Friday, January 31, 2014

Mountain Cottage Bedroom

Before I get to today's decoratin' story.....
I first would like to tell you guys about the gentleman who woke me up this morning from a 
sound sleep.
I was sleeping a little late, due to having a headache, 
or as an old neighborhood kid used to say..... a head egg......
8:30, and the phone rings.
Now, you'll probably be surprised to hear that I was polite to the Indian guy who interrupted my slumbers.
He claimed to be from Windows Service Center, and was calling about a problem with the software on my computer.
I have gotten a couple of these calls in the past few weeks, and I told them in no uncertain terms to .......
leave me the hell alone!!!!!!!
over the past couple of days, I have started having issues with my laptop.
iTunes disappeared, and couldn't be reloaded.
Then PICASA  took a walk!!!!!
I realized something was up.
when this guy woke me up, I wondered if he was legit, because my computer was acting WACK!!!!!
not being a total pushover, I got my cell phone and called my niece Miriam, the computer programming techno nerd wizz......
and had her listen in while I talked to this guy.
His scam is somewhat believable.
The webpage he directed me to was believable.
be warned, this is a phishing site trying to get credit card info.
I told him that I needed some time to wake up, and then I would call the company back.
He had given me a number, but he said he would call me back in an hour.
He warned me that I should do something quickly, because my computer had been infiltrated with malware, and that the whole thing could crash, and that I would loose everything.
That was the point that I was sure he was full of crap.
All he had to tell me was to turn off my machine till I had time to deal with this.
I mean......
There's an off button!!!!!
I jumped in my car with my laptop,
and drove over to Staples,
and they are fixing everything for me.
The tech guy at Staples said he had gotten similar calls,
whereupon he informed the caller that he was a computer technician, and that he could deal with his own damn computer.
Just a little public service announcement for today.....
Now, on to the decoratin'!!! 

Since I can't show you more of Connie's Florida home.....
let's return to her Vermont house.
We still have 4 more spaces to go over.
For today, we'll look at the guest room over the carriage house.
Connie's hubby, Chris, collects antique cars,
we designed and built a garage for them with an apartment on the second floor.
I only took a picture of the bedroom.
I don't know why.
Probably because I'm brain-dead,
or an idiot,
or something like that........
We decorated the room in an Adirondack mountain style.
I used a barkcloth from a wonderful company that started in Rhode Island called Full Swing.
The pattern we used is called Moonlight in the Pines, color: Juniper.
This fabric was the jumping off point for the room.
Then we found these wonderful Lloyd loom wicker chairs for the foot of the beds, and used
the fabric for the seats. 
Connie loves a country feel, and found a wonderful local resource for braided and hooked rugs.
We found one with an oak leaf pattern that worked with the woodsy feel I wanted to achieve.
I had Drape It make a pair of upholstered headboards in a green and tan awning stripe with matching bed skirts, and we used the barkcloth again on the toss pillows, to bring the pattern up onto the bed. Connie found some cozy red blankets and bought a pair of mismatched Hudson's Bay Point blankets to fold at the foot of each bed.            
Between the beds I placed an end table that Connie already had before she ever even heard the name, Betsy Fabuloso Speert.


We found the Art Nouveau lamp with the painted glass shade, along with the turn of the century little oil painting while poking around in local antique stores.
I love this room, too bad it's so far away for me to visit, but then......
who says I'm invited?????

On that note,
Latah, Gatah



Kathy said...

Love everything about this room!!!!! Love love love it.

Mary said...

Thanks for the scam information. I swear, I just don't have the brain to think up scams-thank God. Glad you didn't fall for anything.

Love the room. You find such great stuff. I wish you lived near me so I could bug you to help with me my family room and bedroom. Everything you do is super.

From Virginia

Unknown said...

OMG !!!!!! LOVE EVERYTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Interesting you should comment about a computer scam because just yesterday an Asian woman called and said our computer was sending out alerts. She told my son to go turn it on so she could resolve the issue, he told her to go pound sand. He called the number back but it was a disconnected. Be careful everyone. Now on to the cool! I looked up the fabric and book marked the page cause I love it. Thank you!

Barbara @ 21 Rosemary Lane said...

OMGosh Besty we have received that phone call, from the same Indian guy I'll bet, about 5 times already. The second time he called I played with him for about 15 minutes totally wasting his time and even did a little fake panic act. Finally at the end of the call I let him know in pretty specific terms to never call again...but he/they did! So you may still get more annoying calls.
OK the room...I am in LOVE with that pine cone fabric!! It is gorgeous...just rustic enough and not too much everywhere. What a fabulous accent in the room! I am a new follower so I will have to try to play catch up with the Florida house!
Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful room and have a great weekend!
XO Barbara

Anonymous said...

Love the colors of this room!

By any chance did you paint the Lloyd Loom chairs?

Penelope Tucker

Betsy Speert said...

No I didn't paint the chairs, we found them like that!

Anonymous said...

I have also had those calls from an Indian man about the web page to go to. Someone in our area (Maine) told me that once you to go that web page, it puts a virus on your computer and then they try to make you pay $ to have it taken off! I love all the decorating you do Betsy! I recently bought your book and am studying it to try to make changes to my own ranch style house.
A fan in Maine.

Kathleen said...

I got that call to at 7 30 am! What a scam!

Bonnie Schulte said...

This bedroom is perfect. Love it!!!

Karin said...

Betsy, this guy calls me, too. I just tell him that I'm very confused, since I do not own a computer. He always hangs up on me! On a separate note, I saw three of those Loyd Loom chairs maybe a week ago, stacked in the back of a junk store! I remember thinking they had a cute shape and I wished there were four of them. I had no idea they had a name and a Betsy Stamp O' Approva. l don't know what shape they were in, but I'm going to go back to look. Nothing in that store is very expensive (since it's mostly junk!). I hope they are still there and in good shape. I love the idea of putting one at the foot of each bed!

Anonymous said...

Hi Betsy

You cannot believe it but I'm my local haunt for inexpensive cool furniture and I've just found one of the Lloyd Loom slipper chairs for $25! So I'm ├╝ber inspired to snatch it up and refurbish it as you have. The timing of your post could not have been better. Many thanks and thanks answering my earlier question.

Penelope Tucker

Divine Theatre said...

I love you. That is all.


Anonymous said...

Ditto what Divine Theatre said! Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA

Anonymous said...

Betsy, next time you travel by air have some Cold Eeze with
you and take it at the first sneeze, tickle in the throat or
however your colds start. I swear by it. I so enjoy reading
your blog and wish we were neighbors so I could invite you
for a beverage of your choice and pick your brain. But since
I'm 77 yrs. young and not about to start redecorating, it would
just be for the pleasure of listening to you.

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