Sunday, December 21, 2014

No Christmas For Betsy

In the spirit of Christmas......
I'm going to write about flowers!!!!!

Just like last year, 
and the year before.....

Under the RULE OF BETSY....
we don't need no stinkin' holiday.

Just as in years past,

Thank goodness I have saved a bunch of "normal" shows on my DVR, 
so at least I have something to watch while all my Christian friends are involved with their Christmassy stuff.

Since my great nephew, Leo, is only 7 1/2 months old, 
I didn't buy him anything for Hanukkah, as he is too young to remember what I got him,
 so what's the point?
I have a truly generous spirit.

As you may have been figuring out.....
this is not my favorite time of year.

Now, let's get to the flowers.
As I wrote in my last post, since I haven't been blogging very much, I have a backlog of photos that are out of time with the season, as I took them this past summer and fall.
I am going to write about using REAL flowers in my house!!!!!
I know!
I know!
I am the queen of the good fake flower!!!!!
I love good fakes.
In the image below is a shot of a bouquet in my living room in Massachusetts.
With good fake flowers!!!!!
this past late summer,
when I was trying to grill on my outdoor grill,
and I was having a hard time getting to it through the jungle of my hosta and hydrangea tree....
(My grill is just to the right in the picture below.
You can see the corner sticking out from the side.)
I had to step around the blossoms and the leaves to get to the stuff on the grill.
All those flowers were in the way.
I had an epiphany!!!!!
You know what you can do with flowers that are in the way?????
That's right class!!!!!
Cut them!
But leave the good ones, 
don't cut too much.....
that's what I did, and I ended up with a bouquet of real flowers.
I arranged them on my kitchen counter just like a country gentlewoman would.
Here's a close up of my excess blooms that I assassinated 'cuz they was in my way.
I got so giddy,
I took a lot of close ups.

as I've mentioned before,
the reason I like fakes is because they don't start dropping blossoms and pollen and end up sitting in stinky water.
before even a week was up,
these flowers started dropping blossoms and pollen, and the water turned stinky.
I threw them all out,
that's the end of my story.

for those of you who are caught up in the madness that is this time of year.
Slow down,
enjoy the season,
and have a happy holiday.
Tonight I am having dinner at my brother's for a family Hanukkah celebration.
I plan on getting dressed up.
I washed my sweat pants!!!!

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


Unknown said...

Wishing you beautiful fake flowers to abound in your world and may your sweats provide you with comfort and joy this holiday season. :)

Donnamae said...

There's nothing like a fresh pair of sweat pants for the holidays! Have a good one! ;)

Unknown said...

I know i am new to your blog but, i truly love to read what you have to say and i wish you a Merry Christmas.

Di said...

Betsy you always make me laugh and for that I'm grateful, thank you. Wishing you the best New Year ever.

mray said...

Keepin it real, dats Betsy! You never disappoint.

Mary said...

HAHAHAHA! Happy Hanukkah! Eating while wearing sweat pants allows for more eating. Enjoy!

From Virginia

Tina Marie the Willow Witch said...

I hope your New Year is as bright as your humor!

Joy said...

Hi Betsy,

Catching up on your entertaining blog. Wishing you a happy EVERYTHING this year.

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