Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lots of stuff

I love collections; they make my blood run hot with lust. Talk about your eye candy! I went to visit my friend Greg in his “country manor” the other day and wished I had brought a bigger pocket book to smuggle, I mean, help him clean out some of his dust catching items from littering his crowed surfaces.  Don’t guys like clean tabletops? I was only going to help him out. 

I’ve got to give the guy kudos; he sure knows how to set a wonderful table scape. I wish I could take the credit for teaching him, but since he’s MUCH older than I am, I guess he got good at it first.
When I design the arrangement of items for a table scape, I like to think of them the same way I would do foundation planting. I set the taller items in the back, and layer things lower as I place them towards the front of the table.                                                       The man loves crows, I don't know why, but he just does. they are all over his house. I think they are wonderfully graphic birds, and have strikingly handsome silhouettes. (Sort of like Greg) 

There's something going on with him and blue pots and vases. He's been collecting them for years. I wonder if it would be suspicious if his house got burglarized and the only things stolen were his blue pots? Of course when he came to visit me, I would claim that MY new pots were a special acquisition from my new blue pot dealer. I can't believe I just wrote pot dealer.


Amy Chalmers said...

Haha! Funny! yes it would be suspicious Betsy if they went missing now. Next time include a pic of we can see his silhouette! Love the blue collection...I have been working on a collection of my own and will be showing it off soon, inspired by you, my dear!

lvroftiques said...

Love his collections! I know I'd like to bring a BIG purse to his house *winks* You too funny! Vanna

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