Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Last Waltz

Oh Kay campers.....
Let's finish up this story about the Junior League Showhouse I did in 1997.
We've gone over the floor plan.....
We've gone over the fabrics.....
We've gone over the dance floor.....
And the musician's dais.....
The upholstered servers.....
Doesn't it seem like I'm milking the story?????
Actually, I don't like writing long posts.
Some of my readers...,
(you know who you are),
 have short attention spans.

Today I'm going to start with all the toss pillows.
I really like to needle point.
I listen to books on tape while I do it.
I can waste a #$% load of time doing this..
It's a really wonderful past time when one has no life!!!!!
I designed and needle pointed all the pillows I am about to show you.
I tried to make every saying relate to the party atmosphere.
I even did a pillow that said "Waltz", but I don't got no shot of it.....
I sold every pillow I made in this room!!!!!
I am da bomb!!!!!
I showed you the pillows on the musician'a chairs, but here I am showing then again.
'Cuz I'm talkin' about pillows here!!!!

I also wanted to show this round pillow.
It's an example of the graphic impact a stripe can achieve if cut and sewn on the diagonal,.
You can make either a square, or as in this case, a cross.

 I wanted the room to have a feel as if a real family lived here.
After all, doesn't every normal family have a ball room?????
So I added some personal touches to the mirror over the mantel by sticking some cards and invitations into the frame
 And as a last detail.....
I laid an Aubusson rug over the sisal carpet to help delineate the seating area and add a little color and pattern, 'cuz after all, 
I'm all about the color and pattern!!!!! 

So that brings to a conclusion the story about the ballroom.....

Oh, Wait!!!!!
I'm not done!!!!!
Couple of folks asked about how long this whole process took.
Well, from start to finish, it took several months.
Show house rooms go faster than normal jobs because we're working under really tight time constraints.
But we still have to deal with the time it takes factories and work rooms to create the items we dream up.
The overall conception and design process has to happen really quickly, usually within a couple of weeks, because we are so tight on time.
I start with measuring the room and doing floor plans and elevation drawings.
I draw an elevation of each wall, so that when it's time to install the room, I know exactly where each print, picture and plate is going to be hung.
By doing elevations, it's also really helpful in designing the draperies and any other window treatments I decide to use.
Sometimes I'll do a perspective of the room also, it helps with things like lamp selection, etc.
This way when it comes time to install the design; that process goes fairly quickly because I've worked out pretty much every detail in advance.

Oh Kay!!!
Now I'm done!!!!

Latah, Gatah


fixitfaerie said...

OK. Now I want to look at your Cottage bedroom and sitting room pictures.
I am going to close my eyes and pretend I am sitting on the sofa looking at the bed and all the pretty things. Am I WEIRD OR WHAT?! And no I am not a stalker! I just need to get my a$$ in gear and do my bedroom, so that I am in a real place. i.e. my bedroom!!! Have a great day. Paula

Mari said...

Omg what a gorgeous room you designed, you are the

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous darling! I love this room and all the exquisite details! I love this type of decorating. But I need help in scaling back. When you have decorated in the 'more is more' motto after several years you have a whole lot of stuff. Your advice on doing that would be greatly appreciated!

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

I love those pillows!

mray said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mray said...

I love your decorating style, and your sense of humor! Wish we were neighbors Thank you for sharing your creative soul.

Nutbird said...

I Love the ostrich egg candle holders. Just remembered that I have two ostrich eggs somewhere from Africa. I guess they deserve their own little stands. I wish that type of decorating would come back big time. I am not of the Dollar Store School of Decorating.

Becki said...

Fabulous! I appreciate and enjoy reading the detail information. Also enjoy your blog and check in daily!

Babs said...

Betsy, I'm one of those with a short attention span and I'm sitting here trying to imagine how long it took you to make those darling needlepoint pillows. I'm impressed...oh, and I LOVE the woman's photo on the table beside the chair with the "captivate" pillow. Perfect! giggle.

Anonymous said...

Wow...the needlepoint pillows are amazing. The stitches are so small they look like petit point. I can't believe you make your own, where do you get time? You must stitch in your sleep. Tried it a few times and it took me, like, forever, to do one pillow top! You really are da bomb.

Donnamae said...

I love to look at all the details that you have imagined and then carried out! It's just amazing to me how you can imagine all that! Gorgeous room! ;)

Anonymous said...

It is such a treat to view this beautifully decorated room! Imagine COLOR and PATTERN! Please us show more of your decorating!

PattyM said...

It has been fun to follow the story of this room and to learn a few new things about the world of professional decorating. By the way, I know what an elevation is, but what is a perspective? Thanks for pointing out the little details like the sparkly shoes and the invitations stuck in the mirror frame.

Anonymous said...

Betsy dear, Your posts are like a zero-calorie treat! I adore them, and they don't make me fat!

Monctclair, VA

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