Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Maison Decor Comes to Call and Doesn't Bring the Paint.!!!!!

Amy Chalmers of Maison Decor came over to visit yesterday.
She was supposed to bring me the paint I needed.
She sells Annie Sloan chalk paint.
OK, now that I got that off my chest.....
I feel better.....
How are you guys doin'?????

Amy came over to see what I've been up to.
I showed her the chairs I'm painting for Miriam, which I will be sharing in my next post.
Believe it or not....
I have more stuff to show you in my study!!!!!!!
(If you're sick of looking at it.....
This is Amy's fault, she thought I should share with the class.....)

I finally got the plantation shutters for my windows in my living room and my study!!!!!
I showed you the wood grills I snapped into my other windows to make them feel more cottage-y.
But since my living room and my study are in the front of my condo, I'm not allowed to put them in those windows.
So, I went to my buddies at Back Bay Shutter, and had them install my new shutters.
This helps disguise the contemporary look of single pane windows.
 Here they are closed.
I thinks it's very cozy.
But then, I spent a #$% load of money on them, 
so I better like the damn things.....
 This is what I had before.
These are wooden Venetian blinds.
They were nice but didn't cover the look of the modern windows enough.

But this isn't what Amy wanted 
me to talk about!!!!!
She wanted me to show you guys this!!!!!
 I had a horse nine years ago.
She and I were a team.
We won some ribbons!!!!!
 Her name is Daisy.
She's a good girl.
So I sold her, and now she has a better life with a family.
 We won some ribbons!!!!!!
 Here I am riding her, thinking.....
"Don't fall off, don't fall off, don't fall off....."
She's not pissed off at me, her ears are back in case I have anything pithy to say to her.
She liked it when I sang.
Yes she did TOO!!!!!
I never touched a blue ribbon till she came into my life!!!!!
Except for the blue and white one below,
 but that was for a vignette in the Boston Flower Show, 
and decorating doesn't count.
 I wanted you guys to see how productive Amy and I were yesterday.
Here we are taking pictures of each other.
('course, you can't see me,
'cuz I'm taking a picture of her, 
taking a picture of me, 
taking a picture of her.....)
For those of you who commented on the horse show ribbon I have hanging in my bedroom.
I didn't go to the college shown on the ribbon.
That was the college hosting the horse show!!!!!
don't you guys know nothin'?

HEY! like the way this post is meandering around?????
Stream of consciousness.

Can you have a stream of unconsciousness???????

Ow, my brain is hurting.....

before Amy left my home, she looked in my inventory that I have with my bidness partner Kris,
 (stored in my special storage in my basement special place that I have that's very special)
 and took some things to sell in her Boston store.
This is a table on a stand that
 I repainted and decoupaged the print onto the top.
 I cut a stencil for the border and painted it with real fake gold.
Every night after dinner, I would go up to my workroom and add another layer of ModPodge on the top so the print would be on the same level as the top surface.
I am now selling this table for what I paid for it.
So you would get 
No that's wrong.....
You'd get it for less than I paid.
I'm not including the cost of the print!!!!

The tray sits nicely on the stand.
Being an idiot, I didn't notice it wasn't in place when I took this shot.

So that's today's post.
A little of this.....
A little of that.....
And a lot of nothin'!!!!!

Latah, Gatah


Cindy said...

That was totally completely funny, from start to finish. Your horse was beautiful, and now i'm off to catch up on some of your posts i missed!


Honey at 2805 said...

You are so funny! Talented, yes! A horsewoman too! Why am I not amazed?

20 North Ora said...

Your study looks great. You look very professional on that horse!cute post about your ribbons. At least you have some!


Katie @ Wildwood Creek said...

Great photos with your horse!

Leslee in Tennessee said...

Loved it all, as always! Beautiful horse... beautiful room... and beautiful tray table, which I need for my home... I have a sort of the Fox and Hounds Hunt theme going on. Wow! Wish I were able to shop where you are!

Rosemary Q said...

That is a beautiful horse! I had one just like it when i was a kid only mine was a toy and sat on my shelf. I had blue ribbons too only they were decorations for my hair. We are so much alike it's scary!
Thank you for another enjoyable post. Your blog brightens my day and I look forward to everything you share with your bloggyland buddies.

Debi Jaynes said...

Neat horse-- I'm in the horse business(Hunter.Jumpers and I'm a steward and jumper judge)
Here's an idea as well for old ribbons-- fold them neatly over themselves and place in an antique wide mouth glass flour/sugar jar. Looks great on tables with an antique riding whip next to it!
I really enjoy someone else trying to make a South Florida home look cottagey!

Amy Chalmers said...

haha I always laugh at your sense of humor, so I guess I am a very good friend indeed, even if I forgot the paint...oops.

Anita at Cedar Hill said...

Oh Betsy, you are TOO FUNNY!! And I am very impressed with your ribbons.

Late Bloomers said...

Aw thank you for sharing a little about Daisy!
I have a horse, I got him when I was 24 and he was 6, and that was 21 years ago last month [yes if you're good at Arithmetic, you now know my shame... err... age].
And yes my horse liked me to sing to him- Yellow Submarine was our trot song...
I named my blog after him. And the road I live on is named after his mom/dam. Yeah I'm still a little bit smitten with my horse.
My horse, YouSoLong, is now retired on a farm with two girlfriends and lots of time to be out, standing in his field and I take a riding lesson once a week... don't you miss riding?


Decdreams said...

I dread the day you stop going back to your magical sitting room, I purr each time I look at it, please keep going back over and over and over!!!!

Do YOU feel the sense of peace that even the photos seem to impart?? I would find it hard to leave that room, except maybe to read a great book in your glorious bedroom, but not as glorious as your sitting room.


fixitfaerie said...

She forgot the paint and you let her in!?! Oh well I'm sure you had a nice time together. Your horse was/is beautiful. Oh, and the shutters, I have had them in the 3 homes I've owned, love them. Have a good day, Paula

Anonymous said...

Betsy - I love your blog.....mainly because you are SO brillant (ha! and I'm not even asking for advice) and sassy and I know sassy....well. AND most of all because you are not afraid of COLOR and STUFF. Now that your head is way bigger and I don't even have a blog you can gloat on I shall say thanks for all your fun and awesome pictures. Barbara

Unknown said...

I just caught up on your last umpteen posts. I love your attitude & sense of humor! Man, your brain zigs & zags like mine. AMY - What's the deal with forgetting paint?!!! You're lucky you didn't end up hidden in Betsy's special place that she has that's very special. ;) Anyhow, lovely shutters. Off to check out those snap-in grills for the windows. Just last week I was thinking that it would nice if someone would invent something like that. Hmm. Who knew they already existed. Clearly not me.

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