Friday, April 18, 2014

Guest Bedroom By The Sea

OK Kampers,
let's continue with looking at my leetle bitty house on Cape Cod.
On Wednesday I showed you guys the master bedroom.
Today we'll look at the guest room and finish up with some pithy points about the master suite.
(that is made up of one tiny room.)

I wanted to have a pair of twin beds in the guest room to allow for more options for entertaining company.
Traditional Home Magazine 1990
I love the look of unmatched old beds, so I used two antique brass ones I found in local junky
Now-a-days I tend to only like solid white or cream colored sheets,
 but back then, in the dark ages,
 I liked patterned ones with flowers on them.
Remember Linens and Things?????
I think I got these there.
Since the walls were white beadboard I crammed a lot of pattern onto the beds.
I used a pair of mismatched multicolored patchwork quilts folded at the bottom of each one,
I repeated the floral motif on the toss pillows, lamp shade and framed prints.
I love this little lamp with the floral shade, and still have it.
Right now it's in my guest closet in Florida, because I don't have a place for it,
 but I'm holding onto it.....
I never know when it may come in handy!!!!!
It wasn't tall enough to sit on the table between the beds, so I set it on an old wooden box.
Lots of times, I want to use a lamp that's a little on the short side.
I place them on stacked books and all sorts of things to give them extra height.

Artwork doesn't always have to be hung on the walls, I sometimes lean it,
 like I did in the picture above,
 rather that bang another nail in the house.
Old perfume bottles can make nice bud vases, and that's how I used them here.
These are inexpensive pressed glass ones, rather than the more expensive cut crystal.
Neither of the bedrooms had closets, so I bought English pine antique armoires that came apart into pieces. so we were able to get them around some tight corners and into the rooms.
I wish this was in the days of digital cameras.
I would have had pictures of everything!!!!!

Back to the master bedroom.....
Back in the late 1980's and 1990's, dhurrie rugs were all the rage.
I used one in the living room and one in both bedrooms.
The one above pulled the blue and pink colors out of the fabrics, repeating the floral motif.
For the window treatments, I spared no expense.....
I bought Ralph Lauren sheets from a discount store
 and tied them in knots
 and hung them from nails in the corners of the windows.
I used to like this type of a window treatment.....
Used to being the operative words.......
I like the look of a bare tester, it can add some architectural detail to a room.
Canopy beds don't have to always have fabric on them.
Just showing the structure can be pretty.

By the bed I squeezed in a little night stand, as there wasn't a whole lotta space before the
wall that held the armoire.
I found a wonderful old desk clock that didn't work.
I didn't care.
It looked pretty, and that's all that mattered!!!!!
If you want to know what time it is.....
look at your clock radio, it's right by the pretty antique one that doesn't work.
Of course, for the magazine shoot, we moved the clock radio out of the picture!!!!!
On the night table I placed an old 1930's alabaster lamp.
I love alabaster lamps.
I just do.
I have a pair next to my bed in Massachusetts.
I think I've run out of things to talk about.....
after all.....
these are very tiny rooms.
On that note,
Latah, Gatah


Anonymous said...

Such charming rooms! I remember curtains made like that. Everything in your room works so well together that they still look nice

jane in tx said...

Betsy!Betsy!Betsy! I have the perfect place for the lamp you've shoved into a closet! Shall I sen my address?
jane in texas

Anonymous said...

I love how your wastebasket blends right into the rug, you are so clever!! Love this rooms today, classic...

Anonymous said...

I don't know why you say Used to like curtains done like that! That looks so much better than the burlap people are calling "pretty"! I MISS pretty!

Divine Theatre said...

I could live out the rest of my days in that last photo...just beautiful!
Why did you even bother to have an alarm clock at your vacation house? Do you EVER rest?



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