Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Table Top Decorating

I don't know what it is about young people these days.....
But they don't seem to know how to arrange accessories on tables.....
(If you are a youngun, and know how.....
I apologize......)
Today, I am going to show you guys 
some of my living room tablescapes, 
and explain my tiny brain's reasoning about 
why I placed
what I placed and
where I placed it!!!!!
Let's start over by my old club chair.....
I have absolutely no idea why I put any of this @#$ here!!!!!
(just kidding)
(sort of)
I always start taller in the back and layer down to shorter in the front.
I use the same principal 
as when I design foundation landscapes with plants.
I love the blue accents,
 as it pulls the color of the blue from around the room onto the table......
I'm not a big fan of crystals, 
but I like the bit of whimsy these add.
These two blue pieces of glass where originally acquired for my 
But they mysteriously disappeared from my inventory.....
The problem with unpacking inventory in ones home....
Is then 
@#$ LOOKS 
(just sayin'.....)
I got this try on ebay....
I think it came from Australia.....
The plan was to hang it on the wall.
I like it better on a table.....
It works in with my majolica bird plate scheme.

So, I gather my accessories together, and start playing around with them.
To get to arrangements I like, it takes a lot of trial and error.
The important point,
 is to group items that are visually harmonious.
The black of the lamp relates
 to the black of the tray table.
The blue of the glass relates to the blue in the bird tray.....

To the left of the sofa sits this little beat up bamboo table...
The metal of the dog, relates to the lamp.
The rusticity of the table and dog works with the thick pottery plate.
I add in a lampshade with delicate bead trim.....
You gots to mix it up a little folks.....
I had these shades made EONS ago. 
The trim is from Scalamandre.

This is the table on the other side of the sofa.
When I have two lamps that I want to be the same height.....
And one is shorter than the other.....

This little plate is lustre ware.
My bidness partner Kriss, won't let me buy any more of this stuff for our inventory.
I LOVE IT!!!!!
(crummy heathens, don't know what's pretty.....)
It's all pink and shiny and glimmery.
I tend to set small plates around on my tables to work as coasters.
They make pretty accessories, and are practical.

My coffee table has a tray with a whole bunch of stuff that serves no purpose 
at all!!!!
Start tall and work to short!!!
I've had this little vase with the fake roses 
The magazines generally have a rule....
This little thing has been in magazines, newspapers, books, 
ad nauseam....
(after the shoot, I always confessed.)
(by then it was toooooo late.)
I don't know why, but this grouping of three little stoppers has always appealed to me.
Anytime the table is jostled they fall over.
So they are usually lying down.
But I put them back up, 
'cuz they just are some of the stuff I've had forever, 
and still like.....
Over the years I've acquired items that work well as tabletop accessories.
These babies travel around and fill in on my photo shoots
 when I need a little more stuff to fill out a room.
This guy has worked hard for me over the years.
He just looks good in a lot of different places........ 
These are the only useful things on the tray.
I tend to like groupings of three. Odd numbers always look better in a group than even.....
I set this old file box next to one of my club chairs to act as a small accent table, and then I totally ruined the practicality of it by setting my big dog on top of it. 
So now it doesn't work as a place to set one's drink....
but the dog looks GREAT!!!!!
Some of my posts tend to be a bit lengthy.
It's been mentioned to me 
(by a close friend)
(you know who your are)
that this is a blog, not a book.....
So I will end here, and continue on on Thursday.

Later Gator
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Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Your vignettes are lovely and super advice and tips. Hugs, Marty

AndeM1 said...

you are the queen of tablescapes....I have learned much today....thank you!!!!!! now I am off to rearrange my stuff! (should I dust first?)

Melanie said...

Thanks for the tips! Yes, that big dog looks great!!!

Unknown said...

your wise words and humor make my day! Learning and laughing . Now why couldn't they teach this method style in school! :)

Brenda Pruitt said...

Very good advice! I don't think there's a lot of rhyme nor reason to my arrangements. But I do work tall down to short.

miss flibbertigibbet said...

Good post! I often have to restrain the urge to fiddle with things on tables when I am in someone's house....sometimes I cover it up by moving something "so I can set my glass down". Done right, it's very discreet....LOL
Blessings, Lorraine

Susan in SC said...

Thank you! I love your decorating style!

nancy said...

I have gathered a Large collection of silver (plated) trays & use them everywhere but pretty much have at least one on every table to act as a coaster. That way, i do not have to worry about where to set my water glass etc. and I really like the look.

Olive said...

Some folks have an innate sense of arrangement and others do not. I do tall to short. Love the perfume stoppers and did wonder how they stood up all the time. Mine lay down all the time.

Rhonda said...

The longer the blog, the better!

mray said...

Love how you mix textures and colors. Enjoying your blog tremendously.

laney said...

...oh...i love book lenghth posts...especially yours...blessings laney

The White Pear Tree said...

I love your mix of vintage and whimsical. Looks lovely. I particularly like those magnifying glasses and that urn behind the white chair and the big dog.

Anonymous said...

This is so nice and look lovely, I love it
Chantal- Quebec

Natasha in Oz said...

I am pinning this to my "Vignette" board on Pinterest! I love this! That coffee table tray is gorgeous!

Thanks so much for sharing this post at my Say G'day linky party! This week's linky is now live and I am very excited to invite you to a Social media linky party that I will be hosting on July 14. The details are all at the blog if you would like to join in.

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend,
Natasha in Oz

Unknown said...

You have such great ideas and taste! I'm glad to be a new follower and see more of your great ideas. Would love if you followed back at www.iheartpears.blogspot.com

mark said...

Thanks for the tips! Yes, that big dog looks great.I love your decorating style!see more

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