Friday, October 14, 2011

Chairs for Miriam

For those of you following this blog, (which is probably all of you, otherwise, what are you doing reading this?), this is yet another installment of Miriam's Dining Room. We've been searching high and low for interesting dining chairs, meaning that we've been looking on Craig's List and ebay. Yesterday we snagged some in a local auction that we (I) are very excited about. Miriam really wanted them to all be arm chairs, because when she and Ross come to dinner at my house, she likes the way everyone lingers around the table after dinner. Well, all my dining chairs are arm chairs. They are 3 different pairs of chairs, as I like to mix things up, and they are all comfortable. But with a very small budget, she couldn't afford one's like Aunt Betsy has, so we were REALLY LUCKY to grab these.

They look GREAT in the photo. PHOTOS LIE!!!!!
They all have to be reglued (I have glue and clamps), the finish is HORRIBLE (we are going to paint them, anyway), and they are some of the most UNCOMFORTABLE chairs I have ever sat in.
BUT, I am going to reupholster the seats, and add a lot more padding and make big toss pillows for the backs to fix the way the back bar hits just in the wrong place. I couldn't believe that someone was bidding against me on these horrors, and I figured it was someone who saw them online, and hadn't seen them in real life. At this auction house people can bid over the internet, and it only takes one other person to push the price of an item up. I was hoping to get all 8 for $50.00, but we (Miriam) had to pay a little more than that. We still managed to hit her budget, and I have promised to redo these when I come back up north from Florida in the spring.


Amy Chalmers said...

Haha, you are so funny~these horrors! Oh I bet you will make them gorgeous. Now what about her fabric covered walls?? What is going on with that project?

Katie @ Wildwood Creek said...

What a great find! They'll look awesome with a makeover.

Anonymous said...

I am getting rid of 8 chairs with arms because the arms mess up the drape of the tablecloth when the chairs are pushed in close to the table (when it's not in use). It aggravates me no end. I don't even really need a dining room table but I'm about Betsy's age and grew up with a dining room and so I still have one. No place else to put the waterfall desk, mother's china cabinet, and the laptop and printer. Sigh. The new chairs are armless, except one, and the new table matches, and all need to be painted. But I'll get 'em done eventually. Betsy, will these new chairs fit against Miriam's table and not make her crazy? (It's 2 am and I don't want to spoil the story by looking ahead. Nite-nite.

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