Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Porch Furniture for Kris

I don't know if you guys can remember back a while, but I was telling you about my buddy Kris's front porch redo.
We had gotten this far......
Here's a before and after to help your feeble minds recall the project from the beginning.
We still have to add the dark green shutters, and re-roof.....and do the sides of the house.....
but at least we got the furniture!!!!!
I helped Kris with the floorplan, putting a sofa in front of the windows on the left side with a chair perpendicular to create a seating group.
The chair had to be a small one, as there wasn't much depth to the porch, so I chose the dining chair as apposed to the lounging chair in this Lloyd Flounders collection, called Nantucket.
We still need to find a bench to place in front of the sofa that will serve as a coffee table.
It can also work as an ottoman if you put a toss pillow on it.
That's what I do with mine in Flerida.
On the other side of the porch, we placed 3 rocking chairs.
Kris didn't want 4, as she felt that her house would look like a nursing home.
(She is getting on in years.....)
She found two pairs of lily pad nesting tables that she will put between the rockers in the spring.
I didn't take a picture of them, so I grabbed this image off the World Wide Web so you guys would know what I was going on about.....
I had found a pair the year before last for next to my napping reading chair, and I love them.
There is a level for the newspapers, and a level for my iPad.....
Kris and I didn't want to use wicker tables, as we like to mix up our materials. She found this table online and we felt it would be the perfect size next to the sofa.
Next spring, we will decide what to do with the top.
We like beat up, but it may need a leetle help.
Kris found this iron bunny several years ago and has been storing it in her basement special storage area for when the porch was done.
It's her attack bunny.
Any body coming to the house with harm in their hearts, may end up tripping over it.
(So, if you have harm in your hearts, you'll be attacked by a hart!!!!!)
At the other end of the sofa we placed this wonderful 3 tiered plant stand that will do double duty.
It will hold plants.....
It's a plant stand....
no it's a drink table....
No It's Both!!!!!
Kris has a condition which causes unknown and unusual objects to follow her home.
They just mysteriously appear in her basement.
The little stand below did just that.
But don't worry, we will find a place to use it.
I swear, every time I go down to her cellar, there's new stuff.
Her go to answer is "What do you mean????? I've had that for years!!!!!"
She must think that I'm as gullible as her husband.
I'm not!!!!!
I'm a very accomplished decorator with amazing powers of observation!!!!!

where was I????
Oh, yeah, decorating Kris's porch.

We chose fabric that resembled French grain sacks, but is an all weather material.
And very comfy.
This is a hugely important detail, as my very qualified decorating @$$ plans on spending tons of time on these cushions.
Kris's sister's dog agrees.
He's too cute for just on picture, so here's another...., 
Now that there's snow on the ground, I felt it was time to finish up writing about her porch.

On that note,
Later, Gator


Staci said...

The front porch is coming together nicely, love the dog !

Kathleen said...

It'll be great in about 7 months when she can use it 😁

Thehouseofhampton said...

Stunning furniture, and excellent odd objects. I wish some would follow me home!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely porch and lovely dog. We had one that looked just like him. Still miss him to this day.

Annie said...

Lloyd Flanders Nantucket makes me swoon. I have 2 lounge chairs in that style in black - which btw looks like antiqued brown - in my library with a big red/green/brown floral upholstery that also looks vintage. Fits right in with antiques. I use Stewart plaid for accents. I can spot a Betsy room instantly. Even with all the techy ways to save images, I still have many magazine clippings of rooms you designed. I like style that is friendly and intimate and comfortable and REAL and your rooms have that feeling. I can't wait to see your fabric designs.

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