Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Creating a Place To Hang Your Stuff!!!!!

When my niece Miriam and her hubby bought their little home a couple of years ago......
It had a small coat closet in the downstairs hall.....
 which wasn't large enough to hold all the stuff that people in New England need
 to get through the taxing seasons of the north.
they went in and out of the side door off the living room more than they did the front door.
This is how it looked the first year they lived in the house, 
before I got my hands on this space.
This door opens onto the screened in porch, and is the prime exit for Perla the wonder dog's walks.
Miriam wanted a hall tree,
or something....
just some place to hang their stuff by the side door.......
I am brilliant!!!!!
I looked at the area in question.....
I looked at the bookcase.....
Since I was adding a large bookcase across the room, 
I asked Miriam if she really needed this one?????

Here's a picture of the new bookcase across the room.....

'Cuz I had a better way to use this built in.
'Cuz I am a @#$ genius!!!!!
I had the top three shelves removed, along with the bottom divider.
I had a wooden board applied across the back which the hooks were screwed to.
This prevented the dreaded hook pulling out of the wall problem.
Miriam and I spent a completely obsessive amount of time looking for the right hooks.
I found the kind I wanted, immediately at Restoration Hardware.
Miriam be frugal.
Miriam be cheap.
Miriam was convinced she could find something similar for less money.
Miriam drove me crazy emailing me options.
But I gotta hand it to the girl.
She found some nice ones at Lowes.
As you can see in the shot below.
Miriam and Ross couldn't even wait for the construction to finish before they started using thier new "closet".
The long bottom shelf was installed to allow a taller space on the lower level for boots.
Next step was having it painted!!!!!
Here's the finished product!!!!!
It works like a charm.
The woven baskets hold Perla's leashes and things.
The wire baskets hold hats and gloves.
The topmost shelf holds Ross's baseball caps.
Here's one of my fabulous side by sides!!!!!
with Kindle and iBook, who needs shelves?????
On that note,
Latah, Gatah


jane in tx said...

I live for your side by sides!
jane in tx

Donnamae said...

Fantastic idea! You be smart! ;)

Sarah said...

Yes, you are a clever one! '-)

Mary said...

beautifully done!

fixitfaerie said...

They probably don't even appreciate it, but, WE DO! It looks great.

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