Saturday, February 15, 2014

Seaside Cottage Bedroom

I've been working my not so little tail off down heah in Flerida.....
But today I am carving out some time to tell you guys more about the Cape Code Academy Showhouse room I did in 1995.

(Oh! By the way! Thanks for the tip about scanning pictures in a higher resolution..... I never would have noticed that I had that option!!!!!  Unfortunately, my pictures are in Massachusetts, and I'M NOT.....)
If I had done this room today,  prolly, the only thing I would change is  that the sheets would have been cream and not the brown that I thought was so great at the time.
I hung split burnt bamboo roll up blinds behind the bed, under the valance.
As I told you in my last post, I love mixing burnt bamboo in with my cottage style.
Traditional Home Magazine 1995

When I did this room, I was playing around with the idea of a furniture collection.
I designed several prototypes and used one in this room that
I tucked it at the foot of the bed in the corner.
(I just wrote "food of the bed" it's almost lunch time.....)
Traditional Home Magazine 1995

I called it the Teresa Chair, naming it after Steven Tyler's wife who was one of my best friends at the time.
If I never worked for people, how would I ever have made friends after college???????
I ended up using two of these chairs in Steven and Teresa's family room. She had me cover them in a wild combination of Osborne & Little fabrics.

As you can see in my super duper collage.....
I used another old lighting fixture by the chair that was similar to the hanging light over the bed.
I also used the same fabrics from the bed and windows mixed up on the chair.
The green stripe is the bed skirt fabric.
Then I contrast welted every thing in a dark green velvet, just because I'm weird.
I could write more.....
but, as usual.....
I caught a cold from the damn flight down here.
I sit on the plane, feeling fine, thinking.....I'm not going to get a cold.....I am healthy and strong!!!!!
And then two or three days later.....bam!!!!!
So, please send me some Kleenex and Nyquil.

On that note,
Later, Gater


The Quintessential Magpie said...

I love this! You have such an amazing ability to coordinate fabrics and patterns, and they look great, Betsy! Tanks for sharing this with us.

I am sorry you are sick. Mr. Magpie has the same trouble on airplane flights. I have been battling a sinus thing and finally feel some better. Hope your recovery is a quick one!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Tanks = Thanks in the Land of IPAD! ;-)

Broyhill attic heirlooms said...

wow!! Cottage bedroom furniture are really awesome.

Divine Theatre said...

Still wishing we were neighbors. I would take care of you and bring you soup. NOT homemade. That, in itself, could probably kill you.
I responded to your comments on my Blog but in case you didn't see them...I am not going to paint the table.
Just get better...okay?



p.s. Hi from Atticus!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

I bow to your awesome ability to mix patterns and colors, your rooms always look timeless, classic, but most of all FUN! Hope you get better soon, I am the same, with the long flights to Paris giving me a cold each and every time. Rest, rest, and rest again. xo Lidy

suzieQ said...

I teach and little kids are walking petri dishes of germs and such. That said, I have found that taking Emergen-C is a life saver. Twice this winter, I could feel a cold coming on and made up my Emergenc-C in my water bottle. I just drink it and I don't know how it does it, but I haven't gotten sick. Just sayin' you have nothing to loose by trying it. Oh, and I do favor the raspberry flavor, but there are others to choose from.

Unknown said...

In an effort to help make you feel better, thank you for taking the time between your sniffles and gracing my PC with such beautiful images of your fine handy work. Now take two aspirins, go to bed and call me in the morning...

Anonymous said...

Looking at the rollup bamboo shades gave me an idea. I love your site, because I always come away with ideas. I want roman bamboo shades. It dawned on me that rollup and roman are a simple step apart. If I put rings on the backs of the rollup shades and restring them, I will have roman shades. And the price difference is a lot, so I am now searching for rollup shades to restring. Thanks once again, for getting my brain to working in strange and wonderful ways.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you have tried airborne but that is what we use in the days before, during and after travel. A teacher developed it and it works, then she sold it and they changed the formula and it didn't work, then she bought it back and now it works again. My husband swears the orange is the most effective. I don't do fizzy so i use the chewable orange. Colds stink. Hope you feel better quickly.

Unknown said...

I take fermented cod liver oil, and probiotics to increase my immunity. My daughter is a cancer survivor and a registered nurse with three children, twins age 5 and a baby age 10 months, and she swears by it. She gives the baby fermented cod liver oil, he's never been sick!! Seriously. My daughter's 70 year old father-in-law has been having health problems, and she recommended he start taking fermented cod liver oil, and he told my daughter that he took it all the time when he was a boy. His parents were DOCTORS!!! Anyway, I'm in my sixties, and I too, have become ill after being exposed on plane flights, but not since I been taking fermented cod liver oil and probiotics. I don't take flu shots either....thanks, but no thanks to all the crap they put in flu shots. My doctor asked me last year if I wanted a flu shot and I told her that I take fermented cod liver oil and probiotics, and she made a face. I told her that I could tell she didn't agree with me, and she told me that it won't prevent flu. Well, I told her that I've been a patient in that office for over 23 years and never ever have I been diagnosed with flu. NOT ONCE. Also, no sugar when you are sick. Sugar feeds bacteria. I'm sorry for getting on a soap box on your blog. You can delete my post and it won't hurt my feelings. Just thought I would give my 2 cents worth.

Woodside Park said...

That's a fabulous room - beautifully layered and scaled! You should teach the young designers doing show houses today. And, you're not weird.....just sassy! Feel bettah soon!!!

vignette design said...

I still have the pages that I ripped out of the magazine back then. One of my favorite rooms that you did. ~Delores

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