Saturday, August 31, 2013

Creating Custom Bedding for a Cottage Look

Now that I've finished the chair for Kris's guest room, it's time to work on the beds.
This is where we left off.....

I wanted creamy looking sheets and coverlets to go with the tones of the room.
I also wanted cream sheets for Kris's master bedroom.
The creams of the rooms were two slightly different shades, and being the obsessive color freak that I am, I wanted them to actually go with the tones of each room.
we went where we figured we would have a lot of choices.
I hate to admit it, but we went to Bloomingdale's.....
My first job out of design school was as the assistant in the Bloomingdale's design department.
I really learned to hate that job.
Being the mature young woman that I was at the time.....
I used to sit at my desk, 
staring at the cinderblock wall....
and mutter under my breathe.....
"I hate this job, I hate this job..."
really good for the department morale.
I wasn't a favorite.

Where was I?????
Oh, yeah, sheets.
Kris and I went to Bloomingdale's.
As soon as we walked into the sheet department, a saleswoman came up to help us.
I told her we wanted cream colored sheets and she took us right away to a section that had them.
I was thinking.....
not a bad shopping experience!!!!!
Maybe my memories of this store are outdated!!!!!
And then I looked at the prices!!!!!
She had taken us to the most expensive sheets in the damn store.
I mean.....we only wanted basic cream!!!!!
If we bought the ones she brought us to, we would have spent over $800.00 for a set of twin size sheets.
I read a few years ago in Consumer Reports Magazine that anything over 200 thread count was unnecessary.
I don't know if that's true, but I am perfectly happy with a 200 thread count sheet.
we let the sales lady know that we wanted something much more reasonably priced, and she left us to our own devices.
great service.
We were able to find the sheets we wanted and for the twin beds we found matelasse  coverlets and shams from Ralph Lauren.
But we were't able to find duvet covers we liked for the guest room or coverlets and shams for the master bedroom.
We went to Pottery Barn, Bed Bath and Beyond, and looked on the internet.
No luck.
So we then went to Calico Corners for fabric, and I'm making the rest myself.
For the guest room we chose a beautiful green fabric that also has a matelasse look.
Kris was worried it was going to be too much matelasse, but when it's all done, I think it will be fine and dandy.
I also want a patterned pillow to lean against the bed pillows for a little pop of color. 
In the picture below I used one Kris had to show what I mean.
I know it doesn't go, but it was good for figuring what we needed.
Here's a closeup of the matelasse coverlet.
I got to hand it to Ralphy baby,
 it's a really pretty pattern.
I like to wash new matelasse in hot water and then dry it on regular.
This way it shrinks a little and the quilting details puff up more.
I need to get Kris to wash these new ones, and I'll show you how it really adds more depth of pattern.
The green fabric will be made into duvet covers.
I plan on going to Joanne's and finding some pretty buttons for the closures.
We still have to figure out what we want for the patterned pillows.....
So much decorating.....
So little time.....
When the dust ruffles are made and installed, we will have even more pattern on each bed.
They are going to be the same fabric as the draperies.

Kris just got the new boxspring for the second twin bed.
If you have two different beds and are making a mismatched pair, like we did, 
it's important that the two beds end up having mattresses that are the same height off the floor.
The way to do this is to have the boxsprings made with different thicknesses.
This way the top of the boxspring is the same for both beds, so the dust ruffles will look the same.
We had custom mattresses made.
Surprisingly enough, custom mattresses and boxsprings aren't any more expensive than standard sizes.
So now that the boxsprings are here, we can have the dust ruffles made!!!!!

If you want to know what the green fabric is.....
I took a picture of it's tag.

For Kris's Master bedroom we found some more Ralph Lauren fabric that worked with her color scheme.
Here's a shot of her bedroom when we last saw it.....
We (Kris) found a fabric that we liked.
The large stripe fabric actually looked better on the wrong side.
I am making a coverlet out of it, and plan on folding it back so the other side also shows.
Unfortunately, the wrong side has the knotted threads showing, so I don't know if Kris will like that.
She gets back from vacation today, so we'll see.
In my next post I'll show the painful process of making the coverlet so it looks good with finished seams on both sides.
The pillow shams are going to be made out of the smaller stripe.
We still need to find something for the duvet cover.....

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


3yn20h9a said...

Just gorgeous fabric! But I would try to find what I wanted online after I shopped the stores. Seems so expensive!

sweet violets said...

Love what you choose, did you try Country Curtains or Paul's Curtains???

Anonymous said...

Hi Betsy! I have two questions, please:

* Could you tell us the name of that RL matelasse pattern? I can't find it on Bloomingdale's site.

* Could you give us an update on the Badass Bungalow? Did you sell it? I love looking at the before and afters from that house. They give me hope.


Anonymous said...

Hi Betsy, Love the matelasse! Do you buy one size larger to allow for the shrinkage after washing and drying for the extra poof? Thanks!

fixitfaerie said...

I like and have matellasse on my Cal-king bed. It is due to be washed, and I'm afraid it is going to shrink too much. I guess I will have to wait and see.Thanks for sharing. Paula

Anonymous said...

Hi Betsy. Thanks for giving your sources. It's very reassuring that you shop at the same shops that I do. It encourages me that I don't have to spend out my entire 401k to have it look pretty. (Btw, I just got the sale flyer from Calico Corners. Yippee.)

Penelope Tucker
San Jose

Betsy Speert said...

I don't know the matalesse pattern from Bloomingdales, I'll ask Kris.
As for how much shrinkage will occure when washing a coverlet.....
I DON'T KNOW! Lifes one big gamble!!!

Pondside said...

Just seeing the name'Calico Corners' makes my heart pitter-patter. We don't have the chain here in Canada, but I am a regular visitor to the shops in WA. Many years ago I bought most of a bolt of polished cotton from the shop on the Main Line and carried it with me from one posting to another until I finally found someone who could make beautiful slipcovers for me. I'm sure the border guards wonder about me as I come home from cross-border shopping trips with fabric for curtains, chairs, dust ruffles......

Betsy Speert said...

Kris looked up the coverlet details.
It's Ralph Lauren Home Marrakesh quilt in cream.

Amy Chalmers said...

Love the fabrics at Calico Corners~looking forward to your duvet covers. Went shopping with Colin for a simple beige duvet cover for his bed at HomeGoods and there were none to be had. I think its college move in time and moms have wiped the place out.

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