Saturday, September 10, 2011

How I covered the boxspring

Now, this only works on a bed that has a foot board that hides the end of the mattress. So I may have misled some of you guys with promises of showing how I covered the box spring. But I have no pride and will do anything to get you all to come on back.


So, I started with the bare mattress and box spring.

One thing that's important to me, is not having a hard edge showing when the fabric wraps around the top edge of the box spring, so I first layered 2 pieces of interlining over the top and side. Interlining is a cotton felt-like fabric used to fill out draperies and to soften fabric lines.

Then, I laid the vintage bark cloth I found on ebay over the interlining and tacked it down with those swirly corkscrew bed skirt pins

This is one of those design tips that a lot of people don't know about, so feel very special that I'm sharing this with you. These little babies, are what keep your dust ruffle from moving all over the place when you make the bed.

Then I flopped the mattress down.................

And made up the bed, voila! upholstered looking box spring!!


Starr said...

This has inspired me to figure out a similar solution for my girls' beds. They are antique 3/4 size and the bedskirts made for that size are rare AND most are nigh unto ugly. Thanks for the tips!

Betsy Speert said...

That's great, I love that I've given you some inspiration and ideas, this next week I'm posting the master bedroom, and I'll discuss how I made the dust ruffle out of a linen tablecloth.

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