Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Martha's Vineyard Cottage Dining Room

Let's continue the tour of the Martha's Vineyard home that I decorated 2000 years ago for the Newhouses.
We've looked at the living room and the entry hall, so today is time for the
dining room!!!!!
To be different and cutting edge,
I used a dining table, chairs, chandelier and server.
I am so awesome in my pioneering spirit.
back to reality.
Please don't ask me where I got anything in this room, much less the whole house, if I don't give the resource, it's because I DON'T REMEMBER.
BUT, I think the table and chairs came from Milling Road, a line under Baker Furniture.
The rug may have been from Stark Carpet.....maybe.....
The chandelier and sconces were from a wonderful company that completely has
escaped my mind.
The server was an antique English oak that just screamed for a coat of paint.
It was probably quarter sawn, but I needed something that would work with the room and a big old piece of oak wasn't doing it for me.
This was in the days that folks didn't paint anything that stood still for 5 minutes, 
so I had to do some convincing of my clients.
The guy that painted it thought I was nuts.
I had it painted the color of the room's wooden molding so that it would relate to the space.
The back of the piece had a mirror, which I had't seen before on an antique like this.
It helped make the room feel more open.
If you've been following this story, I hope you can remember that I was using a circle motif throughout the house.
I fell in love with these chairs, they seemed to have a nautical vibe and I loved the circle back.
For the table centerpiece, we used a wire lighthouse that Catherine Newhouse had found on one of her poking around trips on the island.
Since these images are from Tradition Home Magazine and not my trusty camera, I had to blow up the pictures when I had to show you guys some details.
So bare with me.....
Since the living room, entry and dining room all flowed together, I used fabrics that all worked in the blue color scheme.
The dining room draperies were whimsical with a print of plates and blossoms on a blue background.
We repeated this theme by placing plates all around the room leaning on the top of the wainscoting. 
The fabric picked up all the colors of the living room floral.
I like to mix geometrics with other prints, and for this house chose checks and plaids.
The dining room chairs got a little plaid.
The living room got a bigger one.
The window seat cushion got a plaid that seemed to be the reverse of the living room one.
I mixed the different patterns together in the pillows.
Below is one of my brilliant collages that I assembled by using PicMonkey!!!!!
It shows all the fabrics together.
For the rug, I had one custom colored with a blue background that matched the fabrics.
The design looked like a compass star which furthered the nautical motif I was trying to achieve.
If you've followed my work over the years,
you know I can find one idea and then use it until someone waves a weapon or two in front of my face and tells me to
 drop the decorating theme.
 The wainscoting detail that I drew up had a cap board on it's top that was routed with a groove for plate display.
We collected antique blue and white transfer iron ware to be displayed on the wainscoting.

I wish I could remember the name of the company that made the lighting.
I had them create the chandelier.....
double sconces between the windows in the dining room. I had to have them make them narrow enough to fit in that space.....
Single sconces over the fireplace in the living room.....
and single sconces in the entry area over the window seat.
OK Kampers,
that's it for now,
I have to get back to designing my fabrics.
I thought I would launch my line this fall, but now it looks like this will happen in the spring.
Who knew it took so long????
Maybe if I knew what I was doing, it would go a little faster.......

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


Anonymous said...

Oh, it's so pretty and fresh and would still be pretty and fresh today! Love the painted piece. It's huge! That's a very pretty color of blue you used also. The drapes, the rug...loverly!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Susan Freeman said...

Love the fabrics on the bench!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Vikki said...

Beautiful Betsy! I always love your style. Vikki in VA

Unknown said...

I won't ask what shade of blue that is on the wall but if you remember it would be wonderful to know! It's very pretty and I have never been able to pick out a blue that I could live with.

Layne Ellen said...

Loved it all!!!!

bmayer said...

Well, if the name of the company that made the chandelier comes to you some day at 3am, feel free to e-mail me, before you forget again. Or post about it....even if it is 85 (or so) days from now. I really (really) lie it!

bmayer said...

No, I really LIKE it...not lie it, but I'm sure you are smart enough to have figured that out.

Jewelry lover said...

Ha ha ha! "Bare with me." Was that a Freudian slip, Betsey?

Anonymous said...

Agree with Shelia..this is lovely and timeless decorating---until the rage for stripping paint off furniture catches on in a decade or two. By then, I figure the Newhouses will have changed everything--or moved--- anyway!
As we age, our tastes change some........but I'd have loved this 20 years ago and am sure I'll love it 20 years on, if i live that long........now, if only I could get that wall blue on my DR seat upholstery.........sigh.,,,,

Unknown said...

Such beautiful colors and fabrics,those light fixtures i really like.

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