Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Big Beautiful Antique Prints

Since Connie's bedroom was LARGE,
and her ceilings were HIGH....
the artwork had to be scaled accordingly.
To give you a better idea of how large the framed prints in the picture above are.....
look at my drawing below.
That stick figure to the right is me, I always draw myself into a picture for scale, 'cuz I knows how highs I is.
(I've lost a little weight in the picture below....)
Below is a shot of the room before we started hanging any stuff on the walls.
Connie and I found these beautiful antique hand tinted prints in a local antique store.
The frames are antiqued mirror, adding some more sparkle to the room.
We girls do like our bits of glitz and glam!

The awkward wall was behind the TV.
I didn't want artwork stuck behind it, as it would be hidden.
What to do.....
what to do.....

I hung one picture over the set, using the black hole of the TV to fill in the bottom. 
But the corner still looked bare, and unfinished.
So I said to Connie.....
"Connie!!!!! Lets do here, what I did in my very own bedroom!!!!!
(below is a picture of my very own bedroom!!!!!)
Let's stick a tall vase in the corner with flowers that bush out and fill in the gap!!!!
So, I hit eBay with a vengeance.....surfing the web as the two of us lounged around her bedroom in her lounging chairs!!!
And I found this beautiful sterling silver trumpet vase.
(My vase is just plate.)
(Connie is fancier than me.) 
So now the walls on both sides of the door looked balanced.
The scale of these prints is one of the reasons I wanted to go so large on the dressing table mirror.
I felt it needed to have more visual weight than the prints, as I was creating a delineated "area" in the room. 
Just in case I was being too subtle.

On that note,
Latah, Gatah
(I be back in Massachusetts)


Lisa said...

Very nicely balanced. This is such a calm and peaceful feeling room.

Unfortunately, I have your blog set as one of my home pages and after waiting WEEKS (2?) for a new post, I now have to start waiting all over again. Boo on delayed gratification!

Vikki said...

Beautiful prints and frames Betsy. They look like they were custom made for this room. Vikki in VA

Mary said...

I need to shop with you girls. I never find cool stuff like those prints in an antique store, or maybe I am not shopping with Connie's pocketbook. You both have wonderful taste and I am so glad I get to see it on your blog!

from Virginia

cindy hattersley design said...

I adore that room Betsy. I love the beautiful wall color , the lovely prints, and the dressmaker details on the curtains. Just the right amount of pattern. Simply gorgeous!

Rhonda said...

Just gorgeous! Love those prints!

Beth said...

love...oooh, that bedroom and the pool beyond! stunning!

Unknown said...

Wonderful finds love those prints,frames and vases,really all of it comes together nicely. You are good,really good.

Dolores said...

The bedroom looks so much more 'finished'( and lovely!) and your plan on using the x-large mirror now makes perfect sense. I am not generally a fan of minimalist décor- but this bedroom is beautiful..

Dolores said...

Betsy! Did you see Lisa Farmer's blo on the return of floral fabrics to décor? FINALLY!!! I thought I'd never see the return of 'pretty' in décor..

Dolores said...

Wish you had an edit button I made a mess of my previous comment.

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