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Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Final Wall of My Cottage Bedroom!!!!!

 Oh Boy!!!
You guys now get to see.....
The last wall....
of my bedroom!!!!!

I have a ton of stuff to say about EVERYTHING in the picture.

Lets start with the chest of drawers....
This is how I found it in a local antique shop....
The paint job was...
Not my style.
Not my taste.
Not my cup-a-tea.
I loved the shape and period of the dresser!!!!
It's a 1920's Louis the Sixteenth style chest.
Funnily enough, I prefer the pieces from the 20's, not the real deal.
(yeah, yeah, I know, they is way cheaper, jeesh, that's not why.

I bought it and had it painted.

This is when I was working full time, and didn't have the energy to realize that not only can I paint furniture, but I am good at it.
(at least I think so)
So someone actually got PAID for painting this for me!!!!!
I did the distressing with sandpaper, because I am a real snob when it comes to distressing.
It needs to be where the furniture would naturally wear from years of use.
(Or, one month with me, 'cuz (as previously stated) I am a klutz.

I LOVE the detailing!!!!
Check this out.

It's wonderful how the drawers are outlined in that molding detail!!!!

Here's a shot of the leg....
Don't you love the carving along the bottom of the piece?????

Close up of the middle top drawer.
Can you tell I am in love with this chest????
My friend Lissette wants to steal it.

and finally.....
the detail of the carved back....
It's SOOOOO pretty!!!!!

I created a nice little tablescape for it's top....

The two pictures are of my Mom and me..... 

I USED to be a natural blond!!!!!!
(That's me in the front, laughing, I must have just told myself I joke)
(I've been funny a long time)
(at least I think I have)
(My mother is not so sure that I'm funny....)
(she's not laughing......)

And Of Course I have to have some pretty birds on my chest....
I have finally stopped adding to my collection.
(I think)

The big one in particular is a handsome devil!!!
He watches over me when I sleep.
(That's less creepy than thinking he watches me while I sleep)
(I know, I know, he's not really alive....jesh!)

I found the lamp in a junky store and fell in love with it.....
I've never seen another alabaster lamp like this one.
They usually come in urn shapes.

I found this water color of tropical birds in Boston....
Go figure....

I really lucked out when I stumbled across this chair in a Boston antique store, it was already painted and worn....

So I had a cushion made for it in the left over fabric of my draperies.
I paid someone to do something that I now have the time to do for myself!!!

I needed some artwork to hang on the wall over the chair,
'cuz, just the watercolor over the chest wasn't enough stuff on that wall...
ya know????
And I wanted something along the lines of a white heron.....
(sometimes I get VERY specific when hunting on ebay)

I found this print mounted on poster board, and framed in a 
PLASTIC frame.
Not worth more than 3 bucks, TOPS!!!!!
But it was EXACTLY what I was looking for.
The right size.
The right style of artwork.
The right period.....

Now the problem with an auction, is if just ONE other person wants what you're bidding on.....
AND they are as fixated as you are.....
AND are willing to spend WAY more than the @#$ thing is worth....
Needless to say, as you guys can see.... I won the auction.
After I won and paid for it, the seller emailed me to ask why I had been willing to pay so much.
I explained that it was exactly what I needed for a grouping of pictures.
She informed me that that had been the case with the other person bidding against me.
How much you want to bet it was another baby boomer with too much time on her hands and an obsession with decorating?????

So, I happily hung the picture on my wall, and lived with it for, oh, I don't know, a little while...
(ok, a day)
and decided the wall still looked incomplete.
So, back to ebay, where I found this pretty print, that WAS cheap.

I have no idea where it's supposed to be, but it's the right size, style and colors, so there ya go!

A finished vignette!!


Later, Gator
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

More of My Master Bedroom.....

  The term "master bedroom" kinda (well, not kinda, it REALLY) irritates the $%@ out of me, 'cuz there ain't NO master in my household.
But I digress from my tour of my bedroom....


This is the table on the other side of my bed.......
(how exciting is this stuff, anyway!!??)

Come closer.....

Now, Amy Chalmers at Maison Decor, likes a pretty telephone, but she is 
VERA Frenchy.....
here's a shot of her living room phone.....

Here's a closeup of mine.....

Her's is all fancy schmancy, mine is clunky, I don't remember where I found this phone, but I found this place on the internet that sells them.

I think our phones pretty much sum up our outlook on decorating. 
She is ONE fancy schmany decorating whirlwind.
I am clunky.

I like the way my phone rings, it is genteel and old timey.
(Just like me!!! Except for the genteel part.)

 Since I am writing this blog post from my home in Massachusetts, I can't look on the bottom of the vase and heron, to see who the hell made them.
So, just look at them, and appreciate the color and form......

