Friday, September 13, 2013

Auction Score!!!!

On Wednesday Kris and I went to an auction.
I told you about it.
We wanted a table I saw that I thought would be perfect for next to Kris's bed.
It's on her side, so she wanted something with drawers and storage for all her stuff.
We bid.....
We scored!!!!!
We got to the auction around an hour or so before the table came up for bidding.
We were scared we would get there too late, 
so we got there too early.
The good news was there were still some snacks!!!!!
You know,
those tiny bags of chips.
There was one bag left.
I felt like I was in 7th heaven.
I confided in one of the young women who works at the auction house how much I loved my little bag, and how I didn't let myself have these in my home.....
and she went and got me another!!!!!
I was livin' large.
Livin' the high life.
Livin' like a rock star!!!!!

Anyway.....back to the auction action.

Auctions can be really, really, really, really boring.
We entertained ourselves by emailing back and forth to each other,
even though we were sitting in adjacent chairs.
As you know...
I am easily entertained.
So, we sat there and sat there and sat there....etc. etc. etc.
FINALLY the table came up for bid.
We were very nervous.
All it takes is one other person who really really really really wants it, 
to push the price up really really really really high.
The table was estimated to be between 2 and 3 hundred smackers.
I nudged Kris and told her to hold her bid.
If no one bids the auctioneer will sometimes keep lowering the opening bid till someone starts.
someone had left a bed of 100 bucks, so that's where the bidding started.
Kris then bid 125.....
And we held our breathes.....
And we held our breathes.....
And we held our breathes.....
And nobody else bid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Of course there's the auction house premium (commission) that you have to add to the cost, but still!!!!!!!
What a great table for just a few dollars.
We were delirious with joy.
Still are.
So now let me show you a picture of the new table in Kris's master bedroom!!!!
This is the way it looked in the auction catalog.
It's so much prettier in real life.
Not so orange.
More refined.
It just needs a little veneer repair on the top right drawer.
If it were for me, I would just ignore that spot and dab some dark stain on it.
Kris has more energy than I do, and she's going to have it repaired.
The auction description reads.....
Louis the XVI style (my favorite style) Parquetry-Inlaid Dressing Table 
with three wells, the central panel opening to reveal a mirror, with three faux drawers above three drawers, on square tapered legs.

Well, the description is a little wrong.
It's buyer beware with antiques.
There are only two working drawers because the space on the left has a storage well that goes all the way down.
Which is just perfect for Kris's magazines!!!!!

We moved the lampshade over to this side of the bed for the photo op!!!
I just love this little dressing table.
It has all sorts of cool storage.
I decided that the room needed another chair over by this new table.
Kris wasn't so sure, but I did what I always do, 
and I ignored her.
I pulled this little chair in from the upstairs hall, and I think it's perfect.
I used the same colors throughout most of the house, so I can move things from room to room and they still go with the color scheme.
This is another needlepoint gem from Betsy the wonder kid!!!!!
I wanted to design a saying, and I wanted something fun, 
but Kris loves her home, and wanted something sweet.
Just make a note.....
this was the last sweet thing I ever did.
I created the tweed effect by alternating the two colors.
First I needlepointed the red, skipping every other stitch,
and then I went back and filled in the empty spaces with the yellow.

Kris drove down to Connecticut to pick up a mirror she found on eBay.
We will hang it this weekend over the chest at the foot of the bed.

The rooms starting to look like a Betsy room!!!!!
We need to have two lampshades made,
The bedskirt made.
Find a rug.
Find an arm chair with a higher back for the corner.
Redo the chair.
Reupholster the footstool in front of the chair.
Hang artwork on the walls.
And of course.....
Believe it or not, 
the room's almost done,
sort of.....

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


Amy Chalmers said...

Happy to hear you got the table!! Its really pretty~that needlepoint chair is amazing too.

Anonymous said...

You scored on that table! Love it, love the needlepoint chair, get those darn hats off it though! This is a gorgeous room, it's all coming together and so fun to see it materialize every step of the way. you have great taste in decorating, but food?? Cheetos?? Really Besty!!

Vikki said...

I'm a Cheetos fan also. Nothing like orange fingers! What a great table you got at the auction. I know it will look even better when you gussie it up a bit. I love your custom needlepoint on the chair. Is there anything you don't do? This room is the bomb! Vikki in VA

fixitfaerie said...

I was reading along, laughing out loud to myself, and then the table popped up and I shouted 'oh wow'. Cheetos are my fav's. Love the chair, have we seen it before? I don't think so. Have a great day. Paula

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