Monday, June 15, 2015

A Long Entry Hall

Welcome to the second half of my blog post about Connie's front hall.
True to my style of writing.....
I am  s t r e t c h i n g  this story out into two posts when it could have been one.
I do the same thing when I eat a hot pocket.
I divide them into two pieces by splitting them down their seam.
That way I feel like I am eating twice as much!!!!!

The entry hall forms a T shape.
Actually, that's not correct....
it forms an L
I need to be correct in my journalistic endeavors or the blog police will get me....
(meaning Connie, who reads my posts, looking for errors about her house.....)

This is how it looks, now that we've finished.
let's get on with the story of how we accomplished this.

When we first viewed the house, the previous owners had it decorated in a more formal style.
We I wanted to have a seating area in the long hall, to make it more inviting.
I always like a place to sit down in a hall,
for removing and re-shodding footwear.
I resorted to scouring 1st Dibs, and found some beautiful gustavian benches and settees.
Connie and I settled on this one.
We loved the carved details in this elegant yet still inviting bench.
Now we just needed to find stuff to hang on the walls.
While antiquing in West Palm Beach, we came across a set of 1950's botany prints from a European school.
There were 10 prints in all, but two of them were duplicates.
They were wrinkled in places and somewhat warped.
We bought them anyway 'cuz they be lots of FUN!!!!!
I started by hanging three over the settee.
I thought that they  looked absolutely stunning!
The simple unfinished natural wood frames worked really nicely with the settee's frame color.
But I didn't think there were enough.
(especially when it comes to chocolate ice cream)
(notice that I keep referencing food???)
(I like food)
(lots and lots of food.....)
we called the antique store and asked them to hold the rest of the prints for us, and that we would run back to pick them up the next day.
We hung four more by the door into the hall powder room.
Then we hung a couple more on the wall over the settee.

At this point, I felt that a sea grass rug would finish the space nicely.
I used blue painters tape to mark off the floor, to help us decide how long and wide the mat should be.
Then Connie remembered that she had a sea grass mat in her laundry room, so we dragged it out to see how it would look.
It worked just fine and dandy!!!!!
(and it didn't cost us nothin'.)
Unfortunately, the photo makes the walls feel more cluttered than they look in real life.
I know it's hard to believe me when it's comes to lots of stuff, but really, 
Notice the tripod in the back by the front door.
I am such a professional picture taker!!!!!
(I'm kidding.....that shouldn't be in the picture.)

The front part of the hall looks really nice with this longer part.
Check it out, baby!!!!!

We be stylin'!!!!!
It's all done.....
(I may want to add a toss pillow or two, if Connie lets me.....)
The damn woman has a mind of her own.

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


Stacey said...

Seriously, I love everything about that house!

Divine Theatre said...

Have you missed me as much as I miss you!
This is STUNNING! I do like the hall before too. Is that okay!



Divine Theatre said...

Have you missed me as much as I miss you!
This is STUNNING! I do like the hall before too. Is that okay!



Mary said...

very pretty, and I am amazed you can walk into an antique store and just happen to find prints. That NEVER happens to me.

from Virginia

Janet Garon said...

Looks perfect. Love it!

Anonymous said...

II love that your philosophy is more is never enough! The hall is exquisite!
Holly Rigby..Architect extraordinaire's cousin and Kate's mom and a huge fan.

Dolores said...

Love it! Now the hall no longer feels like a bowling alley, but a warm inviting place.And truly- it just looks more spacious and expansive.

Anonymous said...

It is beautiful but, it needs MORE stuff. Maybe a garden stool beside the bench and a bushy fern on the other side.

Marlene Stephenson said...

Love those prints,all is breath takingly lovely.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Adore those prints. The bench, the commode…okay, pretty much I adore everything! This is the perfect hallway, elegant and casual, a look you are a genius at creating, Betsy! Thank you for the lovely and inspirational photographs.

cathy brennan said...

Gorgeous! And those botanicals are just perfect!

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