Sunday, January 24, 2016

2nd!!! Last!!! Final!!! Post on the Cape Cod Showhouse Bedroom (you know I'm lying.....)

 I really thought that this would be the last post on this room.....
but it turns out that I can squeeze another one out before I'm done.
(that didn't sound right, but I'm too lazy to figure out another way to say that. You all can give suggestions in the comments section!)

Let's see, where were we?????
Continuing with this bedroom which is one of my all time favorite rooms that I have ever, ever, ever, ever done, let's study the twin beds.
I installed a pair of half testers over the beds.
(half testers are the valences that hang over the head of a bed creating the look of a half canopy)
I love the look of half testers, and have one in my bedroom in Massachusetts.
In the case of these beds, since there was a beamed ceiling, I used the edge of the first beam to dictate the depth of the tester.
This created a deeper valence than I usually do over a bed.
I usually have one that's around 15" deep.
Here's the one in my Massachusetts bedroom, it's not as deep as the Cape Cod ones.
Sometimes I hang pictures over the back drapery, and sometimes I don't.
In my own bedroom, since the headboard was tall and the ceiling was low, there wasn't much room so I left it bare, hanging pictures on either side of my queen bed.
In the shot below, since there was a lot of plain fabric and only creamware plates on the wall, I chose a pretty pair of bird prints in silver leaf frames.
For reading light, I hung an antique pair of tole sconces that I had rewired and added a 
candle wax slip and custom smocked cream silk shade
This is the clearest I could get the picture enlarged.....sorry....
The great thing about doing showhouses is that you end up with cool stuff in your home, this way you can justify the expense of doing these projects.
I installed these sconces in my Watertown bedroom, and loved them.
In my new Massachusetts home (well, new 12 years ago.....), I have no use for them, so they're in a closet. I love them too much to get rid of them. 

OK, back to the showhouse room.
Between the beds, over the night table, I hung a pair of "creamware" plates that I found in a junk store. They aren't real creamware but from the forty's.
I wanted something between the beds, but something without a strong pattern.
Since doing this showhouse, I have stumbled on some more of these plates, and have hung them in my Massachusetts condo master bath.
Here's a better closeup of the plate. See, it has a pretty basket weave effect on the surface.
I know nothing about these plates, but looooove them.
OK back to the Cape.
Between the pair of beds, I placed the matching night stand.
As I mentioned in my last post, I don't usually like furniture in a suite of matching pieces, but in this case, for some reason, I think they are 
I found a pretty green alabaster lamp and had the shade made for it.
It's hard to see in the picture, but it has a silk and crystal bead trim hanging from the edge.
The retro phone is a refurbished one I picked up in an antique mall in New Hampshire.
It now sits on my desk in Massachusetts, looking good but getting in the way.
The receiver is too heavy to have long conversations, it doesn't have a speaker for hands free work, and the ringer is sooooo loud that it scares the #$%  out of me every time it rings.
I'm considering putting it in the closet with my pair of scones.......

I used the beaded shades in my current living room, so here's a better close up.
The trim was from Scalamandre, I don't know if they carry it anymore, everything pretty seems to be disappearing. Over the beaded trim the custom lamp shade maker, Blanche Field, applied a ribbon with metallic gold edges. Then, in the middle of the ribbon, a cord was covered with the twisted ribbon and sewn on.
This kind of workmanship is rare and expensive, but if your are obsessed with details like I am, you find a way to pay for this stuff.
I'd rather have this then go to fancy restaurants.
Of course, I don't like fancy restaurants, they frown on sweat pants.
Sometimes when I dress a bed, I stack the pillows against the headboard.
Sometimes I stack them flat.
In this case, since we didn't want to cover the painting on the bed, we stacked them flat and placed a pretty needlepoint pillow against the pile.
I say "pretty" because I designed and needle pointed them.
I now have them in my Massachusetts condo in my living room.
I had the brilliant, ha, idea to make the letters look like ribbon.
Well, I don't think that I accomplished that, but at least you can read what they say.
The R and R stands for rest and relaxation, since this was a vacation guest room.
I don't think anyone figured that out, and probably thought it was some guys initials.
At the foot of the beds, I folded a pair of matelasse coverlets.
They were inexpensive from Bed Bath and Beyond.
 The way to get the pattern to stand out is to wash them in hot water and then dry them on high.
Another trick I use when dressing a bed for a photo shoot.....
If the folded quilt or throw at the foot of the bed looks too flat, then I fold it around a down comforter. 
That's what I did here.
I'm a woman.
I can fake things.

On that note,
Later, Gator



bmayer said...

Purty. I got the R&R right away, and I think you "done good" with the imitation ribbon, to boot. I'm obsessed with details too. Too bad I am not obsessed with cleaning, because nobody notices the details, just the laundry stacked to the ceiling, or the kitchen island strewn with mail, and other un put away junk. Sigh.

Dolores said... gave me a good laugh! And I think you must be my twin :-)

defaziolinda said...

I love, love, LOVE this bedroom!!! Since I will be renting, I will put up a patterned "cloth" wall in the areas I want pattern. The guest bedroom will also have twin beds so I will be on a search for some classy ones like you have! (I'll probably have to classy them up myself.) I'm sure it will be just as purty as yours! - well, maybe. Or not. But, I will try my best. I'll probably will have to have a housekeeper person come to clean so the dust and kitty fur doesn't make for a different kind of texture than I want (HA). I love your posts. I look forward to reading them. Blessings.

Tracy said...

Those are the prettiest romantic bedrooms!
You are something else, Betsy. I bow at the feet of your genius!!

Andi's English Attic said...

I love the old telephones. I used to own one and like yours, the ring was SO LOUD! Also, the dial is absolutely useless when you're asked to 'press 1 for...'. xx

Susan said...

Love it! I love those pillows! Unfortunately, I do not have a mind for details, but, so appreciate them. That is probably the difference between a decorator and a true designer? Sadly, I'm not either. :( I don't know what I enjoy most about your blog, your beautiful creations, or your funny irreverent humor.

Ellicia said...

Your great Cape Cod house for the Newhouse's is making the rounds. I have found it on three other blogs since Delores Arabian featured it on hers. It is a house that it easy to fall in love with.

Lisa said...

I've been reading your blog for about a year, living in southern CA with contemporary furnishings, I adore your blog. Your humor, your talent. Just moved to Vermont in November and am discovering how ugly Traditional Done Badly can be. Love this room and have much more awe for your talents!

Julie @ followyourheartwoodworking said...

I can't get enough of your blue and white Massachusetts bedroom and master bath ! So lovely.

Priscilla said...

You have always been my favorite designer! Been admiring your designs since back in the day!

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