Sunday, November 24, 2013

Vermont Country Master Bedroom Suite

I'm writing this in Flerida!!!!!
I have been able to get away for two weeks, and my hair is all frizzy.

Let's get back to Connie and Chris's master bedroom in the mountains of Vermont.
The lucky woman has a whole suite for the master space, so when her family descends on her en mass.....she can retreat into her own private hide-a-way.
Traditional Home Magazine 2004
The room is tucked under the roof line facing the front of the house, so there are a couple of large skylights that flood the space with sun.
The master bedroom opens off this room.
I used the same wallpaper and rug as the bedroom to unite the two spaces.
Traditional Home Magazine 2004
Here's a collage of the three rooms of the suite, sose you can see how they relate!!!!!
I continued using checks and plaids for the accent fabrics in the sitting room.
Look at what a difference a toss pillow makes to the look of a chair!!!!
Connie had the coffee table from before she knew me, and I was able to incorporate it into her new room.
On the mantel I placed a small collection of antique mercury glass.
There's a lot of reproduction mercury glass bopping around, but I am not a fan.
It isn't double sided glass like the old stuff.
Mercury glass was the poor man's silver.
It had the shine of silver but was a double wall hand blown glass piece that was then filled with a silver nitrate and grape sugar solution, creating a silver reflective wash on the inside of the double walls. It was called mercury glass because mercury was originally used to create the silver finish of a reflective mirror, but for the table ware, it wasn't used. Once the piece had the solution wash the interior walls,  the bottom was plugged with a cork (American) or a metal seal (English).
According to Wikipedia, (where would we be without it?????), this glass was considered the first art glass, produced strictly for display purposes.

Over the mantel I hung a round antique bulls eye mirror. 
I blew the picture up, so you could see the other end of the room.
(that's me in the shot.......)
Across the room from the fireplace is the desk.
I had the chair covered in a blue window pane plaid.
On the desk I placed a blue lamp I had made from an Abingdon pottery vase.
Finding lamps I liked with a delicate yet country feel, wasn't easy, so I had to have them made.
I lucked out with this coin glass piece, it was already a lamp!!!!
We just needed to have the shade custom made......

You can see how these lamps worked with the one in the master bedroom.
They all have that county cottage feel, are unique and one of a kind.
(unless someone else has one just like them.......)

Well Kampers.....
it's warm and sunny, so I'm going outside and let my hair frizz some more.
On that note,
Later, Gator


Divine Theatre said...

Silicone hair serum is your friend. Take it from this Irish Cherokee woman!
Speaking of friends, when are you coming to decorate my home, er, uh, I mean visit?



Vikki said...

I love Connie's master bedroom! Blue and white is my favorite for a bedroom. The Abington pottery vase turned lamp is adorable. I made a lamp from a vase I found at Salvation Army Thrift Store and I am very pleased with how it came out. You will certainly have a one of a kind lamp if you make your own. Enjoy your stay in the Sunshine State. You were smart to leave the North when you did. They are having record cold temps now. Vikki in VA

Rhonda said...

Absolutely perfect rooms! I would love to have a sitting room like that for the purpose of escape! Or just for the purpose of sitting and admiring!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely serene room! I am sooo coveting the button back arm chairs with the squishy down seat..I keep checking craigslist as well as ebay for just such a pair, but so luck. I am guessing it was custom as I haven’t seen any like it- anywhere..Sob,sniff...
Enjoy your days in Florida!

fixitfaerie said...

Hi Betsy- So happy you got a chance to go to Flerida. Who cares about frizzy hair?, not me. When we stay in Maui I cut my hair short put on a wide brim hat and sunglasses (and of course clothes,) and we are out the door.
I too, had a BIG bedroom in out last house. Sitting area, book shelf, table, and a complete bedroom set (no, not the kind you get.....10 pieces for 399.) And a huge bathroom. When our daughters were in their teens, and on some holidays...I would go in my room to get away from everyone. I was known to eat my dinner, (I always hosted Thanksgiving) and go into my room and go to sleep. I really like having the welting on the chairs blue to match the buttons. I had that done to a sofa I had in the 80's. Well, you have a nice time in Flerida, and don't worry about your hair. tootles, Paula

fixitfaerie said...

No, we didn't live in an out house. I meant our. haha Paula

therelishedroost said...

Very pretty has such a relaxing feel!

Donnamae said...

I love that room...all that blue and white...just gorgeous! ;)

Unknown said...

I really like having the welting on the chairs blue to match the buttons. Battery Led Picture Light

Di said...

This is a beautiful room, a peaceful setting.

Maureen said...

Such a beautiful and timeless master suite. By the way, your posts crack me up.

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