The flowers came from Anthropology 9 years ago, and haven't wilted yet, even though I have never changed the water!!!!!

The woman in the tarnished (something else I have to polish) silver frame is my grandmother, it's a drawing!
Everyone in my immediate family has copies of this piece of art.
It was drawn by Norman Rockwell!!!!
How cool is that????!!!!

(I HAVE to stop buying silver things.)

Okay dokay, now lets move to the next wall.....

The mirror over my dressing table is a 
Venetian Mirror

The vernacular definition of a Venetian Mirror, is one with mirrored borders, applied around the edge of a mirror. 
The mirrored borders usually have etched patterns on them,
This one is unusual in its simplicity, as none of the pieces have been etched.
It's very old.....
Older than me!!!

I found these little bird pictures years and years and years ago. They used to hang in my Watertown living room over the door leading into the dining room.

Now they're in my bedroom and bathroom.
I used some paint from my paint by numbers kit that my friend June gave me, and changed the frames to green.
I used a dry brush technique so that some of the gold paint still showed through.

This is a close up of the plates flanking the mirror.....
Again, since I'm not in Florida.....
I can't look them up or tell you ANYTHING about them.....
But I like the way the white contrasts with the bamboo wallpaper.

This is a wonderful painted tin flower bucket that I found at a local flea market.....
I use it as my waste paper basket.....
I like to use all sorts of weird items as waste baskets,
I never see any ones I like that are SUPPOSED to be used as waster paper baskets.
Go figure.
You would think it wouldn't be that hard to design decent looking ones...

I had lots of fun finding paintings to go over my bed.
I looked on ebay under the search word: tropical bird, tropical landscape, etc. etc.

I found these under my tropical bird search...

I know ABSOLUTELY nothing about them,
They are oil paintings
They are also older than I am!
They fit over my bed
I think they are pretty.....

So, at first, they were all I had hanging over the headboard.
Being me!!!!!
I felt I needed MORE STUFF!!!!!

So I found this painting in a frame that was similar to the birds, and snapped it up.....

I love this arrangement over my bed. The colors in this grouping relate nicely to each other, the frames unite the three pieces, and the shapes work  by framing the outline of the headboard.

On to the fourth and last wall of my Florida bedroom.
Just in time for me to get back down there on Monday, to have another space to show you on Tuesday!!!!!

Later Gator

Thursday, March 22, 2012

More on my cottage bedroom!!!

Let's continue the tour of my Florida bedroom....

I found this little chaise in the same place that I found my dressing table. 
I was in hog heaven that day.
I fell in love with its shape, so I whipped out my floorplan to see if I could squeeze it into this room.

This is how I found it.....

I love its arms, I love its legs, I love its back, I love its seat!!!!!

I actually use it, on occasion. 
Especially, when I have house guests, and I want to sneak away 
to take a nap,
 or just have a little me time.

This is the table that holds all the stuff I use when I'm sleeping. 
I moved them off when I took this shot.
(white sound machine, clock, picture of my mom and dad)

I was able to find two different style tables, for either side of my bed, that still worked together. They are the same height, and both have white marble tops, for a unified look.

This one has legs that are similar in scale to the chaise, chair, and chest of drawers. 
Even though I mix a lot of styles and wood materials, there is a unifying design thread through the whole mish mash.

As you guys have probably figured out by now.....
Accessories are KING (or should I say QUEEN) in my household.

I love this parrot, and live in fear of the day, when, in my clutzy absentminded state, I knock it off the table and break its wings.
My only consolation would be, that,

I LURV him!!!

Here's a close up of the flower!!!
It's soooooo purdy.

The lamps are silver plate, and just one more set of things I need to polish.
They were so beautiful when I bought them, 
and now they are turning grey.....

I had the lamp shades custom made at the Boston Design Center by 
Custom shades are a major luxury and splurge. 
They are like having couture for your lamp. 

Check out this detail.....

We carefully chose the trim, and combined the ribbons to create this effect...

The larger ribbon is laid over the smaller one, that is also added to the top of the shade.....

Only people that love decorating could go on and on and on (etc.)
about a lampshade.

One last note for today....
You probably thought that the drapery fabric was the same as the fabric used on the furniture!!!!!
The fabric on the bed and chair and chaise and bedshirt, is a stripe.
The fabric on the draperies is an all over floral.
Just a subtle difference that makes my heart sing. 
I never tire of looking at my stuff.


OK, that's it for this side of the room.....
On Saturday, we explore the other side!!!!!

Life in the Speert household is full of adventure and excitement!!!!
I'll be up in Massachusetts on 
Saturday for my Mom's birthday,
but do not worry folks!!!!
I'm bringing my laptop with me, so I can be 

Later, Gator
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