Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ballroom Dancing...and Eating....and Drinking!!!

Continuing right along.....with the ballroom stories.....and how I lived to tell the tale after decorating such a
As I said, 
I arranged the room into dancing, eating, chatting and drinking areas.
This is part of the chatting area,
You could also eat and drink here!!!!!
The coffee table is higher than normal.
This is actually called a tea table when it's this height.
So to confuse things.....
I put a coffee service on it!!!!
 I borrowed all the china and silverware from Schreves Crump and Lowe.
For those of you who don't live in the Boston area, that's our version of Tiffany's.
I had to actually buy the napkins.
But I still have them and use them on lots of photo shoots.
I piled the dessert stand with little cakes, and hoped the photographer would wait until after the shoot before he ate them.
His name is Eric Roth, and we've been working on shoots together for around 30 years.
He always wants to eat the props!!!!!
I controlled him by promising that he could take home the Chinese food after the shoot.
I bought food that I thought would photograph nicely....
The split second the last shot of the food was done,
 Eric had an egg roll in his mouth.....

The sterling silver chopsticks are a nice touch!!!
Now don't get too excited,
but I actually used.....
(wait for it.....)
Real Flowers!!!!!
This was all set up in the dining area of the ballroom.....
I placed a table behind the central sofa, and arranged chairs facing out towards the dance floor.
I'm going to have to end this post here.....
I cut my thumb yesterday while I was slicing an apple.
I cut it really deeply.
I would have had to go to the emergency room for stitches, 
but my brother 
(the doctor
was visiting my parents next door. 
So I went over there and showed him what I had done.....
He zipped me right off to CVS 
where we picked up some butterfly band aids 
 and then he taped me together just like a real pro.
It hurts like a son of a gun,
so I'm going to stop here.
I know, I know, if I hadn't taken so long to tell you my tale of woe,
 I could have shared more decorating.
I like to complain.....
Latah, Gatah


Late Bloomers said...

I just have to LOL on the butterfly closures... that is what my OB closed me with after my C-section. Then she said 'they will start to peel off in the shower, just take them off as they do'. *gulp*

Hope your finger feels better soon, and thanks for muddling through to get us some of the story!


Anonymous said...

What's with the dresser in the last pix? Is it covered with fabric or did someone(you?)copy the wallpaper design with paint? If is was covered with fabric - how did the curved edges look up-close and personal?

Ggomez said...

Cutting a finger seems minor until you go to do anything! Then it's just the finger you wanna use or you hit! Yes I am also a recent survivor of a deep finger cut ! You are the best to struggle through and still entertain us! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Betsy,

Survivors rule! Ha ha Just a quick question....what happened to the Tuesday Q & A? Perhaps I missed the post where you just quit?

Afterwhile crocodile,

laney said...

...oh my goodness...this makes me miss "beautiful" in design...things today are missing something...this room is absolutely scrumptious...hope your finger is better sooner than soon...we cannot do without you...blessings laney

laney said...

...oh my goodness...this makes me miss "beautiful" in design...things today are missing something...this room is absolutely scrumptious...hope your finger is better sooner than soon...we cannot do without you...blessings laney

Amy Chalmers said...

Where did you get the chopsticks? I was impressed with those~and I am also curious about what the other person asked about~the quilted looking covering on the small sideboard...

Scribbler said...

Me too -- let's talk about that upholstered cabinet. And I agree with Laney -- I miss pretty too.

Connie said...

Beautiful and elegant setting. Perhaps we can all learn from you on our way back to some prettiness in decor.

Anonymous said...

WOW..yes I agree what happened to pretty decorating? This really proves how far we have stepped off from pretty (in this case beautiful beyond words) decorating!

Jaybird said...

Ahhh gorgeous!!!! I loved the shoes in the last picture...that is what would happen to mine if I tried to dance...I would be much better off checking out the food with Mr. Roth!
Sure hope your finger is better today!! My hubby and I were trimming tree limbs yesterday and I got thumped on the head with a limb :^( I have a sore head to go with your sore finger!!
Hugs to you,

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I am reading in reverse. Again, I'm so sorry you cut your finger and hope it's better soon.

This is beyond stunning. Every last detail. And those flowers! And the china, silver, and crystal! GORGEOUS. Yes, I know Shreve, Crump, and Low. It is a magpie's dream. The silver is so beautiful, and I would expect no less from them. And the teapot has such a great shape. I selected gold and white china years ago and have never regretted it. Not one minute. I mix other patterns with it. And would love to know what pattern those stems are. Oh, they are stunning. Love them. Are they antique?

I'm so happy we had the opportunity to see this. You were very sweet to share it with us.

Thank you.



The Quintessential Magpie said...

Well, after gawking again, that's a coffee pot. But whatever, it' has a great shape! And I think it far more fitting for Boston. After all, they dumped the tea in the harbor. ;-)

RKay said...

I love the idea of a higher tea table instead of a low coffee table. I want to put one in front of my sofa with 2 cute old wood kids chairs as a place where I can do fun stuff with my grand daughter, like coloring or having a snack. It would be more functional than a coffee table. I'll leave out the fancy tea set and replace it with her plastic set.

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