Sunday, May 31, 2015

Light Sleepers and Middle (Old) Age

it's so interesting to get people's reaction to the idea of separate bedrooms for older married folks.
There are those of us who are light sleepers....
and there are those of us who think they are light sleepers.....
then there are those of us who are normal sleepers.....
then there are those of us like my brother and father, who conk out the minute their head  hits the pillow and start sawing boards loud enough that the neighbors complain.
Image result for sawing boards
(that last statement may be a slight exaggeration)

I am a very light sleeper.
The heat kicking on in the winter is enough to wake me up.
Don't get me started on the #$% birds in the early spring mornings.
Thank goodness for white sound machines.
Image result for white sound machine
But white sound machines don't work if the source of the noise is 6" from your head.
In the long ago, ancient, olden times, prehistoric period of tribal groups living in rough camps....
I would have been one of the guys they had sleeping at the edge of the group of tents/caves/grass huts.
I would have been their early warning system.

there is probably a genetic reason that some of us are light sleepers.
I #$%  SAVED OUR CAMP!!!!!
But my genetic makeup didn't get passed down because I couldn't stand to sleep with anyone of the noisy guys.
(actually, sleep isn't required for the passing down of genetic stuff.)
(That's probably what happened to my distant ancestor.)
(She was a good time girl.)
I wonder if there is a correlation between good time girls and light sleepers.....,,
You know, the woman in the movies who doesn't let her date spend the night.
Maybe it isn't about him encroaching on her space, but the simple reality of needing a good night's sleep because she has to work in the morning......
You need a lot of sleep to go out gathering or hunting or whatever.....
Especially if you want to look like Daryl Hannah.
Not that I do.
Sort of.

On that note,
Lateh Gatah


Unknown said...

My husband and I are starting to have issues with sleeping together. He brought it on, so let's just say from the beginning it's his fault! We have three dogs, one being a female schnauzer that adores my husband. I adore my husband but this thing called blogging keeps me up late a lot of nights attempting to put together a post. So while I am on the computer the schnauzer sneaks upstairs into my bed with my husband's approval. When I go up, I have to carry her downstairs before going to bed. After I finally get get ready to go to sleep, she starts crying loudly downstairs. Guess who went downstairs and joined her on the sofa? Oh yes, he did...

Kathleen said...

Middle aged...yeah If I live to be 104. We "downsized" and moved into a condo...2 bedroom and a loft. You're absolutely right about how sleeping arrangements have changed. And to think people want an open floor plan with...what's the new buzz phrase... clear eye sight? I just want a good nights sleep. Yeah, yeah we love each other but sinus problems, allergies and night sweats take over.

Anonymous said...

We are in our early 60s and we sleep in different rooms. It started because he had a little dog and I had a little get the idea. Also I am a very rough sleeper and besides he is a morning person and I am a night person so it works for us. My daughter was just discussing how she did not understand how couples sleep apart...she is I told her to wait about 30 years and she will understand.

mray said...

I sleep house that is. I can nap or sleep anywhere. At my age, I am not so good at sharing, me or my bed. My husband of fifty years understands my need to my house that is.

Rue said...

I had an idea, when I read your last post, that there might be protests to sleeping in separate bedrooms lol

My maternal grandparents did, so I never thought much of it. My mom said she would have liked to have a separate house next door when she was married, so that the marriage could have lasted. In my last marriage I thought about taking the queen sized bed out and putting in twins. I should have known that was the end.

The one thing I do believe in is separate bathrooms. According to Johnny Cash that was the secret to a happy marriage and I agree :)

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