Sunday, January 13, 2013

Vintage Floral Prints

I love me some old framed prints.
From the 20's.
From the '30's.
From the 40's.
At which point my love comes to a screeching halt.
I had collected quite a few when I lived in Watertown, and needed a place to hang them
 in my (now, not so) new condo.
I hung them all over the walls of my guestroom, along with some plates I had knocking about in my closet inventory.
I had found 4 prints years ago that look to me like they come from the 40's.
I hung them on either side of the bed, tucked into the dormer.
This is a weird shot, I was trying to show both sides of the dormer at the same time.
I am not an awesome photographer.....
I am very sad.....
the prints have really cute mats, with a scalloped edge.

And I love the way the plates work off of them.

Over the chair in the back is another print that I think is also from the 40's.

Betsy's decorating rule number 74.....
If there's an empty space on the wall.....
Hang something!!!!!

Over by the other chair, the one I plan on replacing with something larger.....
I have more floral prints....
(quelle surprise!!!)
I love it when I find shapes other than square or rectangle.
Round frames are a nice change.
 I hung some prints in between the closets doors....
because I had them.....
and because there was an empty spot!!!!!
I'm not sure of the vintage of these babies, I've had them so long, I barely even notice them.....
One thing I made a point of, and something I am partial to......
is that they are all framed in white or a cream color.
I love the old white frames that so many florals have.

On a different point.....
Let me show you guys the view out the window.
It's the nicest view in my home, and I wouldn't have had it if I hadn't added the new dormer.
It looks out over the wooded hills.
Now, ain't that purdy???????.
A big advantage to an iron bed, is if you only have room in front of a window for the bed placement, the headboard doesn't block the light, or view.

The last item I want to share with y'all
 (I'm down heah in the south....)
is, the bedskirt.....
I had this skirt made for a different bed, that wasn't as high.
So when I changed the bed to my iron one above, the skirt was too short, and no longer hit the floor.
Well, the fabric was mucho expensivo, so I just used what I had.....
and lo and behold!!!!!
This was years and years and years ago.....
(around 30.....oy oy oy oy oy)
And now, whenever I do a cottagey look,
I make the bedskirt short!!!!!
Even shorter than what I have in the picture above.

I think I have exhausted all that I have to share on this room.
I bet you can't wait to see what I have next up my sleeve!!!!!

till then,
Later, Gator


Katie @ Wildwood Creek said...

Love the bedding, prints, armoire...the room is just perfect!

Blondie's Journal said...

This is a beautiful room and the prints really compliment the cozy style! I like the bed skirt...I know it must stay cleaner this way, too. :)


Eppie Doodle said...

Betsy, you are amazing! I love the bedskirt and the fact that you used what you had and it is still looking great after all these years.
Love your blog and read it when it comes into my mailbox!
Tae care.

Anonymous said...

Love the room. It is just gorgeous. I love, love vintage floral prints.
Your taste is so much like mine when it comes to those florals.
Sandra White

Katie Mansfield said...

The bedskirt looks intentional and fabulous. I think I may have to give that look a try.
Love stopping by to see what is going on.

Pondside said...

I like the shorter skirt - it goes with the bed.
I'm hooked on this blog now, even though it makes e look around my house with deep dissatisfaction!

Di said...

I love vintage floral prints especially if they are faded. The room is really homey thanks for sharing!

laney said...

...i will pretend i am allowed to sleep in that beautiful guest first rule...remember rule #74...some people actually believe that God made walls to hold up houses...we know He made wall to hang up anything pretty...blessings laney

Cynthia said...

Beautiful florals, I love the whole room.


Amy Chalmers said...

I had to laugh at Pondsides comment...those cottage prints are so pretty with that scalloped border. Hope you are enjoying FL. So lets see some posts from there!

Terra researching renovations said...

Love love love this look! Now I want to completely redo my bedroom!

Thanks for the inspiration and keep it up!

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