Sunday, May 17, 2015

Venetian Mirrors.....Gotta Love Em!!!!!

Connie and I wanted the feel of her bedroom to flow into her bathroom.
As I had shown you, we had hung a Venetian mirror over her dressing table.
She purchased it from Restoration hardware, which has a nice selection from which to choose.
Those guys should be paying me for all the advertising I'm doing for them.....
I had found the little ballroom chair on 1st Dibs.
It was part of a set of 4.
They had really pretty detailing.
They had really delicate legs, just like Connie's!!!!!
Even the back was pretty.....
Well we didn't need 4.
At first I thought we only needed 1, but as it turned out, 
i was wrong!!!!!
We needed one for her bathroom too.
the nice man from 1st Dibs was willing to break up the set into two pairs.

But first I had to find a mirror.
Below is another pretty one that is available from Restoration Hardware.
Connie had her handy man hang it over the sink,
The old light had been one of those horrible bathroom lights hanging over the sheet mirror that was hanging over the sink.
What is it with builders and these big plain sheets of mirror.
So, Connie replaced it with a pair of sconces with plain shades....
tres chic!!
Of course I had to change the cabinet knobs to something more appropriate for this new look.
I found some crystal ones on eBay,
Well, at this point Connie was whining requesting that I find something to hang on the walls that would work with the big beautiful mirror.
I had remembered seeing some mirrored famed botanicals on Ballard Design's website.
Orchids In Mirror Frame Art
Connie couldn't believe how clever I was to have found them.
I couldn't believe it either!!!!!
She purchased 4, two to go alongside the large mirror, and two for over the toilet.
I don't really know the reason for the ones over the toilet.
Only women use this bathroom, so no one is standing and staring at the wall.
(These are just some musings of mine when I have nothing else to think about....)
Then we placed the other little chair at the bathroom vanity.....
and the room was done.
At least for now....
I want to add a valence for over the window.
But that's for next fall when the Florida "season" begins.

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


Beth said...

Woohoo! I love it! Oh that mirror and the marble!!! Gorgeous!

Dolores said...

Looks like a master was at work :-) Love how the Venetian mirror's impact was multiplied through the framed prints Beautiful!!

Mary said...

You can find some neat stuff! Beautifully done! What color are the walls painted?

Beth C. said...

I know what you mean about those awful builder plate mirrors. When we were building our house on the "left coast" of Flerida I told the builder not to install any mirrors, towel bars, toilet paper holders (I hate those clunky ceramic ones) or medicine cabinets in any bathroom. We had plenty of drawer space in the his and her vanities, plus a good size linen closet. Who needs an ugly medicine cabinet taking up wall space that could be used for something purty? Oh, and we also told them not to drill holes in our kitchen cabinets since I wanted to have a combination of pulls and knobs (got gorgeous polished nickel and glass ones courtesy of Restoration Hardware!). The only thing I have left to do is replace those ugly strip lights. It's been 18 months and I can't seem to pull the trigger. Connie's a lucky girl! Best, Beth C.

Unknown said...

It is all too wonderful, i guess if it weren't for someone sharp like you it might have taken longer. You are the best Betsy,of course all i know is what i see on your blog,and i love your blog. Thanks.

Amy Chalmers said...

Love the chairs and love Venetian mirrors...its looking marvelous!

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