Sunday, January 4, 2015

Framing Pictures

Going back in my archives.......,
I stumbled upon the pictures I took of Kris's and my trip to the framing shop in Cambridge.
I used to use a custom framer in the Back Bay of Boston, but they may be
 out of business....,
I haven't gone to them in years because of the difficulty in parking.
If you've never been shopping in this area......
It's a 1/2 hour of circling the block trying to find a space,
and 15 minutes of shopping.
OK......maybe 20 minutes of shopping.

Then I started using a workroom in the Boston Design Center.
This was very convenient.
We could carry the art in through the loading dock, which was right near the studio space in the design center.
They went out of business.
then I was just floundering around in the dark,
using less than stellar framing shops.....
whereupon my good buddy Kris informed me that there was a good framer on Concord Ave in Cambridge!!!!!
I've been driving by this place for eons and never noticed it.
Only the best and most posh places will do for Kris and Betsy.
Nothing says fancy like a dumpster right by one's front door!!!!!
Don't you love the beauty of cropping!

Notice the bike rack.....this is definitely Cambridge.
Very crunchy granola. 
The reason we needed to go to the framer is because.....
although Kris and I had decided not to hang lots of stuff on the walls of her guestroom,
we weren't able to keep to that decision.
We just are not less is more kinda girls.
We had reached this point in her guest room.
having just that one painting on the wall was just bugging us.
It just was.
We needed more stuff.
That's just how it was.
We couldn't fight it.
We tried.
We really did.......

The rest of the room was coming along.....
We hung lots of stuff over the chest of drawers.....
We had added 
some stuff over the chair......
Kris started tooling around eBay, and found some old oil on board paintings that had the same feel as the large oil we had already hung by the beds.
I played around with how I wanted them to be arranged.
I liked how the two looked alongside the bigger one, but we only had two!!!!!
We needed four!!!!!
Kris and I did what we always do.....
we went shopping in the stuff she already had.
A while back
we had found a pair of framed needlepoints at auction.

However, once we got them back to Kris's house, we didn't want to use them they way we had planned while sitting on our @$$'s at the auction.
We tried them several places, but nothing seemed to work.
Putting one between the beds was OK, but it seemed a shame to waste the other one.
So we hung the rose water color that I had worked on by painting the mat.
Kris bought another painting on eBay....
She liked the idea of having a couple of portraits of young girls in the room.
She just loved the face of this little girl.

the needlepoints were the right size for hanging around the large painting by the bed.
the black frames had to go.
They had a beautiful inner liner that was gold.
THAT we wanted to keep.
we trundled on over to the framing shop and found some beautiful solutions for both the needlepoints and the little oils.

I will show you what we did and how we did it in my next post.

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


Lee said...

We wait so long for a blog posting from you and then you give us a cliff hanger?! Boo hiss!
Missing you and your sharp wit. Post again soon~my fingers are already hurting from hanging on so long......

bmayer said...

Can't wait to see. Many, many, many, many moons ago, I managed a frame shop in Miami Shores. I quit my private school Art and Home Ec.teaching job to manage the frame shop for a whopping $4 an hour. It was a raise from my teaching contract. I am THAT old. It was 1978. I ALWAYS look at how things are framed when I watch movies. Sadly, I now have things framed at Michaels......they can't believe how picky I am....(and cheap). Please dont let us wait too long to see what you've chosen!

Unknown said...

Are you serious,okay that is how i get this, in eeny bitty sections,guess i will take it anyway i can. Thank you and i will be waiting for more.

Beth said...

So pretty! Can't wait to see the finished works! :)

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