Friday, August 29, 2014

An Epiphany of Mind Blowing Proportions!!!!!

This week I realized something that should have occurred to me  
years and years ago!!!!!
Although I love me my fake flowers.
(You guys who have been reading me for a while know this.)
I have no shame when it comes to using fakes.
I've repeatedly made the joke about how women love to fake things.......
(wink, wink)
I mean....
look at how lovely these look after 10 years and counting....
and these.....
and THESE!!!
And what I did for my niece Miriam......
this week I decided that I would take a vacation.
I admit,
I lied to you guys!!!!!
Yes I did, I have not shame, I'm a big fat fibber.
When I told you I was just lazing around, when I didn't post my blog for two weeks,
 I was actually working like a dog on my fabric line.
I'm still trying to figure out what programs to use.
I feel like I'm caught between the Scylla and the Charybdis!!!!
Photoshop or Gimp?????
Illustrator or Inkscape?????
OY VEY!!!!!
I am so out of my element.
I wish there was a graphic arts class for old farts who don't want to leave their home, and sit in a classroom with a bunch of younguns.
And while I'm talking about classes....
After 5:00, I don't feel like goin' nowhere, nohow.....

Where was I.....
I always go off on these tangents.....
Oh yeah, taking a vacation!!!!!
So this week I gave myself permission to just do whatever I wanted,
which meant sitting out on my back patio looking at the sky
 and reading my books.
Getting in my two mile walks every day so my hips don't freeze up on me,
 and playing stupid computer games.
If I don't take breaks from creativity periodically, 
I shut down.
I need to recharge my batteries.
This involves doing nothing long enough that I get bored, and then I'm glad to get back to work.
An indication of this, is that I'm writing this blog today!!!!!

I was talking about my epiphany......
I was looking out into my side yard where I have my grill and little table.
(below is a picture from a few years ago, before everything went to hell.....)
And it was a big fat mess!!!!
Everything was overgrown.
There were so many flowers that I could barely walk by.
Below is a picture AFTER I cut some off.
I have tons of white hostas too that get in my way when I grill.
I hate cutting pretty flowers. I like to leave them on their mother plants to keep looking gorgeous!
these were in the way.
for the first time in 10 years of living here, I made a bouquet of fresh hydrangea and hosta flowers.
They were really pretty.
And now it's easier to grill my dinners of healthy low fat stuff.
it hasn't even been a week.
And the bouquet of fresh flowers looks like @#$.
It's all drooping and dropping pollen and making a big fat mess.
I tried the natural, organic, local produce.
And I'm sticking to the polyester fakes!
But I just might try me some of my knock out roses.
They sure are purddy.....

what was the point of this blog?????
I was trying to make a point.
never mind.
Pretend you didn't just wast a minute reading this.
Have a nice weekend.

On that note,
Latah, Gatah


Brenda said...

It is a very pretty arrangement. I agree, not fun cleaning up fallen leaves, pollen droppings, etc. You didn't bring in insects with the flowers? You lucked out.

bmayer said...

I love fresh flowers....especially the "wild" ones that grow along the driveway in the mountains, (no upkeep!) if you dont count the pollen all over the table after 2 days. Do Dahlia's grow by you? Recently, a young man (12?) was giving away Dahlia's that his grandpa grew, along a popular lake front walk. (NC). That sucker looked GORGEOUS for almost TWO WEEKS, and didnt "shed" a thing! One more thing....A friend of mine bought an orchid at a yard sale, and watered it for a month before she realized it was a fake!!!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

I am with you...I love fresh flowers and do bring them in occasionally but it is so much easier to work with silk ones. And sometimes I even sneak in an fake ivy plant...or two. After reading your post I feel vindicated.

I love your book!

Sonny G said...

the flowers look great~!

I am a graphics artist,, I use paint shop pro edition as well as many add on plug ins, masks and textures,,includes- a wide variiety of premade tubes as well as lessons on how to make person tubes to save for future use.

I have often thought off offering an online class- 1 morning and eveniing. basic, intermediate, thru advanced. Payment would be Per class so each student could go as far as they wished to suit their own needs.

Now if someone would just point me to where a chat room could be used by any internet server- we could get started next week.

penny said...

If you give fresh flowers another go with the Knock Out Roses, put a few drops of bleach in the's a game last longer, no slime in the vase, no nasty smell, etc. If you keep the water super clean, it's amazing how long the flowers can last. With the yuk out of the way, bringing in flowers from the garden can actually be a really satisfying past time.

Can't wait to see your fabric designs. Have you looked for online classes? I've noticed quite a few colleges that offer free classes but haven't investigated any further.

Donnamae said...

It actually took me two minutes to read your post...but I don't think I wasted them at all! I always enjoy looking at pretty pics...and your little back yard is gorgeous! As far as the flowers go...I prefer real...but am quite surprised at how lovely your silk ones are! Enjoy your weekend! ;)

Anonymous said...

Will you do a post on those green chairs in the side yard…please….What do you know about them?

I always enjoy looking at your photos….and this group is no exception. I;'m wondering if you will design a fabric in the colors of the fifth photo down. The red, green, and blue w/ a touch of yellow would be lovely, IMO.

Unknown said...

Your fresh flowers were oh so pretty. Darling little side yard you have and that patio set is priceless. Good for you in taking some time off to stare into that big blue sky before getting back to work on that fabric line. I am so anxious to see it! Enjoy your holiday. :)


No time wasted my dear - enjoyed the whole read! Reminds one not to take our decorating too seriously. I'm with ya on the real vs. fake flowers thing. I have a few fakes, I don't mind admitting that, but I am choosey that they look really REALLY real. And yours do, at least from what I can tell in the photos. I have tons of flowers in my gardens but rarely cut them because of the mess they make. Just too busy for the clean up that comes with it. Your house is lovely, I really enjoyed your beautiful photos!

Karen said...

Check out for on-line graphic arts classes on Photoshop, Illustrator, and much more. My husband is a college biology professor and he is always working on a class to learn what he needs to develop his web based courses.

Anonymous said...

Are you ever coming back?

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