Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The 5th OY VEY!! Q&A!! Tuesday

Welcome to the 5th question part of OY VEY!! Q&A!! Tuesday.

This is how it works.....
On the first Tuesday of the month
You ask some design questions,
and I answer them for FREE!!!!
Just remember-----
(Just sayin')
So ask your question at the end of this blog post.
Now let me go back and finish up showing you my Florida guest room. 

To the right of the bed, I found this tray table that I felt had an interesting look.
Unfortunately, it's a little uneven, so things don't sit up straight on it.

I have a weakness for vintage style phones.
This one is a cordless one!!!!
I'm sure it works great, but the phone plug is behind the headboard,
and the bed is so heavy,
that I am too lazy to move it to get to the outlet in the wall.
I figure if my guests need to talk to other folks when they're visiting me,

I keep a basket full of paperbacks, so my company can entertain themselves, and LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!

The green vase has birds on its side, continuing my avian theme. 
USA is stamped on it's bottom, so it is very likely made by McCoy.

The bird is another piece of Italian majolica....
I know NOTHIN' about this bird!!!

When Larry and June were visiting me last month.....
Larry informed me that the clock in the guest room was correct twice a day.
I need a new battery.....
Seems like such a waste to buy one for a room used twice a year.....

I am a gracious and caring hostess!!

The redo of the guest bath was last years project.
These are shots of the before.....
When I first viewed the house.

Can you tell that I didn't really take a picture of this room?????
I had to crop these views from other photos.......
Please bear with me, I know this is not so great!!!!!

I had the vanity replaced with one from Restoration Hardware, and the toilet replaced with one from Kohler that is a comfort height.
For those of you in the older category....
comfort height is a nice term for higher toilet seats, so those of us with aging knees and hips have an easier time hoisting ourselves off the loo.

I lucked out by finding two baskets at Home Goods in the PERFECT 
size shape and color for the lower shelf.

The wallpaper is made by Nobilis, and bought through interior designers.

It looks like weathered drift wood.
When I showed my friends the sample, before it was put up on the walls, they thought it would end up looking like cheap 1950's plywood.
They are SOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous!!!

I bought the mirror from Home Goods too.
It had a dark ebony stained frame.
I spray painted it with white primer.....
Then I went to the beach and got some sand.....
strained the sand (to get rid of anything yucky)
sprayed the frame with adhesive spray.....
covered the frame with beach sand....,
went to the beach and collected driftwood and seashells.....
went to the seashell store to buy more seashells.....
hot glued the driftwood and seashells on top of the sand-covered frame.....
hung the mirror on the wall.....

it looked like crap!!!!!!!

I took it down, brought back out to my workshop
(my garage)
pulled all the shells and wood off the frame.....
sanded all the glued sand off the frame.....

Then I tooled around the internet some more, and got sucked into the Ballard Design website.
They have these great pendent lights that can be installed using an existing recessed light fixture.

June helped me get this up, and it was just like the old days, 
with her trying to help me,
and me being bitchy.

Now the light looks VERRRRY styish....
and of course with the lampshade and diffuser on the bottom, 
there is LESS LIGHT, so it's 
But it looks good, and that's all I care about.
No one coming to my house for two days needs to do that kind of close up, 
lots of light needed bathroom procedure!!!!
Ya know what I mean?????

Okay Dokay
this ends my story of my guest room.....
On to the questions!!!


This is a question and answer party!!!!!
Only questions, please you guys. 
If it isn't a question, I'm taking the @#$ link down.
 link up to the "party" by linking a particular post's url, add your question to the end of your post with a link back to my blog. My button is on my sidebar. 
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For those of you who don't have a blog, you can email pictures with questions.
email me at:  betsyspeert@gmail.com.
If you just have a question, with no pictures, leave it in the comment area, below.

It's easy, just click on the blue box at the right; over the pictures of my members.
I would also love it if you became a subscriber.

I will then post your pictures with my suggestions and answers on the following Tuesday.
I may not be able to answer all the questions.
If there are a lot of them, I will choose the ones most likely to interest the other folks in the class.

So link up below!!!!!

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Olive said...

The vintage looking phone looks splendid on the tray table and I would never hook it up. Every body has IPhones anyhoo now. We had 8 seventh grade girls here one weekend and they all had IPhones for goodness sakes. The bathroom wallpaper does have marvelous texture.

Amy Chalmers said...

Ok this is the funniest post to date!! I am laughing so much I forgot my name...seriously Jay Leno should get nervous. And I love how you find stuff at home goods....I saw that same pendant light and recommended it to someone...I am sure they NEVER bought it, but I thought it would be great, and seeing it in your bath, I was right. If I come to visit some day, I will bring a hostess gift wrapped in a box...and it will be some kind of vintage ceramic bird thing. xo

Amy Chalmers said...

it sounds like i think the pendant light was from home goods from my comment, and it was from Ballards...the mirror was from home goods. and many times I too have wanted to glue shells to something...now I won't.

Amy Chalmers said...

oh and one last thing...I now have another big time designer friend, but shes from England.

Tiki said...

I have a question I was hoping you could answer for me. Is it "ok" to hang curtains on the porch? I mean from a designers view point..some houses I see look good and others look like they hung their laundry out to dry!! Any advice will be appreciated...I have been pondering this idea for a while now.
Thanks a bunch!
love your house especially the shutters on the doors...that one keeps sucking me back for another peek!

Katie @ Wildwood Creek said...

Love the tour of your guest room and your real fake flowers! You crack me up!

Anonymous said...

Love your little bathroom.....adore the sink! Love your blog too....just started getting it in March. lin lbprich@bellsouth.net

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog today and I am so enjoying reading "backwards". You are a very inspiring, refreshing decorator in this world of blah white, burlapped and "distroyed"....ooops I mean "distressed" junk!!
Keep on keeping on....I am ejoying every word!!
jbmusik at yahoo dot com

Connie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Connie said...

Betsy, look forward to each of your post and really love your style and great sense of humor.
I'm a collector of "cabbage leaf" china and like to see the way you use yours. My ears and eyes perk up when it's mentioned.

Charlotte Des Fleurs said...

Hi Betsy, I only found you (through the Cote De Texas blog) a few months ago but am having a marvelous time discovering all your posts.

Love your spunky colors and joie de vivre.

You have not mentioned this on your posts, but many of the rooms you decorate seem to have ordinary 8 foot high ceilings. That is something that almost all of us out here in the real world must contend with.

One of my big "take aways" from your blog is that by adding art, plates, mirrors or whatever all the way to the ceiling the eye is drawn upwards. This makes the walls look taller. Your advice to hang valences so that the bottoms just touch the top of the glass is spot on! Not only does that take full advantage of the light, but if the valance goes all the way to the molding or the top of the wall, the wall looks taller.

I rarely find fabulous stuff in my local Home Goods. It must be one of Murphy's corolaries, "You find the best stuff the farthest away from home." It is only when I am somewhere far away that I stumble on "just what I was looking for" so at least $100 must be added for shipping. The same seems to be true for my internet finds.

However, your examples of goodies you have purchased on line from France and from England have inspired me to be more open-minded.

Smiles from My Slice of Provence, Charlotte Des Fleurs

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