Tuesday, June 26, 2012

8th OY!! VEY!! Q&A Tuesday!!!

Welcome to the 8th Q&A part of OY!! VEY!! Q&A Tuesday!!!
This is how it works.....
On the first Tuesday of the month
You ask some design questions,
and I answer them for FREE!!!!
Just remember-----
(Just sayin')
So ask your question at the end of this blog post.
Today I am going to stroll back down
Memory Lane
and show you guys the cabin that 
put me on the map!!!!!!! 
The following pictures are from Traditional Home Magazine, that I scanned into my computer, which is why the images are crappy.....
This was my tiny cabin on
 Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire.
When I first bought it, it tried to kill me.
I'm not kidding!!!!!
The first summer I lived there!!! 
first I got giardia.......
according to Wikipedia.....

Giardia lives inside the intestines of infected humans or other animals. Individuals become infected through ingesting or coming into contact with contaminated food, soil, or water. The Giardia parasite originates from contaminated items and surfaces that have been tainted by the feces of an infected animal.[3]
The symptoms of Giardia, which may begin to appear 2 days after infection, include violent diarrhea, excess gas, stomach or abdominal cramps, upset stomach, and nausea..........

Up heah, in the north, we also call it
because beavers can be carriers, and they infect the water.
Which is what I did.......
Sunapee is a class A lake, which means the water is reservoir quality.
But don't drink the shallow water.
so one of the first things I did was put in an atesian well!!!!! 
I slipped on the wet stairs running down the outside of my cabin and broke my coccyx.
It's seemed like anything associated with my tush was sore.
I gots to tell ya,
there's something to say about the pain of a lower GI
when one is recovering from a broken tailbone.
BUT I owned this little slice of heaven for 17 years.....
and we learned to care for each other.
I certainly threw enough money at it.....
It was perched on the steep windward side of the lake

looking west over Mt. Sunapee.
and even on the hottest of days, there seemed to be a breeze.

(I had to use the collage part of PicMonkey to put pictures that were a double spread into one shot...)
(Oh, the problems of being a published designer)
This was the way I set up the living room the first couple of years I had the joint.
Unfortunately, I don't have any shots of how it ended up.
And draperies.
That were made out of cabbage roses!!!!!
I used the same fabric that I used on a cape code showhouse.
I blew up a detail of the fabric from 
Trad Ho story of that showhouse room, 
which I will share more of sometime!!!

This was the story that caused Steven Tyler and his wife Teresa, to give me a call.
They had a house across and down the lake.
We were BOTH way younger then!!!!!
(That's me on the left.....)
This cabin also brought me to the attention of one of the guys who started Nike.
this little house acted as my design 

I  realized I didn't share that much, but it's dinner time, and if I don't cook it, it won't get cooked.

Now for this months Q&A

This is a question and answer party!!!!!
Only questions, please you guys. 
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email me at:  betsyspeert@gmail.com.
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I will then post your pictures with my suggestions and answers on the following Tuesday.
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If there are a lot of them, I will choose the ones most likely to interest the other folks in the class.

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Latah Gatah


Janet said...

Didn't you have a bathroom that was sorta, kinda in the lower level and didn't you have wallpaper with elongated stars somewhere in that cabin....I loved it and remember it to this day...at least I think I do!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Betsy!! Oh, I've seen your little mountain cottage in the magazine and thought it was precious! I've been knowing famous people before I even knew them. That being you! I've had that gut buster deal you've had and it hit me in Hawaii! The hotel called in a doctor and he gave me some stuff. Yucky! ;)
You're so cute, then and now and so much more cuter than Stevie! :)
Be a sweetie,
shelia :)

Anne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Betsy Brock said...

Well, that is just the cutest story...and the cabin is gorgeous!

Katie @ Wildwood Creek said...

Beautiful cabin! Love the photo of you and Steven.

Anonymous said...

Love your humor and the blog! I have photo #2 above. There are 3 windows 70"L x 36"W with a 6"W trim board between the windows. I have lived in this house 7 years and have yet to hang any window treatments! Paralyzing fear of making the wrong (and expensive)choice has prevented me from doing anything. There are currently sheers hanging inside the frames of the windows and vertical blinds (yuck!) This photo was taken when we repainted (mocha around the fireplace and sandtrap above and the other 3 walls) and purchased new furniture. As the windows are so high, the furniture sits below the windows. Any ideas?

laney said...

...oh betsy betsy betsy...you are just so much fun...and so so so talented...more more more on the lake house...or anything will do...you have my attention...and admiration...blessings laney

laney said...

...oh betsy betsy betsy...you are just so much fun...and so so so talented...more more more on the lake house...or anything will do...you have my attention...and admiration...blessings laney

Anonymous said...

more cabin shots please

Marian said...

That article firmed up my girl crush on you. I still have that "Into the Woods" magazine article.(If you could only autograph it from cyberspace!) I coveted your bear collection and I always wanted a better shot of that glassed nook. What a perfect cabin, you should have sold it to ME. At least I have the schadenfreude of knowing it caused you pain.(just kidding)

kathaleena said...

Regarding plates, I too have a plate fetish. I want to hang some plates above my curved king size brass headboard (painted white), the wall is painted a very light grayed-lavender. Would you: (1) follow the curve of the headboard – if so, what would be the optimal amount of space to be filled with the plates? Would one “row” look great, or would more be better? What should the distance be from the bottom of the headboard to the bottom of the plates? (2) Do you prefer to hang plates with different patterns or could the same pattern work? Feel free to disregard the questions and give your opinion. Love your decorating style and appreciate your snarky humor!

The White Pear Tree said...

What a beautiful country retreat! You must enjoy it tremendously, in spite of the, hum, harm it caused you.

Honey at 2805 said...

The cabin transformation is fabulous, like everything you do! I have questions, but would be afraid to "air" my pictures! :0

Thanks so much for the welcome back! I've missed you and everyone and hope to see you at Potpourri Friday!

Honey at 2805 said...

Oh! And the picture of you and Stephen Tyler is very cute!

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