Friday, December 21, 2012

Kitchen Window Treatments

Before I get to today's topic.....
 I would like to do a survey!!!!!!!
How many of you guys have had the dreaded stomach flu from which I am recovering???????
How many know some one who had it?????
Where do you live???????
This virus is
This is not how I wanted to start my winter down here in Flerida.
The worst part is that after not eating for two days.....
I became ravenous
and have now eaten my refrigerator.
Now I have to go buy a new one.
I am probably the only one in the country that has gained weight from this
@#$ bug.....
I am very special!!!!!!

Hoe Kay,
 back to decorating,
 just remember to leave your comments at the end!!!!!

Let us return to my buddy Kris's kitchen....
I wanted to dress the windows with a treatment to warm up the space.
there was a lot of glass in the new addition, 
letting in a lot of light,
 but I always want to slap some fabric around for a cozier feel, 
especially in New England.
So I designed a valance with a boxed pleat sewn to a flat header.
Here's how the space looked without anything on the windows.
Here's a shot the other way.....
So, I had my good buddies at Drape It sew these treatments and install them for Kris.

Here they are getting ready to install them. That's Joe walking through, 
that's all he's good for. 
He made his son, Scott and installer, Steve, do the actual work.
The valance over the window seat was made in one big section, and it took two guys to put it up.
Here's a prettier shot, 'cuz their faces are covered.....
Here's Petey, the dog, helping out.
He had to be involved.....
He was such a good helper, He thought he was ironing the curtains.....
Here's Kris's husband, Keith, helping too.....
It just looks like he's making breakfast.
 That's really not a spoon, but a screw driver in his hand.
Actually, on closer inspection, he's  really making Petey's breakfast.
Petey was hungry from helping.....
We were all very pleased after the valances went up!!!!
So much cozier.
I tried to do a side by side collage in PicMonkey, 
I can't quite get that program to work the way I want,
so here's the best I could do.....
After all this effort, Petey and I were pooped!!!!!

That's if for now, I am still not back to my vibrant and sparkling self.
Poor Betsy.
Later, Gater


Connie @ Sensible-Redesign said...

So sorry to hear you have the "bug" Knock on wood here in GA I have not gotten it. Its till early :(

fixitfaerie said...

Sorry you are still sick. At least the weather should be nicer there in Florida. I like the valances. You're right they make the nook so much more finished and cozy. Paula

Divine Theatre said...

Don't be sick. Be healthy. Get a smaller refrigerator if that is a concern. I am here to help.

More help..

Yesterday was my birthday and I am feeling especially should end by tomorrow so I'm glad I caught you before that.

I'll bet you paid for that fabric by the mile, didn't you? I upholstered some chairs with that fabric...loved them but they had to go. Something better came along. Sometimes, I miss them.



Marsha said...

Here in Atlanta, GA, I have two family members that have been very sick with what probably was the stomach flu. My son thought he had food poisoning. My sister doesn't know what she had but she said she was so sick she was contemplating going to the emergency room. She must have been veeeerrrrryyyyyy sick. Hope you are back to your cheery self soon.

Anonymous said...

Howdy from Ohio. Yep, the virus is here, too. 'Nuff said.

Amy Chalmers said...

oh it does look so much cozier~ and I love the narrative! So funny even sick, thats my friend Betsy~! Get better soon and sparkle on as Sheila says.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you have been sick. Not a nice welcome to your winter home. Love all the fabric, but not many I know could afford it.

Anonymous said...

The vrus is in Auustin, Tx too. Blech!........

Connie@Connie Nikiforoff Designs said...

Yeah "the Bug" is here in ND too :-( Thankfully my hubby and I haven't gotten it.

Wash your hands, stay out of crowded places, stay away from your friend's sick kids. Yeah, and here we are having a holiday open house party tonight...after saying all that. :-0

Get better soon Betsy!

Nutbird said...

Well, at least you didn't faint and get a concussion like Hillary. Or did you? I am enjoying your posts about Kris's house because I didn't think anyone decorated like that anymore. I love the English look, and all the things that go with it. Over twenty years ago, I convinced my husband to buy sisal for the dining room and study floors. They were bound in matching twill. Eventually the binding wore out. Probably because the rugs were in the main traffic pattern. He absolutely refused to let me buy sisal again. We went to the Stark Outlet in Norwalk, CT to buy a new rug for the study. He picked out a great needlepoint that he liked. Then he bought me a needlepoint rug for the dining room. So everyone was happy. Drink ginger ale and eat junior mints. My prescription for the stomach flu.

Blondie's Journal said...

Betsy...just started following you and haven't commented before but you had me at stomach virus! I've had it twice! Argggg! Glad you (we) are over it! You have done a wonderful job with the window treatments. Can you schedule a trip to Chicago??!


Connie said...

I don't know any men who would work like would have to pay dearly or threaten loudly. The pleated valance is especially pretty and I love all the color and pattern. Keep working at it, Betsy. Maybe you can single handedly bring back pretty to decor.

Stomach virus requires about week of recuperation so that your electrolytes get back in balance.Then you can sparkle again!

Julie from Memphis said...

Hope you feel better soon! Oh, and the room is beautiful! The entire house is fantastic! Question about the chandelier height from the table top. Both the kitchen light and the dining room light seem higher than the 36" rule - or am I wrong? Could it just be the way the photo view is angled?

The Quintessential Magpie said...

The window treatments really made all the difference in that room, Betsy. Great job, and I like the box pleat, tailored look of the curtains. The perfect touch.

I didn't have the virus, but I read that Hillary Clinton did and passed out from dehydration, fell, and hit her head, ending up with a concussion. So this one must be fierce. I'm glad you better and sorry you gained weight. I've been on a diet for weeks, and it is not working. Not sure why. Crazy time of the year to be on one between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I like a challenge. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself. ;-)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I'm glad you better??? I can't see to type on this IPAD. Let's make that, I'm glad you're better. At least I didn't type the dreaded (fingernails on a blackboard) I'm glad "your" better. ;-)

Suzanne said...

This kitchen is so pretty it makes my heart ache! You could decorate my whole house, and I would keep my mouth shut (this is really saying something, trust me).

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