Friday, September 28, 2012

My Bigger Little Terrace......

This morning, as I was waking up.....
I was lying in bed and composing today's post in my head.
It was going to be really funny!!!!!
And I can't remember any of it!!!!
So, you're going to be stuck with the dregs of my mind.
I think that was a song from the 70's.....
(no, wait.....that was windmills.....oy oy oy.....)

As you...
 ( well, not you, because that would be creepy, we've never been properly introduced.....)
come around from the Barbecue terrace, you pass my garden hutch,,,,,
I realized I haven't taken a picture of the front of it, but it's raining right now, and I don't want to get my slippers wet.
I bought this hutch from a garden catalogue.
It came in pieces.
The directions said it would be easier to assembly with two people.
My extra person is my bidness partner Kris.
(I think there may have been some grumbling involved.....)
('course, that may have been me.....)
Kris came over and we screwed and hammered this baby together.
Then we realized we needed to move it into place.
So we sort of walked it over to its new home.
Then I painted it the same color as my condo....
(so the association wouldn't noticed I had added something without asking.......)
This is my reasoning!!!!!
I am a middle unit.
Well, not me; my condo is.....
I have no bulkhead to the basement.
I have to walk around my neighbors unit to get to my garage.....
building something to house my garden tools!!!!!

I also needed a place to hang my pig.
YES I DID.....
Other unit owners have seen it....
(I'm not really good with covert ops)
and they want one too......

So, the above view is looking out of my BIG terrace, towards my 
barbecue terrace.
Now let's look into my big terrace....
I showed you this shot on Wednesday, but I'm recapping, 
for those of you with short term memories.

If you turn around, this is what you see.....
I took this shot in the spring, 
before I brought up the chair cushions.
I was hoping that if I didn't have lots of places to sit, my family would leave  me alone.....
That's my dog.
I don't need to walk or feed it.
That's my cat.
The dog is an antique.
I'm embarrassed to admit, I know it's expensive, but I can't remember how old it is.
Or where it is originally from.
I brought it with me (and the cat) from Watertown.
The cat is a new cement garden statue.
Well, it's not new anymore.
I've had her for over 20 years, hence the missing ear.
(I just googled him, he's from the 19th century, made by Robert Wood & Co. c.1870.)
(don't you just love google?????)
I surrounded him with strawberries.
Being true to form, they are not edible, but only decorative.
Well, the chipmunks like them, but that's about it.
I wanted more flowers around my terrace this year.
I needed a couple more pots for planting.
I was going to go to the local garden center and pay a small ransom, until my inner thrifty voice started screaming at me 
(on the way to the garden center.....)
Where upon my car goes into automatic pilot and ends up at.....
wait for it.....
Home Goods!!!!!
I found just what I needed too!
A real plastic urn!!!
Made out of real plastic!!!!!
I drilled a hole in the bottom, so the flowers don't drown.
I have my new drip irrigation system watering it, so the flowers have been blooming all summer 
I just plopped the hanging pot of impatients into the urn and removed the wire hanger, and they've looked great!!!!!
My potted flowers usually die, because I am a lazy old bag who hates to bother to water stuff.
I also found this clay pot at the same time as the urn....
it was a good day....
So the new pots add the needed color and softness to my terrace.
It's amazing what just a few flowers can do to a space.

While I was at Home Goods, I got into a wonderful conversation with the store manager.
We talked about the difference in return policies between Home Goods and Target.
I have never returned anything to Home Goods without walking out before spending even more money!!!!
They is very smaht.
They make me feel warm and fuzzy.
After this invigorating conversation,
 of course,
I found something else to buy!!!!!
I asked the manager if he thought that the topiaries would survive outside.
and he responded.....
They are so well priced......
Even if they don't.....
It doesn't hurt to try!!!!!
So, I bought three and set them on my outdoor tables.
They made it OK through most of the summer.
Let's just say by now, they aren't looking so great.
Sort of browning and drying up and not very happy with me. 
But they added a little color to the coffee table.....
 and barbecue table......
I am running out of steam.....
I have more to share.....
So, ya'll come back now!!!!!!

Latah, Gatah


Amy said...

There is much I like about your terrace. It's private and there's much vegitation. I love, love your antique dog! I am following you.
Please come by and visit me at Pinehurst Cottage. Come with us on our journey to buy a vacation cottage and the renovation of it. I'd love your input. I hope you follow! ~Amy

Lee said...

Your terrace looks great even with the cheap pots...
I hope you make big bucks from the pop up ad. It is so irritating but if it helps you afford shopping excursions to Home Goods, I can put up with it.
Have a great weekend~keep smiling!

Anonymous said...

Your garden looks so inviting! And gosh, aren't you just miss fancy pants, with your outdoors livings spaces, and your antique dog and cat statues, lol! said...

There is a pop up ad?? I didn't even notice it, will have to go back and look. Sheese, I should pay more attention! I am glad I am not the only one planning posts in my head. And promptly forgetting them. It is worse for me, since my blog is still under construction, so I am not really posting much. Only because I am, apparently, too old and clueless to figure out how to set it up. But I love yours, and your terrace. And your pig, I collect pigs. Not real ones.

Mari said...

Omg I loveeeee your antique dog....
Your terrece is peaceful as it is beautiful, oh by the way I love your plastic urn ;)
I own two


Nutbird said...

You can always paint those topiaries gold or silver, etc! Ann

Anne Boykin said...

Hi Betsy, Your outdoor spaces are very welcoming even if that wasn't your intention! I love your dog.

Anonymous said...

That Pig! Oh my! So stinkin' cute. Love the strawberries & well behaved animals. What material is the dog? Iron? Heavy? If those were my topiaries I would spray paint them gold for the holidays or some fun chartreuse green or something...but I have been know to be frugal! Just sayin'. Suzi

lilwhitelife said...

Hi Betsy. Just your forgetting your planned humorous post was funny. I love your outdoor area. Those Impatiens? are some of my favorite annuals and your wood outdoor furniture is great. I have always wanted some too. My other half is a contractor so maybe I'll get my own someday. If we could only come across a great deal on some Teak. Enjoy your weekend! Leslie

CK SN said...

Love your terrace look! Cute dog and cat. My two dogs are real so I have to feed them ;-) we're all waiting for your super duper humorous post that you thunk up as you were waking. :-)

Leslee in Tennessee said...

Hmmmmm... well SOMEbody should feed that poor dog, his ribs are sticking out!! *grin* Otherwise, beautiful garden!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Your "pets" look perfectly poised...good doggy, good kitty...... :)

LOVE your house and your yard! And your keen wit, too!

Home Goods....good thing there is one that is 40 miles from home..otherwise this chickadee would be spending wayyy more than she needs to.


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