Sunday, May 26, 2013

Using a Secretary as a Bar

Connie and I found this pretty reproduction secretary.
she didn't need a desk in her living room.
But I wanted this piece in the room, 'cuz it would look good.....
So I suggested that she use if for her bar.
'Cuz every living room should have a bar.
How else will you be able to tolerate people coming to visit you?????
that's what we did.
It works great for holding bottles and glasses, plus supplying a surface for a tray and martini shakers.
The doors have chicken wire instead of glass, which I love for a country look.
I mixed some wicker pieces into the room, creating a more casual feel for the space.
The lamp on the table was made from an antique andiron of a Hessian solder. 
I had an oiled parchment shade made for it.
It's cast iron, so it works with the primitive American accents in the room.
The check fabric on the seats of the wicker chairs is a smaller scale than the club chair buffalo check.
Using similar patterns in different scales is a way to increase visual interest, yet still keep a unifying theme.
To the right of the sofa is a wicker floor lamp that I found and stored in my garage.
I knew I'd never find one this nice again in such good shape.
If I remember correctly 
(and I probably don't.....)
I had my workroom reline the inside of the shade.
Connie loved it, so I was happy to sell it to her.
Sometimes when I was out and about, I would buy something that I felt was wonderful and not easy to come by.
Connie has been a great client, because she never assumed I had some hidden agenda, was was trying to slough some old crap I didn't want onto her.
She recognized the gems that I had hidden away.
As I've told you before,
some of the best things in my home are great finds that I snagged for clients who didn't want them.
I kept them for me, me, me!!!!!
In the picture above, there is a ladder back chair sitting in the middle of the room.
It doesn't belong there, and I don't know what it's doing there.
I took this photo on the fly years ago.
I probably moved it there because I was doing something in the hall and it was in my way.....
It's the chair that usually sits at the secretary, but I switched it for the dining room side chair,
So it was sitting in the middle of the room, in the way of the shot, and I didn't notice because I am brain dead!!!!!
oy! oy!
I'm going to squeeze one more day out of this room.....
(or two)
and then it's on to the kitchen!!!!
on that note.
Latah, Gatah


Anonymous said...

Love the wicker furniture and lamp. And it reinforces my notion to add some wicker to my great room. Thanks for the inspiration.

Penelope Tucker

Vikki said...

Love the Hessian solder lamp and the wicker floor lamp. You have some of the coolest stuff hidden away in your "I may want one of these one day" stash! Vikki in VA

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, can't wait to see the rest!!!

Connie said...

And I thought I was the only one who sometimes forgets to put stuff in the right place when I take a photo ;-) This room is one of my favs you've done.

Can't wait to see the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Hi Betsy! Did I tell you how much I love your blog??? You are such good company, and on top of everything, I am learning so much from you while laughing my head off. I so appreciate that you share your design expertise, so in just the last few weeks since I found your blog- I have learned to look at my rooms with a new eye, and I have been making $$ changes. Plus, I have started another collection. I found that I love the cast iron Hubley dogs, and was kind of hoping that my ever patient husband could turn the sweet little Scottie into a lamp for me, but he thinks that I have finally met my Waterloo..
Thank god that I retired because now I get to have so much fun!

Carol-Anne said...

Love this idea of using a secretary as a bar! Brilliant!

Charlotte Des Fleurs said...

Gave our only secretary to my step son, 'cuz we don't drink. However, he does. Need to send him this post because right now, it is just filled with %#@&.

BTW, thought you were going to say, "Using a Secretary as a Barmaid."

Amy Chalmers said...

Caught up on all your posts about Connie and her wonderful house. Nice job and love all your info you share. Loved the checks and the pink.

PCovi said...

you are a trip! :)
(like me is what I mean)

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