Sunday, September 13, 2015

How to Hide an Eyesore (or why did the builder do that to my house????)

As you know....,
Connie and Chris bought their new home almost two years ago, so I guess it's not so new to them anymore.
But for me, who never moved until I went away to college, that's brand new.
I still think of my condo as my "new condo", even though I've lived here for 11 years at this point.
But I had lived in my previous home for 27 years, and thought I would leave it feet first.

when they bought the place 
(instead of buying the farm, which is not always desirable....)
they purchased some of the previous owners furniture.
In the sunroom they bought a sofa, two armless chairs and two ottomans covered in an
 off-white linen.
Below is the realtor's picture of the sunroom.
They must have taken the arm chairs, because we don't have them. 
What we have are these.
We added the Swedish painted table that we found at a local antique store, and used some of the gourd lamps that I chose for Connie's beach house.
I've never been a fan of armless chairs.
I need a place to rest my old fat limbs to take the stress off my old fat shoulders. 

The double doors at the end of the room entered into the master bedroom.
Since Connie and Chris have a lot of company.....
(translated as having a blended family with SIX KIDS between the two, with accompanying grandkids.....)
(plus the occasional friends....)
Connie didn't want an access directly into her bedroom.
There  is another way to enter the master suite that is off the living room through the secret doorway in the bookcase.
Don't tell anyone,
it's a secret.
Isn't that clever?????
  All it needs now is a big sign that says
"KEEP THE #$% OUT"!!!!!

Here we are, with these ginormous double doors into Connie's bedroom.
Putting a table with a ship on it wasn't fooling no one!!!!!
Not a great look.
I put on my thinking cap and suggested we have a humongous folding screen made to cover the whole dealio.
Besides, it would soften the space, since Connie was being difficult and didn't want any draperies on the windows.
I wanted to add airy white sheers.
She was having NONE OF THAT!
I found a beautiful blue and white fabric that had a stripe as part of the pattern.
I had found this as a toss pillow fabric, but then I had the brainstorm about the screen.
We wanted the stripe to be the predominant design element for the fabric, as it would seem more beachy and floriday and like that there.....
For those of you who will ask the name of the fabric, here ya go.
I had my buddies at Drape It make the screen, as we hadn't been overly impressed with the local workrooms.
The damn thing was so heavy that it was like shipping and moving a sofa.
The doors disappeared!!!!!
So, then we had to figure out what to place in front of the screen.
This was my solution.
Connie is still moving stuff around.
I took a bunch of their family photos and started pinning them to the screen.
I thought it was a STELLAR look, but Connie felt it looked messy.
We need to hang something on the thing, but she is not caving.
Damn her autonomy.

Here's one of my famous side by sides!!!!!

I wanted to add an armchair by the sofa, so we used one she had from her old living room, to see how another chair in the space would feel.
She will continue to drive me crazy with the furniture choices and arrangements until she caves and does it my way.

Back on the dining area chandelier, you all should be happy to hear that we are in the process of looking for a replacement.
Since I wrote my last blog, Connie can't go into the kitchen without cringing when she looks at what is currently hanging there.
I have found a possibility, so stay tuned.

On that note,
Latah Gatah


Dolores said...

Perfect!! Love that screen, and love that you've made it the same height as the door frame. It looks so much better than the door to nowhere :-) Will Connie let you add stuff to the screen just to show us- or doesn't she care what your followers think ? :-)

Anonymous said...

Nothing like peer pressure to sway someone. I knew Connie would come around. (Notice like I'm talking like a personally know her. Ha ha.)

Penelope Tucker

Anonymous said...

LOVE this new room design ! That screen is fantastic--really looks like it belongs there and is a major plus to the whole scheme. The whole room is gorgeous and not at all "pastel blah",ha,ha,ha. Yes, please, get rid of that chandelier as soon as possible and thrill us with your prize. Can't wait to see it!

Melissa said...

Great post. I happen to have a door in my master bedroom that I want to hide too. Thanks for the great idea! :)

td said...

I love the screen and even the wicker chair just as it is. Are you going to put the ottomans in front of the armless chairs; I don't mind armless, but I have to have someplace to rest my dainty feet!
I really like the original light fixture in the DR from the old owners. Di d that take that with them or do you just feel it doesn't "go" with the new look?
(Please have Connie let you at least take a pic of the photos pinned to the screen.) :)

Rick said...

Could I ask what kind of flooring is in the sun room? Is it a wood floor with a very light stain?
Thank you. --- Mrs. Rick

Anonymous said...

Looks great, I guess, but tell me how one gets through the door without moving that humongous screen out of the way? And if Connie doesn't want anyone passing through that door, why not have it removed or just locked? Will visitors insist on having a key so they can use the door for whatever purpose they might have in mind...though i can't think of a logical purpose. It's 3:13 am so maybe I'm just woozy???????What did I miss here???

Beth C. said...

Hi Marje, I think what you're missing is a few zzz's, being as you said it was 3:13 am :) I think the goal was to hide the eyesore, since Connie doesn't use this entrance to her bedroom. So there's no need to ever move the screen, and I doubt she wants visitors to access her bedroom. It's also cheaper (and way more interesting) than removing the door.

Love it. It adds height too. I was with you on the chandelier, Betsy, but I'm with Connie on this one. I think the screen has enough interest all on its own. No need to embellish. Best, Beth C.

Kathy said...

This room is such a pretty color of blue. Would you mind sharing?

Unknown said...

Love the screen and it is a beautiful way to hide an unwanted door. I love the extra chair and what color of blue have you used on the walls?

Darlene G said...

Wow, you're a genius.

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