Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The 6th OY VEY!! Q&A!! Tuesday!!!!!

Welcome to the 6th question part of OY VEY!! Q&A!! Tuesday.

This is how it works.....
On the first Tuesday of the month
You ask some design questions,
and I answer them for FREE!!!!
Just remember-----
(Just sayin')
So ask your question at the end of this blog post.

I'm going back up to Massachusetts today!!!!
So I don't have the time to write a new post.
But I knew I needed to get the Q&A up for all you clueless readers.

I will end my Florida visit with the view of my front porch.....
As it will be the last thing that I see.
I still have more Florida stuff to share, as yesterday I got Lissette's new draperies up, and I want to show everyone what I sewed.

Here's my front door, with my new door mat.
I had to change the mat from what I had, 'cuz my old mat said
and I think I could have gotten sued for false advertising.

I have a wonderful glider where I can sit, and spy on my neighbors.....
You may have recognized this as the scene of the crime, from when that little tree frog scared the beejeesus out of me.....

I love my little house in my little neighborhood. 
The only problem is, 
my neighbors are really friendly, and they insist on visiting me....
I have to end my story here, as it's time to bring my furniture in from my pool, and close up my house for the season.
so, on to the the questions.....
This is a question and answer party!!!!!
Only questions, please you guys. 
If it isn't a question, I'm taking the @#$ link down.
 link up to the "party" by linking a particular post's url, add your question to the end of your post with a link back to my blog. My button is on my sidebar. 
It looks just like a button!!
For those of you who don't have a blog, you can email pictures with questions.
email me at:  betsyspeert@gmail.com.
If you just have a question, with no pictures, leave it in the comment area, below.

It's easy, just click on the blue box at the right; over the pictures of my members.
I would also love it if you became a subscriber.

I will then post your pictures with my suggestions and answers on the following Tuesday.
I may not be able to answer all the questions.
If there are a lot of them, I will choose the ones most likely to interest the other folks in the class.

So link up below!!!!!

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Connie @ Sensible-Redesign said...

Safe travels Betsy. Can't wait to read the blog posts from Massachusetts!!

Olive said...

Maybe you need my back door mat that says "Got Dirt?" I finally fixed my blogroll and you are on it:)

AndeM1 said...

holy shmoly...your front porch is just as adorable as the inside of your home....geesh....could I move in while you are away? I do windows.......

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Betsy,
Aloha from Kauai! It's evening time here in Kauai and I had some time to read some of my favorite blogs, I always enjoy my visits with you. Love your glider! I bet its sad to leave your beautiful Florida home, you have been so busy designing the perfect getaway summer home.
Have a sweet week..

Amy Chalmers said...

Hey Betsy, I will be happy to see you back home in Mass. I love the outside of your house!! I love the detail of the wood work over the door~a plinth block? anyway it is really nice, and the rug is so cute~looks like Dash and Albert...I made the mistake of washing mine and all the pretty colors ran and it look horrid so I threw it out...ok Gator~see you soon!

laney said...

...you are too funny about your neighbors...we had a dear friend who bought a mountain cabin to get away from people...he was a principal of an elementary school (need i say more?)...he loved his cabin and eventually ventured to the little nearby town for coffee... after a few mornings people started talking to him...that was enough...so he now stays at the cabin... and hides...i think he does open the curtains when the leaves change...people probably think he died...love your blog...

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