being large enough for a game of cards, but small enough to be part of the sofa grouping.
It has a stained cloth inset top that we thought we might change, but have come to love.
You guys know how I love beat up stuff.
I had Connie drink the Koolade, and now she likes beat up stuff too!! 
I didn't want another piece of painted furniture, as there was already a fair amount in this house, so we lucked out with this little table.
It's a Louis XV piece, and beautiful.
OY Vey, I just noticed the movers sticker on the back right leg.
Connie, if you're reading this, please pull it off.
(love Betsy)
I needed something to hang over the pair of concrete colonnade tables that we had picked up at a local antique store.
I wanted something that was not a standard piece of artwork, as I didn't want the walls to be covered with paintings.
(i know, i know.....that's so not like me!!!!!)
However, Connie didn't want a lot of artwork, she wanted a simpler approach.
I found a pair of antique iron gates that were the right size.
I love old rusted iron.
I am a sick girl.
(OK, not so much a girl doctor just informed me that next year, when I'm 65, I will be elderly.....I don't think that anyone will suspect me in her homicide.....just don't tell on's just our little secret!!!!!
I told Connie not to have them hung until I got back down to Florida, as I wanted to add a little paint to lighten them.
So, they got hung, and then Chris and Connie thought that they looked too dark.
OY VEY!!!!!
I had to paint them distressed white, while they were hanging on the walls.
I used my trusty chalk paint and dry brushed the metal, applying and wiping as I went.
Also wiping all the paint off the wall, too, as it was ALREADYHUNGANDIASKEDHERTOWAIT!!!!!

Here is the before shot, the console tables were moved out of my way. 
They weigh a ton, so we needed help getting them away from the walls.
I was very conflicted, as I sortta liked em before I started, although they WERE a little dark.
Here's a close up of my fabulous paint job.
It's very hard to paint something and keep it looking old and worn.
(Unless we'er talking about my face and makeup.....but thank goodness we'er not.....)
Here's another shot.
Here's a side by side.
I'm still conflicted, but Connie and Chris love the lighter look, and after all.....
It is THEIR home.
After they were painted, I felt it needed something, so Connie and I are looking for something decorative, yet not to large to hang on top of them, I'll know it when I see it.
But OH BOY!!! I love looking for old crap!!!!! 
and now we have more to look for!!!!!

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


FrenchGardenHouse said...

Your designs are going to be gorgeous, you KNOW they are! I love the table, am also conflicted about the lighter paint on the metal gates, but it is their home and it looks beautiful. Great space.

Dolores said...

Everything is just wonderful now- airy, light and elegant, but still approachable. I do prefer the 'before' of the iron trellis because the rust just seemed to refer to the lovely golden brown wood tone of the French game table.
But Connie is the one that needs being pleased, so my opinion is just that- an( unsolicited opinion) :-)

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I love the two white tufted chairs in Connie's Vermont home. Will they make a reappearance?

Penelope Tucker

Betsy Speert said...

No, the white Vermont chairs were sold with the house, along with everything else.

Rhonda said...

Really looking forward to seeing your new fabric line! It can only be gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Ok, it's early (for me), I don't have my spec.s on, and I was skimming through the pic.s kinda quick. My first thought was "What the heck is that turkey doing on a table in the living room?"

Pam said...

Betsy, I say, "Flar duh". Love the iron gates and colonnade tables, but together? I see combat. Don't worry about the 65. I'm 71 and still able to sit up and take solid food.

Unknown said...

When I was a young girl I stepped on something that was old and rusty. I rushed home and told my mother and the next thing I knew was my parents were taking me to the emergency room for a tetanus shot. I was horrified at the idea of a shot and at the hospital??!! I hid and would not come out until they found me. I don't remember the rest but maybe that explains my aversion to anything that would be described as rusty and old. No, I wasn't talking about you Betsy!! I was referring to the iron gate. Just paint it green and it will look marvelous, especially with your new fabric!!

Unknown said...

Betsy last week I was at the Matouk outlet in Rhode Island and I saw a lady who looked like you there with her mother. Imagine my excitement when the mother called her Betsy. Alas I am pretty sure it was not you even though they were discussing putting an "s" on some towels. I believe I overheard the name and it was not speert. Still, it have this ol girl from Texas a moment of excitement thinking I might run into a decorating wonder in her neck of the woods. A big fan, Lady Benton

Betsy Speert said...

Nope, that wasn't me.
My Mom is past the age of shopping, I don't think I've been in a store with her for over 30 years, now!

Ann said...

Your doctor must be a young person, maybe 45 or so. You've got a good 30 years before you're "elderly." Trust me on this.

Elizabeth Jernigan said...

Hi Betsy, connie's home is beautiful, especially the dreamy blue walls. Can you tell the manufacturer and the color of the paint? Thanks

Betsy Speert said...

I don't know the paint source. Connie chose it without me, and then I just had to work with it.
One if these days, I'll ask her for you.

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