Wednesday, September 11, 2013

More Adventures With Betsy!!!! # 347

HoKay Kampers!!!!!
I hope you're sitting down, because I have some very exciting news!!!!!
I just signed up for an adult education class in.....

wait for it.......

stand up comedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm trying to learn all the stuff I didn't have time for when
 I was slaving away for my clients.
I must admit.....
I am a big show off.
My first degree was in drama, 
before I went back for three more years of college in interior design.
I could write a routine about decorating.
My goodness, 
my knees tremble when I think of all the practical applications of my new knowledge.
Sort of like a degree in philosophy!

Yesterday I went to the Boston Design Center to hear a talk by 
Traditional Home Magazine's senior decorating editor, Krissa Rossbund.
I sorta had to go, since she and I have become friends over the years.
(We both like to watch reality TV, and can talk for hours about the Real Housewives....ALL OF THEM!!!!!)
We are very highbrow.
During her talk, she spoke about wanting to publish rooms with more color and pattern and found objects.
She wanted to get away from rooms that look so "pat"
At the end of the talk, she made the mistake of asking if anyone had any questions.....
(the room was packed)
of course I waved my hand and said
 "I do, I do, I have a question!!!!! So, if I understand the point you were making.....MY LOOK HAS COME BACK INTO STYLE???????"

Afterwards, I dragged drove her back to my condo so that she could relax before her flight out of Boston.
She had never seen my new home before.
I hadn't bothered to send her pictures, because I thought there was too much crap stuff in it.
Well, she loved it, and whipped out her IPhone  and started taking lots of scouting shots.
So, let's see what they want to do with this place where I live.
Once we were done with the boring talk about my decorating, we got back to the good stuff, and I grilled her about her personal life.
But I'm not telling any tales out of school.
I am a good friend.
Boy the stories I could share!!!!!

Today, my bidness partner, Kris, and I are heading out to an auction.
We are trying to snag a table for the left side of her bed.
Then I can show you pictures of it, and you can all comment on how much you love it!!!!!
There was a mirror we were interested in.....
I've been looking for one to hang over her chest of drawers at the foot of her bed.
You have to be careful in auctions.
It's always best to preview the items.
Kris drove out yesterday to look at what we were interested in, and this is what she found.....
If you look carefully in the catalog picture, you can see the broken part, but it was really easy to miss.
It's always best to check this stuff out in person, or in mirror, depending on what you're lookin' at.
The table we want for the left side of her bed is this one.....
It's going to need some TLC, but Kris knows a good guy who repairs veneer.
It will replace the chest that is to the left of her bed right now, as we speak, this very moment.
Hopefully, we will bring this table home today and move this old chest out.
And then I'll paint it.
And then we'll sell it.
And then we'll be rich!!!!!
On that note,
Latah, Gatah


Anonymous said...

You mean there’s hope for those of us who love color & pattern??? If that is true, and if Traditional Home would make good on that promise..I would promise to re-subscribe!! I’m down to subscribing to just HOUSE BEAUTIFUL, and I have just subscribed to the brand new magazine MILIEU, just in case...
What I want to know, come high end designers like Nicky Haslam are still held in such high esteem?? His work is beyond beautiful, yet no design magazine that I read features his style.

Janet Metzger, Artist said...

Hey Betsy....My son is a stand-up comedian!!!!!!!!

Janet xox
The Empty Nest

laney said...

...every word of this post makes me so happy...for you...and for all of us...blessings laney

Anonymous said...

Hi Betsy,
I have a mirror somewhat like that one with the same issues...broken spots. I was hoping you would purchase it and show us all how to fix it:-).


Jeannine520 said...

I'm picturing you in a stand up routine with a needlepoint canvas as your prop.

Anonymous said...

Good! I'm a little tired of beige decorating. Too many beautiful colors, so little time. Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA

Beth C. said... had me rolling on the floor by the second sentence so I guess you might be good at that stand up thing. And just when you thought you were out of retirement they pull you back in. I can't wait to see your home pop up in my favorite magazine! Best, Beth C.

Anonymous said...

well betsy, you have been a great sit down comic so the transition will be natural :-) how wonderful that you get to explore another venture. what a breath of fresh air it is to hear someone with national influence is leaning toward pattern and color again! whew. i will be ahead of the learning curve on this one. while i love to look at neutral schemes i cannot live with it. i have tried and always end up bringing in color and pattern. the more the merrier...i have been know know to buy fabrics and then try to figure out where i can squeeze them in to our home, ha. i am not as disciplined as you are. i hope they use your home in a photo shoot! suzi

Anonymous said...

It would PAY to see one of your shows! Do it!

Mers said...

I always love your humor, you remind me of a friend who now lives in New York.. I also love your decorating, there is an air of Sister Parish in your designs, groovy yet never looses the elegance. Hope to see your pics in the magazines again.

Betsy Speert said...

Sister Parish was my main inspiration, as a young designer!!!

Anonymous said...

I adore Sister Parrish decorating......and welcome it back. My S.P. clippings are older than most of the readers here, I bet.
It's depressing to go shopping for my house these days and see so many dark colors. Brown, black, olive, dead leaves...those sorts of things.
Hardly any real color in my neighborhood.
I must get to the city more?
May Betsy live long and continue being popular.

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