Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Country Home Bedroom

Ho Kay Kampers.....
Since I am in the middle of making a pair of twin bed duvet covers for Kris's guest room, 
(Not going too smoothly, but all will be well in the end.......?????)
and I haven't done anything else on Miriam and Ross's living room.....
(I've been too busy sewing these @#$ duvet covers.....)
Today I will take you guys back up to Connie's home in the Vermont mountains.
We've looked at lots of rooms on the first floor, still have a couple more, but I feel like taking you upstairs to the master bedroom suite.
Chris and Connie have a sitting room attached to their bedroom as well as an en suite bathroom.
                  Let's start with the master bedroom. 
Ignore the little weird thing at the top, at the right, this was scanned from a magazine.                 
Traditional Home Magazine 2004
I found a beautiful blue and white toile from Quadrille Fabrics and Wallpapers.
When I first started working with Connie, she was a little shy of putting color and pattern on the walls.
Once she got hers toes wet, however.....
there was no holding the woman back!!!!!

For the window treatment I just had my workroom, Drape It, make the draperies out of a wonderful cotton sheer trimmed with a small blue gimp.
I had the top of the valences smocked for a pretty country look.
You can accomplish this look by using a gathering tape.
I got this image off google.
They come in different widths.
Simply sew it to the top of the valence, pull the strings, 
You gots yourself a gathered heading!!!!!!
I like to use sheers for draperies, they give such a dreamy floatey look.
Edging them with a colored tape takes them to a whole other level.
We wanted to do a white headboard as contrast against the toile pattern on the walls.
To make it more practical, in case it got dirty, I designed it to have a slipcover that was buttoned on.
I had my workroom sew contrast button holes for a crisper look.
I've never sewn one, I have to teach myself how to.
So much to learn.....
So little brain......
For a punch of blue on the white bedding, I had a toss pillow done in a blue check with a wide tape trim.
Checks and plaids always work with toile, as long as the colors match.
We lucked out when we found the quilt!!!!!
Next to the bed is a wonderful antique table we found in a local antique store.
It just needed a little wax, and it cleaned up really beautifully.
I had the milk glass oil lamp made into an electrified version, adding a custom shade.
We wanted the accessories to keep the country feel.
Since this was a picture from a Traditional Home Magazine photo shoot.....
those are real roses!!!!!
(You know how I like my fake flowers.....)
That's Connie's pet rubber mouse.
It keeps moving around the house.
To the right of the bed is a chair and ottoman.
When they're pushed together, they almost look like a chaise, but there is a little more versatility with a chair and ottoman.
I love the look of a high gathered skirt, so I had the skirt hang just 2" down from the deck.
I had the bottom contrast edged with another blue tape to mimic the blue of the upholstery pieces' contrast welt.
Over the bed I hung this beautiful painting that had the feel of a tole tray.
Even the frame was painted to give that feeling.
It continues the Americana vibe that Connie and I were striving towards.

As you probably guessed, I love toile, that's why I did my own bedroom in it.
I mean,,,,,,,.......
what's not to love???????
As long as you match the shade of the toile, you can mix lots of different patterns in the room.
It just all smooshes together in a pretty blur!!!!!
On that note,
Latah, Gatah


Julie @ followyourheartwoodworking said...

I love that room and would feel so comfortable in it!

Anonymous said...

My favorite kind of post. Love to hear your explanations and reasonings behind your choices.

therelishedroost said...

So timeless!!! Truly Lovely!

sweet violets said...

Nothing compares to blue and white, always a classic and so comfy!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Betsy, so BEAUTIFUL!

Unknown said...

It is just beautiful. I always like your work.

bmayer said...

My problem is I like a gazillion different styles and cant decide on one....I need about 20 bedrooms to decorate.......I'm always afraid I will tire of wallpaper a year after I put it up. I must say though I still LOVE the color I painted my kitchen 10 years later!

Mary said...

Both bedrooms are marvelous, gorgeous and so lovely looking, I am totally jealous.

From Virginia

Unknown said...

Both these bedrooms are dreamy. I am generally not a blue person, but I do love toile, and have used red toile in my kitchen and downstairs powder room in our 1890's house. I paired it with red/white checks and had a white chair rail in between. Love it! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous rooms, Vicki in Louisville KY

Unknown said...

Just gorgeous Betsy, your talent and attention to detail is just amazing! Alison in NC

Di said...

It looks wonderful Betsy I love toile, it's timeless.

fixitfaerie said...

Hi dee ho-Of course I love your bedroom. But I like this room to. Love the headboard, a different twist to an upholstered headboard. I like the chair, at first I, too, thought it was a chaise. It looks so pretty. I like the drapes with the gimp. Pretty things. Paula

Kelly said...

You are sooooooooo Blessed to have the ability to make things so lovely. Everything you touch becomes more beautiful. After looking at your blog this morning ,it makes me want to get rid of everything in my house except the husband and start over again. Your style is always so clean , fresh and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Definitely two of the prettiest bedrooms ever!

Anonymous said...

You know what you did right for me, the size of the pattern. I can't do that. I go too big or to small but yours is exactly in scale with the room. I love the wall paper and I love the shade of blue you chose. Beautiful pictures. Keep up the good work. Ann

Anonymous said...

Betsy, You say checks and plaids always go with toile as long as they match. So......Should I put black buffalo plaid curtains with my black and white toile wallpaper in the dining room? It's very traditional with cherry furniture and shiny brass fixtures.
Will send picture if you like......or not. Deanna

Betsy Speert said...

That sounds great!
I'd love to see pictures!

cotedetexas said...

I LOVE this bedroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wonderful!!!!!

Cheap Sheets UK said...

Both these bedrooms are dreamy. I am generally not a blue person, but I do love toile, and have used red toile in my kitchen and downstairs powder room in our 1890's house. I paired it with red/white checks and had a white chair rail in between. Love it! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous rooms, Vicki in Louisville KY

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